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Nitecore NU30 400 Lumen White and Red LED Rechargeable Headlamp with Reinforced Bracket, USB Cable a...
Nitecore HC90 is a USB rechargeable extremely bright lightweight headlamp. Features В· Purpose-designed for hiking, climbing, camping and general outdoor recreation В· True variable output with a unique 'infinitely variable' sliding switch В· USB rechargeable/powered by 1 x 18650 lithium-ion
BRIGHTEST, SMALLEST KEYCHAIN LIGHT - This innovative super mini keychain flashlight pushes the boundaries with the brightest output available for its size. A CREE XP-G2 S3 LED emits up to 380 lumens max output - bright enough to rival full size lights! SIMPLE OPERATION - Control on/off and mode
INSANELY BRIGHT - 6000 Lumens Nitecore TM28 flashlight is the latest upgrade to the TM26 featuring four CREE XHP35 HI LEDs combined for 107,200 candelas and an incredible 716 yards throw. Perfect for search and rescue. COMPACT & DURABLE - It's called a Tiny Monster for a reason. The TM28 packs up
The ultimate bundle for the latest Nitecore Tiny Monster TM26 with the latest 4x Nitecore NL189 high capacity high performance rechargeable 18650 batteries, a A/C charger, a car adapter and a light locator. With this bundle, TM26 will be at its optimal performance all the time. Whats more, this is
Features · Integrated “Precision Digital Optics Technology” provides extreme reflector performance · Boasts a peak beam intensity of 12,500 cd and a throw distance of up to 220 meters · Features advanced temperature regulation (ATR) technology · Innovative single button 2-stage switch
Features · Innovative two stage side switch accesses different modes and functions · Integrated power indicator on side switch indicates remaining battery power · Power indicator displays battery voltage accurate to 0.1V · Direct access to ultra-low or turbo output · Integrated “Precision
BRIGHT, WIDE ANGLE HEADLAMP - Equipped with a CREE XM-L2 U2 LED, the HA40 is a 1000 lumen, wide angle headlamp ideal for up close and mid-range uses such as cycling, camping, hiking, household tasks and other uses where a flood of light is helpful. SIMPLE SINGLE BUTTON OPERATION - No fussing with
Impressive performance is P12GT's power efficiency. P12GT minimizes its structural heat resistance and rapidly dissipates LED-generated heat to the exteriors directly through the substrate. Conjugated with Nitecore's Advanced Temperature Regulation (A.T.R.) technology that dynamically and smoothly
Features Premium CREE XM-L2 (U2) LED Maximum output of 1000 lumens Second generation �Crystal Coating Technology’ combined with �Precision Digital Optics Technology’ provide extreme reflector performance Boasts a peak beam intensity of 13,500cd and a throw distance of up to 232 meters High
Specifications: *LED: Cree XM-L2 U2 *Max output of 900 lumens using 1x 18350IMR ++Turbo: 900 lumens -30 min ++High: 300 lumens -45 min ++Medium: 160 lumens -90 min ++Low: 70 lumens -2 hrs 30 min ++Ultra low: 1 lumen -12 hrs *Use 1x CR123 battery ++Turbo 430 lumens -45 min ++High 230 lumens -90 min