Reviews Garmin vivofit 3 Activity Tracker, Regular fit - Black

Garmin vivofit 3 Activity Tracker, Regular fit - Black

It’s time to switch up how you move with vivofit 3, the activity tracker with Garmin Move IQ automatic activity detection. Its 1-year battery life let’s you track activity 24/7 so you never have to turn it off or charge it. The red move bar reminds you when to move and you can also view stats like steps and calories on its easy-to-read high res display. With Move IQ, vivofit 3 automatically captures different activities such as walking, running, biking, swimming and elliptical to view on Garmin Connect. Access Garmin Connect via mobile app or desktop to see your data in more detail, join challenges and compete against others.

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I spent a lot of time looking at many different activity trackers and reading many reviews. I was skeptical to buy the vivofit 3 after reading the reviews on here and other websites. I chose garmin because it has features that fitbit does not. It was important to me to have an activity tracker that I did NOT have to charge. I have enough gadgets that need to be charged and don't need another. This way I can have it on my wrist and forget about it. Also I never have to miss a day of tracking. Secondly, it is waterproof. That seems like such an automatic feature, and I'm surprised other companies haven't followed suit. I enjoy that I never have to worry about taking it off for a shower, to go swimming etc. Lastly, I love the fact that I can switch out the band for a different color/pattern!
So far I am very happy with my purchase, and have not run into many of the issues other reviewers have complained about. It was very easy to sync to my phone. The wristband is a little big, but not as bad as everyone was making it out to be. I was worried it wasn't even going to fit, but that was not the case! I got on the elliptical to test out the intensity minutes-another thing many reviewers said did not work. For the first 12:00 minutes the 0 on the move IQ screen was just blinking, but then it picked up right at the 12:00 minute mark and counted every minute. It did appear to be about :50 seconds behind the elliptical, but after I was done and was leaving the gym it was spot on. So you just have to be patient with it starting to count the minutes on the actual screen, but it is working. I'm guessing it is just making sure it is actually intense activity.
Bottom line: Simple, easy to use product without all the bells and whistles of other products, which is exactly what I was looking for. Battery life was more important than heart rate and notifications for me. I really didn't need another product other than my phone giving me notifications-that is not the purpose of an activity tracker, and I think we could all benefit from being a little more present and get away from our phone and our texting :)

I have had the Garmin for almost two months. I wanted to really get used to the tracker and understand the app before reviewing. I did through research before buying the tracker and it came down to this and the Fitbit. Here is my review with pros and cons. First off, here is some info about me. I am in my early 40's, have a desk job and am adamant about getting more exercise in my life. I am not an athlete, or fit, but am moving in that direction. I would say I am just an average person trying to be healthy, loose weight and get in shape. I am very happy with my purchase and feel that I made the right choice for me.

I saw some negative reviews about the User Interface (UI) as well as syncing. I am semi tech savvy and I found the UI to be easy to use. I did have to take a little time to learn everything, but it was not hard at all. I know the fitbit UI is simple and easy.....but...the fitbit also does not have the have all of the same features as the Garmin. To me the fitbit is more of just a step tracking device. I have to say that this device has many many more features than I am taking advantage of currently. It definitely can accommodate people that are beginners, or just want to keep track of steps to advanced athletes training for an event. This appeals to me because it can grow with my fitness level. It can track steps, swimming, running as well as show you data over time.

Syncing is not hard as long as you follow these steps. 1. Make sure your bluetooth is turned off. 2. Open the app. 3. Turn on bluetooth and then Sync. Easy the steps differently and you WILL have syncing problems. Once I figured out those steps I have NEVER had a problem. I get frustrated when people leave negative reviews based on user error not device or program error. The following Pros and Cons are my opinions only and I am not covering all the features. There are enough reviews that cover every single feature. I am just pointing out what I like and don't like.
Pros for me: Basically the first two features were the main selling point for me.
* Waterproof: This was one of two reasons why I bought this. I am hard on my devices, I tend to loose them (I have gone through a few trackers that are not wrist type) and ruin them by getting them wet with everyday activities. Waterproof is a HUGE HUGE selling point for me. I never have to take it off, which means I never forget to put it back on.
* Battery life: this was the other HUGE main selling point. I hate always having to charge my devices, I have enough tech to keep track of, I don't want to worry about my fitness tracker too. This battery can last up to a whole YEAR. At this point even if I get 6 months out of it I am still thrilled.
* Move reminder: Being that I have a desk job, I love that it reminds me with a beep to get up and move. I can hear the beep clearly, and I have been to many rock concerts in my life. However, no one else seems to notice the beep.
* Locking band: I like that the band is secure, as well as easy to get off....if needed. I do loose trackers so I wanted something that was secure.
* Steps taken as well as steps needed: I like that I can see how many steps i have taken, or I can see how many steps I still need. I prefer to look at steps needed.
* Sets new goals each day: The program sets you new step goals each day realizing that 10,000 steps may be difficult to reach every day.
* Activity min: It recommends that you get in 150 activity min each week and keeps track of your activity min. This has been a good motivator for me because I was previously only getting in on a good week 120 min of exercise so now I am exercising more and slowly loosing weight.

*Intensity Min: The device can also track intensity min, which means it tracks when you are exercising hard. The intensity min count for double activity mins. Meaning if you exercise harder you can exercise less and still meet your goal, makes sense. Unfortunately, you have to be exercising hard for 10 min straight at a time. Great for others, but, I usually do some type of interval on the treadmill of walking and running. You also need a heart rate monitor for this feature. Because of my type of exercise I do not do 10 min straight, so my intensity min never count. I wish the feature would count accumulative and not consecutive. Someday maybe I will be running for 10 min straight and then will appreciate this feature.

