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Zombie Scooter, Green/Black
Product DescriptionRazor Jr. Zombie Kix Scooter: Let your little monster loose on the new Zombie Kix Scooter. Scooting is sure to be a scream. Little ones are transformed into a zombie as they roll along. Brings "role play" onto the scooter. Giant monster zombie hands are made of soft PVC and
24V 3 prong PLEASE SEE PHOTO AND COMPARE CONNECTION BEFORE ORDERING Same style as one that came with box when new simple to use. red light charging - green light fully charged- auto shut off Solid state two color LED indicates stage of charge Sold Exclusive By Seller Valerie Mckenzie. Pure Power
* 24 Volt Charger For The Pulse Charger Electric Scooter From Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us...Target Etc... Fits Zombie Revolution, Hello Kitty Charger, City Skull, Electric Industries etc... Coaxial Plug. This Is A Heavy Duty Fast Charger. Will Charge Scooter Much Faster Than Original "Tiny"