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T.I.T.S. TSI Paramount V3 Deck
A durable, rolltop pack designed for city life with top-of-the-line protection for electronics and multi-access points to easily grab belongings while on-the-go.
Today's connected traveler needs more than the basics. The rugged Thule Paramount 29L flaptop daypack sports top-of-the-line protection for a laptop, tablet, phone and other modern-day accessories.
A sophisticated yet rugged pack designed to comfortably transport and protect electronics and essential daily belongings.
U.S.-designed Paramount series acoustics serve up many legacy design elements of classic ’60s models, but alongside this art deco look, Paramount instruments retain a foothold in thoroughly modern design. Perfect for the most intricate solo passages and strumming alike, the slightly smaller
While classic style was the inspiration of the Dean Paramount, we put every bit of our 20 plus years of design experience into these models. We started with a body styled and contoured for comfort and the choice alder wood to give a perfect weight. The maple necks were profiled to be faster and