* Band is not very attractive. I am a woman and like jewelry and accessories. I find the band to not be very pretty when compared to the fitbit Ulta. However, I do like that if I want I can change the band and there are other accessories available that can make the band look more like jewelry or can hid the band.

* Community: There are not nearly as many users of the Garmin device compared to fitbit. I do not have any friends that I can compete with, its just me. I know with the fitbit the community is huge and it is easy to find someone you know. With garmin you can join a competition with other users, but I don't know them so it is not as fun to me. I like competing against people I know.

If I have any problems with this device I will update this review.

I have had my vivofit 3 for two weeks, and after calling customer support am very impressed with how well it works. It does a very good job of tracking my steps, monitoring my sleep, and identifying my activities. However "Garmin Connect" the app and website does need significant improvement.
I do have a couple of useful things to note:
1. In order to see the results for Move IQ you must go to the website version of Garmin Connect, under the "steps" box go to the settings gear symbol right click and select "Go to full page". Once there click on the "Timeline" header. You will be able to see the Move IQ events along the bottom of the cart in light grey. Once how to get here was explained to me, I was VERY impressed with how accurately the activities I do are identified. It really does figure out when I'm swimming, biking, running. However, I wish these activities would show up on the "activities" windows for the app and website, If you want them to show up there you have to use the time and input the material manually.
2. The fit of the strap is not great. I have a small wrist (although not tiny) and it is a little loose even on the tightest setting. Also, several people have said that it falls off. I've had no trouble with it coming off, but I do check it occasionally to make sure that it is not starting to pop out.This is a good idea because sometimes the connecting hooks are starting to pull a bit at the openings.
3. With both sleep and steps it seems to check out with my experience. Also, I've been swimming several times and it does a fine job under water.
In summery the vivofit 3 is a very good device, however the interface and strap could use some work.

The Vivofit 3 is a replacement for a Vivofit 2 that was lost as a result of the device falling out of the wrist band. There are improvements to the Vivofit 3 compared to the Vivofit 2 including a more secure wrist band where the device slips into the band and is enclosed within the band on the underneath side and more securely surrounded on each end on the face side of the device. It is unlikely that the watch would slip out of the band if properly inserted. The more rugged enclosure has increased the height at the face of the device to about a half inch which can make it difficult to button some long sleeve shirt cuffs or put on tight fitting gloves such as rubber gloves.

The Vivofit 3 pared easily with my iPhone. All I had to do was 'Select New Device' on the app. I did loose a few days of data waiting for the Vivofit 3 to arrive after loosing the Vivofit 2 but the new device synced without problems and old data still exits from my Vivofit 2. It was nice not having to
start all over again or get used to a new device or app.

The face of the Vivofit 3 is smaller than the Vivofit 2 but has a cleaner look and a distinct device key that makes it easier to scroll through the functions. The batteries in my Vivofit 2 did in fact last a year.

Walking 10,000 steps a day is my fitness goal and easy to track with the Vivofit 3. I like seeing how many calories I've burned and this device shows both active and resting calories each day. I also like the sleep tracking feature.

Over all the Vivofit 3 is a big improvement over the Vivofit 2 and continues to be reasonably priced.

This is my second one, the first one, fell off (guess I forgot to lock the band) and after trying several different ones, I purchased this one again. It does everything I want a fitness tracker to do, I mostly want to track my activity steps and to tell time. Love it.

Love it. It is an excellent fitness tracker. Already starting to make progress toward my goals.

I love my vivofit3! This is my first time purchasing wearable technology and I love the product. I mainly purchased the vivofit to document my movement , steps and morning runs. As most people do, i work in a office that requires me to sit at a desk most of the day. I tried to set up reminders on my calendar reminding me to get up and move, but i would just hit the snooze button. With my vivo fit l have a movement alarm and daily goals for different activities that reminds me to move and how I have to go to reach my goal. The only set back is that i haven't figured out how to change my wakeup and sleeptime alarm from seven days to a five days. The weekends i'm not as active as I usually just relax, but vivo sends an alarm 7:30am that it's time to move even though i'm still sleeping. Other than that I'm statisfied.

My 11 year old granddaughter is a competitive swimmer and loved this birthday gift. Her mom says she always wears it even swimming.

I must admit that this is my third tracker in as many months. I started out with a Fitbit but soon found that the sleep tracking mode was grossly defective for me. I often get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Fitbit recognized that but then said I didn't go back to bed for 3+ hours. Now I admit that I toss and turn frequently during the night so I am not an average sleeper I guess. After a couple of rounds with tech support about this they basically said "Sorry".

I went from there to Garmon Vivofit 1 and it was better for sleep tracking but not perfect. The big difference is that with Vivofit I can correct the sleep data on my iPhone so that solved the problem. The Vivofit one was pretty good but it did occasionally fall off my wrist. wWhen I saw Vivofit3 with a drastically reduced price on Amazon I leaped for it. I have had it for a week now and am very satisfied with it. The new method of securing it to your wrist assures it stays there. I like having both time and steps showing all the time and it does that but it is kind of small for my old eyes so I am waiting from something with a larger display and a better algorithm for sleeping. As fast as this field is growing I expect one will come along soon.

Love this tracker, I have owned 2 fitbits, both failed, 1 went thru the wash (my fault) the 2nd was fitbit charge HR, plastic end broke off,cheapk
pros for vivofit3:
1 year battery
fits comfortable
accurate and easy to read
Great customization on dash board, love the challenges
water proof, shower swim wearing it
sturdy construction, like way fits in band, won't get damaged if hit something with your wrist
Only con I can think of is:
If don't have smart phone have to buy the ANt Stick to sync with your PC
Garmin sells them for $37 but found them on here for $13, bought 2 one for work and one for home PC's

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