Reviews Garmin vivofit JR. - Real Flower

Garmin vivofit JR. - Real Flower

Let's get kids on the move. Meet the activity tracker just for kids, vívofit jr. It’s swim friendly, durable and features kid-approved designs, a 1-year battery life and a free, parent-controlled mobile app. The app motivates your pint-sized powerhouses to stay on the move with rewards and a mobile adventure trail to unlock. Meanwhile, parents can monitor steps and sleep and get a Summary of their kids 60-minute daily activity goal. The app also gives parents the ability to manage and assign chores and give rewards to positively enforce good behavior. It's all easily controlled from Mom and dad’s Compatible Apple or Android mobile devices.

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We're generally against gadgets for our kids, but a fitbit had been on our 9-year-old's wish list for a long time, and was also on his Christmas list. We bought two of these. One for the 9-year-old, and one for the 7-year-old. They're both active boys and were enthusiastically using pedometers at school during P.E., so we knew they would love that aspect of these bands. We like that these are water resistant, which means the kids keep them on all the time. It does not need to be removed for hand washing throughout the day, and they can even wear them to shower. There is a stop watch function as well as a timer function. The timer function includes pre-set options for 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 minutes. We've had a count-down timer in the house for a long time to set expectation for certain things. Now, they can set their own timers for 5 minutes before we need to leave for X, or 15 minutes of practice. They like the autonomy (and the gadget). Through the app, we can also track their sleep. There's a graph that shows deep sleep v. light sleep. You can also set chores and assign/give coins for each task. This part is cute and gimmicky, but has not turned out to be something we use daily. We require our kids to do certain chores, which is not tied to their allowance or reward. I went ahead and put those into the app, and assigned zero coins to those, and then I added the above-and-beyond-bonus chores and assigned some coins to those. They like seeing chores checked off this way, but the novelty of that is something I don't see lasting.

My daughter loves her Garmin vivofit Jr. She wears it every day to school and dance. And makes sure she gets her steps.

I purchased this for my 7 year old son and he LOVES it!! It fits him perfect. I also bought one for my 11 year old. This is perfect for her but her wrists are the size of an adult and there is no way this will fit on her. I ordered an aftermarket band for it. The interface is easy for my to use and manage their activities and chores.

90 days later... both of these have blown pixels on the display. Garmin has been AMAZING and they have been shipped back for RMA.

I spent forever comparing different fitness trackers for my 6 & 8 year old who always want to borrow my fitbit and decided on this one & it is amazing and perfect and I'm so happy we picked it! The step tracker and activity tracker works great - my kids love getting to 60 minutes and seeing their little marker move along the trail and get to unlock clues about animals, the chores/coins/reward thing is so fun - not a feature I was looking for, but definitely an added bonus & awesome motivator. I love the sleep tracking too! And the app is a huge plus - all the kids on one account you can see at the same time along with any adult who has a Garmin fitness watch too.

We got this in today, came as expected and in perfect time. My 9 year old LOVES it! I wish it could be a tad bit bigger around the wrist, but it's fine for him. He's already earning coins by being happy to do chores! I plan to recommend this Garmin Jr to everyone, as it was recommended to me!!

My son absolutely loves it! He is 6 and it fits perfect. I love that there is no recharging. We don't use the chore feature very much, it was more like a novelty at first and fun but I guess we just got away with it. He loves he can compete with me, we compare steps at the end of the day, and I can keep track of how much sleep he is getting.

Fantastic product! Within a day my kids' activity levels have increased 1000% because they have a goal to meet. They have to earn tablet time which has been a constant battle (with us adults usually giving in). I bought this one for my 11 year old and the only complaint was that the band was too small. I found another company that sold replacement bands and it fit right in.

My son loves this watch! He has worn it for the past 4 months. It has been completely submerged and no problems what so ever. Best part is, it doesn't need to be charged like the other brands he broke.

This was our answer for our low energy 10 year old son. He loves the watch and is excited to see his step number and activity number rise everyday. The interactive app also makes everything "fun." The fact that he never has to take it off is such a bonus because I'm not worried he'll lose it. We knew the band it came with would probably not fit his wrist but it was an easy request for a bigger one after we received the watch. The new band came within a few days so don't let that be the reason not to order. They make it free and easy!!

I bought this as a gift, and she loves it. Mom loves the easy app! The app tracks the kids steps, activity, chores completed and you can even assign rewards! Each chore has a "coin" value assigned by the parent and then the kid car cash in their "coins" for rewards. Reward "coins" are determined by the parent as well. She loves to get her "coins" for doing her chores, and mom loves that she's doing her chores! It's a win win! I would recommend this for any kid who wants an activity tracker like everyone else. It's also kid durable!

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