NRS 1-Inch Heavy-Duty Tie-Down Strap

NRS 1-Inch Heavy-Duty Tie-Down Strap

Since NRS introduced Heavy-Duty Cam Straps to river runners over 20 years ago, they've been used for virtually every hold-down application. These straps use 1' polypropylene webbing with a tensile strength of 1500 lbs. The cam buckles offer a tensile strength of 2000 lbs, and are attached to the strap with a military-spec 'box tack' for further durability. For ease of identification, the length of the strap is woven in the webbing.Whether you're attaching your boat to your vehicle or your frame to your boat, NRS straps won't let you down.

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Comments / reviews:
I use these a lot in my pickup truck. If you have a pickup truck, you need these straps. They should be standard equipment on pickup trucks. I leave a couple of 15 foot straps connected from the corners of the pickup bed into an X configuration all the time so they're right there when I need to strap down a load. I have several more stored behind the seat for larger loads. My old truck is parked outside, and the straps are exposed to sunshine and the elements. The UV eventually weakens the nylon so I replace the straps in the bed every few years. They're so much better that the typical tie-down straps. Much safer too! You won't lose your load with these straps. I've been using these high quality straps for probably twenty years or more, including their intended whitewater river use. They'll definitely keep your kayak on your vehicle. If you are strapping a yak to the top of your car, be sure to tuck and secure the strap ends, and pull over and redo it if you hear thumping on the car. The heavy duty nylon is rather course, which helps keep it from slipping under the ratchet even when wet, but if the air moving over your car at highway speeds causes the strap end to slap your car it'll remove the paint, or at least the clear coat.

If you canoe, kayak, or ever need a strap for luggage or gear...just big these please. NRS is a reputable company to begin with, and these straps sum up the quality they produce. My uncle turned me onto these a few years back (about 5) and I still have the original straps he bought me. Never had one malfunction or give out on me.

I have some of these straps and they come in handy, if you are moving something and need to tie it down on the roof of your car, or in the bed of your pickup this is a great solution. The mechanism, is not made to tie down anything really heavy like a stack of lumber onto a roof rack. Though it would might hold it for the drive, should you have to slam on the brakes or God forbid get into an accident, you would be better served with some heavy duty straps.

Here are some uses I have found for these straps:

Tie down luggage
Tie lap top bag to rolling suitcase
Tie down items while moving
Tie around dresser to give a handle for lifting while moving
Tie together sectional couch by wrapping two short 12" straps around legs to keep the couch from moving
Tied between trees while camping for a place to dry towels
Tie items to backpack
Tying accessories to tree branches while doing tree work. (Don't use it to tie yourself in, as this is not rated for climbing)

The mechanism is simple, but sturdy and easy to use and untie, the quality of NRS is so good, that I would not trust buying a copy, as I am sure that the quality won't be there, as we see with most items we buy today.

Use them to hang up my Hennessy Expedition. GREAT PRODUCT. Wrap around tree, loop and connect via carabiner to hammock. Fast to setup, easy to adjust, never fails and doubles as strap down for my canoe on the roof rack and kayaks on the trailer. Tried numerous hammock straps, NRS are the leader in that field. Now everyone uses them for their hammocks on our Canadian Wilderness Trips. The clamps never fail and old tight under load, yet easy to open and to adjust

Just got this yesterday And used to hold some items together I found I needed more so I ordered 4 more
super fast delivery
look and operate as expected
So good I already bought more LOL

question asked "Would these be useful to tie between trees for a hammock? " I say NO-- I do not use any item not designed for over head/ human lifting/supporting to support humans my family, my body is important enough to buy the correct gear for the job
one of the many over 200 choices-
Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas Polyester Hammock Hanging Straps (FFP)
on amazon for a hammock

These are of good quality and heavier than most straps that you find in stores. We use them daily to fasten ladders to the truck. My first purchase of this brand of strap was three years ago and it is still in daily use after being on the truck, and in the Michigan weather, for all this time. I will buy more of these in the future for sure.

