Shoreline Marine Propel Canoe & Kayak Fishing Rod Floats

Shoreline Marine Propel Canoe & Kayak Fishing Rod Floats

Rod floats by propel keep rods safe from the depths. Just affix to rod using hook and loop straps and rods will stay afloat in the event of an accidental drop or capsize.

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Comments / reviews:
3 days after buying and installing, I flipped my kayak...first ever in a lifetime of LAKE kayaking. All 3 of the rods i had on board popped right up! Probably saved me $300.

These have saved a few rod/reel combos from sinking. They work! I thought they would get in the way of the fishing line, but it doesn't happen. Even on my baitcaster. I use them EVERY time I go out kayak fishing.

My wife and I regularly fish from kayaks. I purchased the floats to protect our rods from the occasional accident. I was especially eager to protect my custom made fly rod. The floats are unobtrusive and don't interfere with casting. I wouldn't fish without them.

These work great. I used zip ties to ensure they don't fall off.

Lost two fishing poles from our fishing kayak. We started putting these on the kids poles and they worked great! The poles now float, we don't have to worry about losing anymore poles.

I now have many of these . Just ordered more. I have small grandkids and no more loosing poles

My son lost THREE rods when he took some friends out in his canoe to fish. Got him these and they are perfect. He said they didn't get in the way of his casting at all.

Works great as flotation. Does get in the way of casting. Also shows wear quickly. Probably have to buy every year.

Bought these to give to our 8 and 4 year old grandkids. That way no a rod gets thrown into lake accidentally.

Works as described... Used for kayak fishing on a smallmouth bass river on the NC/VA border, these work fine to keep my ultralights floating.

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