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Aitey Camping Light, LED Camping Lantern, Portable Waterproof Tent Light, Storms, Hiking, Fishing, E...
Elegant and concise design with super big display and numbers. Easy to read for all age group in far distance, Additional on-screen information includes month, date, alarm setting, and indoor temperature. Alarm Clock for bedroom: The backlight can keep on automatically when surrounding becomes dark
Aitey Talking Alarm Clock with 7 Sounds: Tell you Time/Date/Temperature when you touch the top. You also can set Hourly Chime, If you do not want it talk, you can close the chime. There are 7 different sounds for choosing. Such as BIBI, CLOCK CROW ETC. Press the:"CHIME/TUNES" button to choose the
Gentle Sound System Alarm Clock: Gentle wake up alarm starts out soft and gets progressively louder until you turn it off. You can set Hourly Chime, or not talk until you touch the top of the smart clock, If you do not want it talk, you can close the chime. Smart and manual backlight: The smart