Reviews Garmin Forerunner 225 (Certified Refurbished)

Garmin Forerunner 225 (Certified Refurbished)

Know your zone with Forerunner 225 - the first Garmin GPS running watch with wrist-based heart rate. Now you have the option to run without a strap because this watch has a built-in sensor that measures heart rate at the wrist. A colorful gauge shows your zone and beats per minute at a glance: warm-up (gray), easy (blue), aerobic (green), threshold (orange) or maximum (red). Create customized workouts or download free training plans at Garmin Connect, send to your watch and get coach-like guidance. The 225 offers vibration alerts and a built-in accelerometer to record distance for treadmill workouts. Connected features include automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, live tracking and social media sharing.

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The watch appears and functions like new. For a watch sold as refurbished, this is all you can ask for. As soon as I synced it to Garmin Express, the software updated to version 2.90, all by itself. I really like the fact it was 100% charged when I took it out of the Garmin "REFURBISHED" box - thank you for that.

I opted to buy it refurbished because the previous 2 Garmin watches I've owned lasted so long. The first is ~10 years old, the other ~6 years old. After charging up, they still work fine. They both used chest-strap hear rate monitors. I'm glad the Forerunner 225 has its own built-in. Nothing to strap on when I want to know what my heart is beating like.

I used it the 2nd night after arrival on my walk/run with my dog. Why of course I used it - I was wearing it all day, naturally. That in and of itself is a great benefit - nothing to carry with me in my pocket or my hand. My phone(s) are not too large, but they are something to bring along in some fashion. The watch is simply there already. This is of the greatest benefit in warmer weather when one is doing something with their hands; typically summer clothing has fewer if any pockets.

I am really impressed with how easy it is to use. I spent a few minutes over the last 3 days looking at Garmin's short videos and their on-line manual, and by 2nd night I was well versed in how to use it on my first real run. I ran the night before, but that was just a mile, you could call it my "shake out" run. Garmin Connect did not sync by itself for some odd reason to my 3 running web sites: Endomondo, MapMyRun, and Runkeeper. I had to export and then upload TCX files to the each one individually. But the 2nd night's run worked like Garmin Connect has always worked for my Forerunner 110: it just worked, automatically, over the cloud.

The GPS is very accurate on this watch, at least as reported by what I consider the premium GPS tracking app, MapMyRun. It tracked all the ups and downs of the nearby trail. I can see where I was going faster and slower, and the small dips and "hills" that I ran through.

I really like this watch. I used it to track 3 nights of sleep and it just works. For tracking a run, it just works. For counting my steps or telling me to get up and move around if I've been sitting too long - it just works. And for heart rate monitoring - once I cinched up on the band, it just works too. No more garbage readings, like I had the first shake out run when it read 180 in the first 1/4 mile. All I had to do was move the band one more notch tighter, and it tracked great, never missing a beat. As to the HR accuracy, it agrees with the readout on the "Instant Heart Rate" app on my phone. They both vary a bit as I watch them because I'm pretty sure my heart rate actually varies - these devices measure that average. So for me, all this back and forth I'm reading about HR issues is a tempest in a tea kettle. Just like any sensor, it has to have good enough data to present an accurate result. My advice to those who can't get the watch to show an accurate HR: tighten up the band a notch, maybe two if you wear it very loosely. [that being said, if you have a lot of dark hair on your wrist, or have tattoos, this might not be your best bet]

Because this watch can receive software updates and Garmin has been very good about pushing updates out to their watches over the years, I am pretty confident that the Forerunner 225 may actually gain additional features over its useful life, which I expect will continue after I replace it for another device that is even smaller, that does even more. However, a watch being small does me no good if I can't see the display or get my fingers on the control buttons. The numbers displayed on this unit are larger and easier to read than any Garmin I've used, and the buttons are very easy to actuate, in part because the larger circumference allows the buttons be placed farther apart. So this watch is well sized proportionally, and I wouldn't want it to be much smaller.

