Reviews MDW Security Fix Clasp for Gear Fit Band -- Don’t Lose Your $200 Investment!

MDW Security Fix Clasp for Gear Fit Band -- Don’t Lose Your $200 Investment!

Secure your investment to your health! Dont wait, you will lose it at some point!

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I don't ever review or comment on my Amazon purchases but these clasps for my new Gear Fit 2 work perfectly and I now feel secure in knowing band won't pop off as it often has. I received 2 extra in black which happens to be my strap color so I guess I lucked out there. All in all just a great simple fix. On a side note, this product needs to be advertised as compatible with new Gear Fit 2 and bonus clasps should have color option?

Worth buying.... Super cool colors. (^_-)

Using with a Gear Fit 2. These are all you need to fix the security of the band. I tried an aftermarket band it was constantly popping off of the watch, so I picked these up and went back to the stock band and it's made all the difference. The clasping mechanism no longer gets hung on things and pops open, and even if you force it to pop open, the security band holds it in place rather than letting it pop completely open. Complete 5 star product for filling a need and doing it simply and easily.

First, I have to admit that when I first started thinking about buying the Samsung Gear Fit 2 I was read reviews where people had lost it due to it falling off. I thought to myself, "surely I will know if it is coming off"...HA! The second time it fell from my wrist (and I almost didn't know it) I logged onto amazon in search of something like this product. I was skeptical due to the simplicity of the product, but based on the reviews I gave it a shot. I have not regretted it. These little bands have kept my Gear Fit on my wrist countless times when the snap fails. Buy them, you won't regret it! Small price to pay for its value!

Bought these for my new Gear Fit 2. I was worried about the band coming undone and no backup protection.
You simply slip one on and your good to go.
I was extremely happy to see the "Free Gift" was actually 2 extra black bands.

My only suggestion would be to sell straight black.

These have saved me many times when my gear fit has came undone and I didn't realize it. I would have lost my gear fit without these. They come with many different colors. I use two at a time and as they start to stretch out I change them out. The price is pretty cheap so for how long they last it's a good deal. They also sent 4 free ones as a gift from the seller. Thank you. They shipped very fast.

Outstanding. This solves the problem quite well. I put it through the test with my toddler recently during a tantrum. My watch did not pop off even with his 35 pounds doing a crockadile roll in my arms (people with toddlers know what I am talking about). Its kind of funny that I had taken a retaining band from an old watch before buying these. Pretty much the same idea, except these are snug since they are elastic. And they sent me a ton of them including a mini bag inside the main bag containing a free 'gift' of a few more all black bands. If they break I have more but after a week of using them, they just work and don't seem to be wearing out. I also added a few extra bands to thicken up the band since my comfortable size was in between two of the holes.

Functions as it is expected it to be. It helped me couple of times when I did not notice that the band was undone. It does not give you any feel that an extra material is added on your wrist. I could not feel a thing, it feels just like having only Gear Fit itself on the wrist. The only bad part is that it is assorted colors and you cannot order only the color you want. I've been only using these for couple of days now so I can't be sure of it's durability. But once it rips off after multiple use, I will have to buy another pack to get the black color.

These seem to be pretty much indestructible, I tend to be rough on them and they just take the abuse, no problems. Still look like brand new. Fun to add a touch of color, and nice to have the added security on the clasp of my watch.

LOVE! Makes wearing my gear fit 2 feel safe!

I recently got a Samsung s7 edge and got the gear fit 2 for free, and read reviews, people said their main complaint was the band came undone! I couldn't find replacement bands I liked with good reviews, I was gonna give up until I ran across these, so said I'd give I a try, I ordered the biggest pack (came with 2 free clasps) they came a few days before my gear fit 2.

These are super soft, hypoallergenic (for those with allergies like me) easy to put on your gear fit 2. Many colors if you decide to buy more bands to match outfits, and most important, keeps your gear fit 2 from falling off!

Since buying I have gone running 5 times, slept in it, danced, run errands, done dishes, laundry, and other chores, the gear fit 2 hasn't come off at all!
Where people said in reviews that just rubbing it against their pants made it come off alone, so these clasps help!

They are low cost comfy, and will save you money in the long run! Buy these! I plan on buying another smart watch soon and giving the gear fit 2 to my grandma, I hope these fit whatever watch I end up buying!

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