I love, love, love these straps. I am not a boater (kayaker), but live in WV and have tons of friends who are. After seeing them use these straps primarily for their kayaks, I decided, I had to have some. I have a Subaru station wagon and Yakima rook rack. I haul ladders, Christmas trees, kitchen cabinets, and various other large items on the top of my car by using 2-4 of these straps. With just a roof rack and these straps, I forego having to buy a truck to haul things just a few times a year! They are way easier and much less hassle than ratchet type straps. You have to get some of these.

No complaints for the price, I have 8 of these in a couple of different lengths for strapping down kayaks to J-Bars. They've held up really well so far. I might want padded straps if I had a super high end boat, for a mid range fishing kayak they work fine.

Perfect in every way! Just used these to strap down my Laser and Sunfish for a 1800 mile trip from Charleston,SC to Colorado. Held perfect and never loosened up. The clamps were easy to remove once I finished the trip. I will buy these again and I was recommend by a friend to buy these and I will pass that recommendation along. Best strap you will ever buy.

I have these for my ENO. First of all they are $10 cheaper than ENO straps. They reach further than ENO. And my biggest thing is that they are infinitely adjustable. When I set it us i do tow wraps around the tree and then attach the ENO to it. Then adjust to my preference of the hammock. With 1500lb of breaking strength you can bet that you and your companion arent gonna fall to the ground like an apple. Its great because when im done with the ENO i can use them to pack up the roof basket and we are off. Really a jack of all trades strap. AND the name tag that in incorporated is great for keeping track of your stuff!

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Ideal for securing coolers and dry boxes in raft frames, the NRS Loop Straps feature a sewn loop on either end that provides a fixed attachment point. The polypropylene webbing has a tensile strength of 1500 pounds, and the burly stainless steel buckle evenly bites the strap for a secure hold.
____Description: Country Brook Design's Tubular Nylon Webbing is a nylon hollow tube which makes it softer and more pliable than flat webbing. It is perfect as a protective covering for cables, tubes, hoses, and shock cord. Tubular Nylon Webbing is as strong, if not stronger, than flat webbing and
These 1" Ratcheting Kayak Lashing Straps are great for strapping down your Kayaks, Stand Up Paddle Boards, or Surf Boards, to your Roof Rack, Cargo Rack, or Trailer, and great for just about anything else you can think of. If you need a good, solid, versatile, lashing strap, this is the best tie
FEATURES of the NRS Inflatable Kayak Thigh Straps A simple strap loop, that is plenty long enough to attach to the self bailers in case you don't have D-rings, along with bomb proof cam buckles make attaching thigh straps to your boat a piece of cake The one piece design ensures that pieces don't
The idea was to create a tie down strap for your boat, canoe or kayak that would be safe to launch over the roof of your vehicle without the fear of dings, scratches or cracked windows and skulls. Since most tie down straps worth their salt have a metal cam buckle, this challenge was appreciated.
The Vibe Kayaks Tie Down Straps make boat transportation simple. Featuring a die-cast aluminum cam buckle on one end, the 15 foot strap is made of heavy duty 1В” nylon webbing. These UV-blocking straps apply pressure evenly across your canoe or kayak hull without the risk of over torquing and
These 1" Kayak Lashing Straps are great for strapping down your Kayaks, Stand Up Paddle Boards, or Surf Boards, to your Roof Rack, Cargo Rack, or Trailer, and great for just about anything else you can think of. If you need a good, solid, versatile, lashing strap, this is the best tie down strap
The HQP 15ft tie down strap's are a great fit for anyone looking to secure their gear with certainty. Wether you are taking a short trip to the beach or preparing for a long journey to the mountains, these are the straps for you. They are made with 100% durable nylon and include an attached
The Riverside heavy duty cinch straps are made with 1 inch heavy-duty webbing with extra strength stitching. As strong as they are beautiful these strap also feature galvanized buckle with protector, center-spring mounted cams for maximum grip, angle cut ends with a flat-iron finished tip and a
This rig features 4 rows of modular webbing that allows the user to configure a thigh rig with exactly the right pouches they want and need for the mission at hand. All 4 rows are 4 channels wide. The modular webbing is attached to the carrier with heavy duty bartacks. This rig features a heavy