RAD Sportz Kayak Hoist Quality Garage Storage Canoe Lift with 125 lb Capacity Even Works as Ladder Lift Premium Quality

RAD Sportz Kayak Hoist Quality Garage Storage Canoe Lift with 125 lb Capacity Even Works as Ladder Lift Premium Quality

Product Description

There's no such thing as not enough room for another kayak, canoe, or ladder. Store your kayak overhead and out of the way. Smooth pulleys and latches make lifting even the heavy kayaks super easy. The exclusive rope locking mechanism prevents unwanted release and can suspend one product - 100 lb. load limit. Please note, you can mount this item as pictured on a 2 X 4 and screw the 2 X 4 to the joist or mount it right to the joist itself. Buy with confidence. FEATURES: Hooks are designed with a rubber coating to protect from scratches. Easy to install and easy to use. Robust engineering allows you to lift heavy products - 100lb capacity. For Ceilings up to 12ft. Safe locking mechanism prevents accidental release. Raise your canoe, kayak, ladder, or bike to the ceiling with ease. Home Storage. WE OFFER A LIFETIME WARRANTY AND 100% UNCONDITIONAL FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!


Tired of your canoes and kayaks taking up all your free space in the garage? Turn to the Rad Sportz kayak/canoe lift hoist, which stores your boat overhead and out of the way. The hoist is equipped with a smooth pulley, latch, and hook system, which let you easily lift products as heavy as 100 pounds. Just attach the pulleys to a ceiling joist, secure the boat with the straps and hooks, and lift. The exclusive rope locking mechanism will keep your kayak or canoe safely suspended above the ground, so you needn't worry about accidentally dropping the boat in mid-lift. Plus, the hooks are rubber coated to protect your gear from scratches and scuffs. Designed for ceilings up to 12 feet tall, the hoist also works with items like bicycles, ladders, and cargo boxes.

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Comments / reviews:
For the price, this kit is hard to beat. Installation is a breeze. Thread up is simple if you follow the diagram. Operation is good and lifting my 65 pound kayak was no problem. The only issue I had was clearance for my garage door at 92-1/2". The hanging hardware supplied looks like it is also used in their bicycle hanging kit and doesn't need to be as long as it is. I removed the "Y" parts by drilling out the rivets and removing the nyloc nuts. I replaced it with a piece of aluminum "C" channel. See pictures for what it looks like. After that modification, I had just enough clearance for the garage door. Now it's perfect.

Update: Had to drop the review to 4 stars. I hoisted the kayak last night and was preparing to tie it off and pull my car in. Without warning the back end of the boat dropped from the ceiling to the floor. After investigating I found that the little plastic crossbar on the adjustable portion of the web cradle buckle had broken completely off and allowed the strap to pull free. The plastic does have a brittle feel and I decided not to trust them again so cut them off and just tied the straps together at the length I needed. I will eventually have different straps made so all I have is a piece of webbing with a sewn loop on each end and no knot.

DO NOT trust the buckles that go around your boat. After install, I was lifting the boat but it got a little uneven on front/back balance, so as I tried to adjust one of the buckles broke followed quickly by the second, dropping my kayak 3 feet to the ground! Luckily the non-rudder end hit first so no damage. I removed the broken plastic buckles and used only the stitched-in loops on the straps to wrap around my kayak (I moved one mount out further so it was around a skinnier part of the yak). That was the only problem; the rest of the system works just fine. I was lucky to have a high ceiling in my garage to clear the garage door AND my SUV. But you can see in the photo how much it can snug up to the ceiling when you remove those plastic buckles.

The manufacturer has revamped the straps. The flimsy clasp mentioned by many reviewers is not part of the product I was sent on December 14, 2015. Instead my product came with straps that are each about 7.5 feet long. Each end of straps has five loops that are spaced about 5.5 inches apart (see close-up picture). You can adjust length of strap by selecting the appropriate loops for your hooks. This way, the length of the strap can be adjusted between about 4 feet and 7.5 feet in steps of 5.5 inch. I bought a rope at a hardware store for less than $10 to replace the rope that came with product. Did this even before I received product based on reviews here. All in all, I feel product is more than sturdy enough to hold up my 48 lbs. kayak. If it fails, it will likely be the pins that connect the parts of the hooks or the pins that hold the wheels of the pulley system.

