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Street Surfing Road Scooter City Kicker, Orange Black
Casterboarding combines snowboarding and surfing into one sport and makes it accessible on dry land. Carve on the Wave Original Casterboard just like you carve up those big mountains or smash those monster waves. Experience the sensation of a skateboard with the endless ride of a snowboard. The one
Reinforced aluminum deck Graphic grip tape deck Aluminum handle bar for durability Pro-style foam grips/Rear heavy duty brake Packaging: Closed Triangular box Ride like a PRO With Thicker Reinforced Structure Jump Carve and Whip Cruise in Style with and edgy two color design
Amazon.comYoung riders will love this deep-carving scooter with lightweight yet durable frame, futuristic look, and unique riding experience. With the Kazari Tilt, you can lean deep into turns, thanks to enhanced stability provided by dual rear wheels and independent aluminum suspension for