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Phoenix Pro Scooters Sequel Deck - 4.5" X 21.0"
Red Cat Brand Scooter Grip Tape. Best Scooter Grip Tape for all Scooters. 4.5" x 20" Grip Tape helps prevent rider's feet from sliding off their scooter decks while riding or performing tricks. This leads to improved safety for new or young riders and improved performance for trick and pro style
The 2015 Session Deck features 4 new satin colors Red, Charcoal Grey, Purple and Black. We have kept this deck simple and effective for your everyday shredder. Packed with heritage the Session Deck needed little change, coming in 4.25"W x 20"L. A flat base with less contact surface area provides a
Keep your scooter in tip top shape and reduce clutter by using this awesome stand. Instead of just throwing it on the floor or leaning it on something, there is finally a legit stand for you to use. Made with heavy duty plastic, this scooter stand works for all scooters that take 100mm or 110mm