I wanted a way to install, uninstall, and store my Thule Cargo Box in one motion. The clearance between my ceiling and garage door when open is ~22". My Thule Cargo Box is 16" high, but was able to run the straps to the mid front and rear of the box. By doing this, the hooks were able to grab the cargo box with 8" hanging below instead of the full 16". In all, the system extends ~21" from the ceiling. I will research a new way to secure the cargo box to the hooks/hoist either with new straps or new hook design.

The clutch does a grab job at holding the load, but for me it will be a pain to use because my car will be directly below the clutch. You can pull the load and release the rear or front separately to negate the clutch, but I would rather have it all done in one motion. In all, I'm happy with the protect and will update if I figure a better way to strap my cargo box to the hoist or a way to lower it down.

I bought 2 of these for our kayaks. It took me 6 hours alone to install 2 of these in my garage (plus I had to move cross block 2x4's 3 times) to get it to pull up the kayak's up without the strap slipping to the end and making it unstable and potentially fall out and injure someone as my rafters went the opposite direction in my garage so I need to cut 4 blocks to use to mount them onto.

The functionality is awesome. They work great and a single person can raise them up and down by themselves. The threading of the rope in the steel brackets WAS a bit confusing but the instructions tried to make it as simple as possible. I did watch a YOUTUBE video on installing this product or similar which helped as well.

The instructions were incorrect (or didn't apply to my kayaks - that are 10' 6" long) in specifying to mount the pulley brackets like 2 feet from the end of the kayaks. This is an accident waiting to happen with them slipping out and possibly hurting someone while raising them. That is why I adjusted my perpendicular support pieces that I bolted the brackets through twice (closer to center) to mount them only 4 feet apart (3 studs apart at 16" center). When I raise the kayak up it makes the ropes angle from close to center to the outside edges on both ends so there is NO WAY the kayak can slip (picture an A frame steep angle). When pulled up to the ceiling in my garage, I can walk under them (I am 6 feet tall) and I can give them a good shove and they aren't going anywhere. I put the safety vests and detachable oars inside them and it is a great system.

Again. Mount the pulley brackets 4 feet apart (2 feet off center each) to keep the vinyl straps from slipping off the end as when you pull the ropes to raise the kayak, it can pull one end up unevenly and that can cause it to slide dangerously to the end and possibly fall out. This will keep it up with no possible way to fall.

What can I say that others haven't. It seems like most people are using this hoist for a kayak, I gave this a shot for a canoe. So far it has been working well. I didn't give it 5 stars because the hoist cord arrived a bit frayed and seems not be be the best quality. I anticipate having to replace the cord somewhat quickly with something better just so I have confidence that it will hold up the canoe.

The straps are long enough to make it around a canoe. I did add some additional cord between the two straps to keep them from sliding away from each other. It would be nice if the hoist came with an additional strap for this purpose as it would alleviate worries of a strap slipping off the boat.

The closest I have been able to get the boat from the ceiling is about 24 inches, so keep this in mind when measuring for clearance.

A note about the brake mechanism. You have two cords to pull on to raise the boat. One cord controls the front pulley and the other controls the rear pulley. Keep in mind you can't pull just one of the cords without releasing the brake mechanism for both cords. What does this mean? If you want to raise up just one side of the boat you better have tension on both cords or you will drop the non tensioned side of the boat. I learned this the hard way.

Surprisingly easy to set up and Strong. It's currently holding up my 12 foot Jon boat snug against my 12 foot ceiling. ( with some very minor modification). The modification involved simply utilizing a spare garage door opener box channel frame laid between the roof trusses. The Kit included mounting brackets that fit very snug and perfectly over the spare garage door opener box frame/support. This allowed for easy installation with zero drilling into the trusses. Note, I did not exceed the weight limit as the boat ways 120 lbs. The kit lifts the boat and holds it in place better than I might even had imagined. The easy of lowering it directly onto the trailer with no dragging or lifting is priceless. The modification just simply allowed for ease of mounting and ease of measurement for location of the lift pulleys. I looked to build and rig my own such lift and the cost was more than twice as much as this handy package. Very pleased! Not having to store the boat outdoors in sight or on my garage floor is why I originall bought it, but the added bonus of lowering it perfectly onto the trailer is an added bonus.