The GPS syncs up in a few short seconds on this watch. I really like that convenience. Both of my older Forerunner watches required up to a minute or two to lock in so that GPS tracking was available.

One last thing for now, I am glad the watch does NOT have a touchscreen. It would be too easy to screw up my workout, if during a run if all I had to do to change a setting was touch the screen once or twice. These buttons are probably not going to giving me any problems, mainly due to the fact that they are in the same place as my most recent watch, the Forerunner 110.

Damn, I like this thing.

Everything I could want in a running watch. Does it track multisports and cross training? Not explicitly. You have to do some hacking to track activities other than running. But it does have a built in heart rate sensor which is a huge advantage for those who don't want to keep track of all kinds of equipment on a run. You can also pair it with a third party heart rate monitor or ANT+ enabled footpod but I find it provides those functionalities on its own to my satisfaction. It also tracks everyday activities and sleep cycles (I have no idea how it is able to do this, I thought the only way to monitor sleep adequately was to monitor brain wave activity, but what do I know). Overall this watch fulfills pretty much all your needs as a runner, ie pace, distance, time, intervals, elevation gain etc..., and keeps tracks of personal bests of your sessions. The battery life is about average for a watch of this type, I suppose you could extend it a bit by turning off the heart rate monitor during a race, for example. I highly recommend this watch to any runner tracking their performance.

I previously owned the 220 and loved it. It was a bit of an adjustment initially getting use to the size and weight of the 225, but having the HR monitor on with watch is a huge plus and worth the moderate extra bulk. Refurbished after a month of use works like new and I am satisfied that I went with the 225 rather than the 220 again. I am also happy I have this rather than the 235 because of the big price difference and the smart features of the 235 seem more like extras; they both have the same stats I am looking for to track my runs and biking. The 225 has all the fitness data you could want to track your runs, and links Garmin Connect syncs well with my team page on Strava.

This review is relating to the quality of the refurbished product, not necessarily of the product itself. While the device fits my needs perfectly, there are plenty of reviews about it on the "new" product page. The only way I could tell it was refurbished was that it did not come in a new shiny box, but the product itself was just in a bubble wrap container. the product functions perfectly and I've had exactly zero issues with it. It doesn't show any signs that it's refurbished and if it had come in a nicer container I'd have thought it was brand new.

I love this watch! It was easy to use right away. The info it provides has been helpful, informative, and easy to understand. The Garmin website was easy to understand as well. I used the My Fitness App to track my calories in the beginning but eventually settled into the basic information that simply the watch provides. I keep it on all the time and find the sleep tracking very usefull! I would purchase this watch for the activity tracking by itself but the every day tracking has made it a constant part of my day. It is simple enough that I am using most of the features on a daily bases. I don't know if having the smart watch capabilities would really enhance my experience with this watch. Having the built in heart rate monitor has been fantastic. I would recommend this watch to anyone who is wanting to keep track of their running.

Looks brand new, no blemishes. So far it works like a champ. I'm still learning how to program it to my gym workouts, but the important features for me were visibility (good backlight), comfort (it is very comfortable to wear), heart rate monitoring, and water resistance. I'm also pleased with the ease of connection and the vibrating alarm. I'll try to offer a six-month update to this review.

This watch definitely fits all my needs. I was training for my 6th marathon and wanted a more accurate indicator of my mileage and pace. It's super easy to use, syncs to my phone very easily, and is a great size. The battery holds up very well, and I use this watch for my every day runs in addition to the harder training runs.

The watch came in perfect conditions and it has been working really great so far. It has every specified feature, the HR monitor is reasonably accurate, as well as the GPS tracking. I recommend the watch and the Amazon Certified Refurbished Service (if you are OK with not receiving the watch in its original box).

After deliberating between this watch and 2 others, weighing the pros and cons of each and spending way too much time reading product reviews, I am VERY HAPPY with this watch. I am glad to have made this purchase and am also happy to have purchased this refurbished watch. It arrived and looked brand new to me and works like a charm! Best....decision....ever....!!!!

So far so good. Was worried that refurbished would mean problems but still looks and feels brand new.

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