Garmin Replacement Band For Forerunner 10 - Black (Large)

Garmin Replacement Band For Forerunner 10 - Black (Large)

Forerunner 10 Replacement Band,

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Comments / reviews:
I actually used this as a replacement on a Forerunner 15. I needed a new band and decided to replace the broken red band with this black band. The watch looks great and the replacement process was very easy with the tool included with the band. I am very pleased.

This green band, does not fit the black watch we tried to add color to.

I thought maybe I had bought a cheap knock-off, but I was wrong.

The molded plastic portions, where the band meets the watch, is different for each color. I have confirmed this with Garmin.

The original band on my green Garmin Forerunner 10 broke way too soon for no good reason. The watch is only 2 years old. It is out of warranty so I had to decide between buying a new watch or repairing it. I did some research and ended up purchasing the pink replacement band in order to mix up the colors. The pink band fit perfectly well on the green watch and it looks new and unique! Shipping was fast too. Thanks!

Updating review: After taking a second look and getting some pliers to help remove old pin the new band works. It's different than the original band (old band was 2 pieces - this one looks like one piece). Happy to have a solution.

Original Post: Warning!! This does not fit all Garmin 10's - My wife has the Green Garmin Forerunner 10. It's about 1.5 years old and the strap broke. She was excited to find this replacement set to fix her watch but the bands are not the same and do not fit on her watch. Hoping super glue will work with her old band.

after one year of moderate use, part of the band broke off. This cannot be fixed without a replacement. This seems to be a problem noted by many reviewers, and should have been addressed by Garmin. I've been very happy with the product, the only shortcoming was having to replace this band.

It was quick and easy to change the band on my Garmin which broke. Instructions were very clear as well.

My dog ate the wristband on my original Garmin Forerunner and I was pretty mad until I saw that I could order just the replacement band. It came quickly and was super easy to replace. I had the new band on and ready to use in less than 5 minutes.

Product, price and shipping were excellent. I had trouble identifying the larger watch band though. The small band kept popping up no mater what I tried. Had to go to Garmin site and get the ID mumber.

Not a great deal to say about the product itself; it was very simple to replace the broken watch band using the included tool, and it is exactly as described. I do agree with others regarding the delicacy of this band, mine broke for no apparent reason; it should be a bit more durable. However, I also understand that it is a lightweight piece of plastic, and therefore subject to a short lifespan.
The seller is outstanding; they shipped immediately, and I was back up and running within 2 days of the band breaking.
So, 5 stars for the seller, 3 stars to Garmin.

Very easy to install, but Garmin obviously has a poor design her that is practically designed to fail. The original band lasted about 18 months, which based on my research was a very long time for those bands.

Easy install
4 stars for poor design by Garmin

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