I purchased two of these hoists, and overall they function as expected. That said, there are three caveats:

1. The previous reviews regarding the nylon rope are absolutely correct - the ends and a couple of other places were fraying out of the package. Nothing that taking a lighter or heat gun to in order to melt the nylon didn't take care of, but annoying all the same.

2. DO NOT follow the instructions of the straps being 6-8 feet apart - we dropped my wife's Kayaking 3 feet to the garage floor (it was thankfully not damaged). We re-positioned the pulleys nearly 12 inches closer together than indicated in the instructions.

3. There are manufactured holes in the hook bodies - we placed a bungee cord to pull the two hook together/prevent belt movement...and this is after moving the pulleys closer together. A low cost, simple solution to prevent the belts from moving/slipping.

Bought this to suspend a large Rubbermaid industrial garden cart from the ceiling of our garage. It took up a great deal of space on the floor and was used infrequently. This was the ideal solution! I had previously hung my wife's bicycle with another lift product, which I was very happy with. However the cart is much heavier than her bike and I needed the lift pulleys further apart than the seat and handlebars were on the bike lift. I attached a 2x4 through the sheetrock to the ceiling joists with 1/4 x 4 inch lag bolts spaced 12 inches apart. I first attached the lift hardware to the 2x4. I then drilled ONE hole through the sheetrock and into the joists. Next, I drilled a center hole through the 2x4 and put the lag through with about 1 inch exposed. I then drilled holes at 12 inch intervals from the center lag to the ends for the rest of the lags. It was much easier to just insert the center lag into the hole in the sheetrock and secure the 2x4 to the ceiling with a power driver making sure to leave it a LITTLE loose. I then measured the alignment of the 2x4 so it was straight and marked the ceiling through the holes I had drilled on the 2x4. A few minutes to drill the marked holes through the sheetrock and into the joists, installing the remaining lags through the 2x4 into the joists, tighten all the lags and up went the cart - a neat, easy and cheap solution to the storage of the cumbersome cart. Be sure to use washers where the lags enter the 2x4 for safety! While I could have used smaller lags than 4 inches, with something that big overhead I preferred to err on too big! i used the straps included with the system to go under the cart and attach to the hooks.

This is a nice system, and it works well. The adjustable strap is a necessity in order not have your kayak or canoe hang down too low. The mounting system is straightforward, the hardware, bolts, etc., are all of reasonable quality. I put up a 16' canoe and a 12' kayak. Both went up just fine, were easy to pull up, and the lock system worked just great. Two concerns cause me to give it just three stars (changed to 4 after use and getting a 3rd one), both are somewhat mechanical in nature. First, once you've snugged the system up all the way, it locks, you snug up the rope on the supplied wall mount, and that's it. The problem comes when you want to get it down, and this is not addressed in any of the descriptive material. I did not find it possible to unlock the line to allow you to lower the canoe by holding both ropes -- it would not come down far enough to disengage. The only way I could do it was to separate the two ropes on either side of the canoe, and stand directly under it and pull towards the other end of the boat. Not the most comforting feeling to be under the canoe while you lower it, maybe I should wear a helmet. But it does work.[Note: after use, it's easy to do it from the side if you use one rope to hold the lock mechanism down while lowering one side a foot or two, then reverse and lower the other side. An easy solution once you get used to it.]
The second item is a worry but may not come to pass. The hooks that go into the nylon bands are attached to the pulley mechanism by a couple of pop rivets, and if you're trying to cinch the boat up near the ceiling, they get a bit of stress. If one of them let go, the boat would come plummeting down, likely damaging it and anything under it. Might be nice to have some assurance that this won't happen, but they make me nervous.
Finally, one reviewer mentioned connecting the two straps at the bottom with another piece of strap so that they don't ride towards the end of the boat and potentially let go. I tried a different approach, which was to use a connector between the two hooks that hold the straps. It works fine, but I think that the sewed on strap idea is probably better. (added pictures of how I tied the upper pieces together; use the length of line appropriate to the distance between the two units on the ceiling).

Overall, this item meets my objectives and I will continue to use it, but there are a few glitches. (I did buy a third one for another kayak, so like it pretty well.)

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