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LED Pedal Scooter
Give children a gift,give them a healthy and happy childhood. It is a good exercise,can practice balance ability,promote the development of the cerebellum,to help children identify the direction.Give your children pleasure,confidence and collaboration. Description: 1.Comfortable non slip
Operating temperature: -40-120В°c Input DC 5V Output DC1-4.2v; 0-5V Wire length: 1.2 meter Green wires: Signal Black wires: Power negative Red Wires: Power positive Pedal angle: 20 degree
NotificationThis Scooter is for 6-12 Years Old Children, Children under this age must be under the guardianship of adults to use it Please use it on the open ground and do not use it as a means of transportation on the highway or on the rugged road Please check the components before each use to
Electric bike Scooter sensor 5 magnets disc set electric bike Pedal Assist Sensor PAS sensor. Also we have 8/10 /12 magnets disc sensor set for sale . More magnets will give you more speed and faster !!! same day shipping order by 1PM ! The 2nd item free shipping !