Sevylor Quikpak K1 1-Person Kayak

Sevylor Quikpak K1 1-Person Kayak
5-minute setup lets you spend more time on the water
Easy-to-carry backpack system turns into the seat
21-gauge PVC construction is rugged for lake use
Tarpaulin bottom provides durable protection from punctures
Multiple air chambers allow another chamber to stay inflated if one is punctured
AirtightВ® System is guaranteed not to leak
Double Lockв„ў valves use two locking points for easy inflation/deflation

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Comments / reviews:
Ok, when I purchased this, none of these ratings really helped, so my rating is going to be very honest and hopefully help some ppl with their purchase decision. First- I'm a big girl- 38 yrs old, 5'5 355 44DDD. Yes, that's relevant, in a moment I'll explain why. I bought this bc it's weight capacity says 400lbs, & I figured it would be a perfect way to figure out if I wanted to, would enjoy or could use a hard shell kayak, without spending $500+ So I'll start with set up- relatively simple. It's heavy when folded up, so if you're weak, or have any mobility problems, this maybe tough for you. I laid it out in my living room and pumped it up. There's 5 air chambers, 2 large, 3 small. I chose to do it at home rather than at the water, simply bc I was so unsure I could do it all alone. I fit it in my Toyota Camry, fully blown up/assembled by angling it from the back seat behind the drivers chair to the front seat in front of the passenger. Not ideal, bc I couldn't see out the back but I was only going a mile. I put mine in at a boat launch on a very slow moving river, which ended up being very helpful bc of the incline of the ramp. I was nervous to try and figure out how I was going to get on this thing without flipping over or making myself look foolish. I decided I'd just straddle the seat & sit in one motion. Done. Since its inflatable, and somewhat flexible I was able to get my leg over it and adjust my position while straddling it and standing in the water. As another reviewer mentioned, the middle sinks slightly. My rear was soaked but I was pleased to be on board. Since the middle sunk slightly, both the front and back end, were lifted out of the water a bit. Now, here's the honesty part. I'm top heavy, my chest gets in the way slightly, and so does my belly, however I am able to sit up right on the floor with my legs together, in front of me, but it's not terribly comfy. I found sitting on the kayak, with my legs in the leg rests, while balancing, very difficult. If you carry most of your weight in your belly, you may want to consider a canoe. The seat back lends little support on this kayak. I ended up sitting with my legs straight out but open with my feet slightly hanging off. Much easier, and gave me a bit more stability. I paddled around for about 2.5 hours on my maiden voyage. Never flipped, but had a few close calls. I was quite proud of my little adventure. When I returned to the ramp I found it slightly difficult at first to exit the kayak. But moving to water that was just about to my knees seemed easier. I used the paddle for leverage, and rocked forward, and stood up.
About the kayak itself- very durable. The material used is very heavy duty. I had no fear of ripping or snagging it. The drink holder is useless for bigger folks. The paddle is ok, since I'm a beginner but I can see wanting better quality in the future.
All in all if you're a beginner, I think it's a safe way to learn. Great for slow moving, flat water.
400lb weight rating? I'd say it's more like 300lb person max, with 25lbs of gear split between the front & back ends to balance the weight out a bit. But it's fun, relaxing, & gets some exercise in.

I researched for days prior to ordering this Kayak and I am so thankful I took the plunge and purchased it. My goal in writing this review is not just to tell you what I experienced with my new kayak but to encourage anyone that is struggling with their size not to let it keep you from getting out there. I am 5 8' 320 pounds give or take and I am trying my best to get out and be active. I loathe the gym and I am trying to find things that I can do. I have always been athletic but due to injuries from working out being the size I am has made adventures quite challenging and sometimes painful. But here's the skinny on my maiden voyage. My kayak arrived 2 days after order and I had a planned to head to the lake with a friend to try it out immediately. I inflated it in my home because I did not want any surprises happening on the lake. I ordered new paddles before my kayak arrived because of so many other reviewers reporting how crappy the ones are that come with the kayak and I must agree on that point. It was easy and quick to inflate but I have yet to figure out the back pack which also is the back support, The kayak fully inflated is very light and easy to transfer from the car to the lake area. There was a boat launch where we were which was nice. I decided to straddle the kayak to sit down into it as recommended by another reviewer, it wasn't pretty but it worked. I realize that the boat is made to hold up to 400 pounds but it did sag in the middle some and my bottom was wet the entire time but I didn't care because I was finally able to kayak!! It takes a while to balance and paddle at the same time as it does not track as well as a hard shell kayak but I got into a great rhythm and figured out how far to place the paddles in the water to maintain my stride and balance. The friend I was with had a hard shell kayak and I kept up with her perfectly. The back support is not much of a support but to me it was comfortable because I liked sitting back while I paddled. The top and back came up slightly out of the water and there was a small crease where I sat on the kayak but to be honest I didn't really care what I looked like I just wanted to be out on the water. The material was very durable and we were out when it was in the 90's. My dog laid comfortably on my leg as I paddled and her nails were no problem at all.

My first voyage was over 2 hours and I loved every minute of it and I can't wait to get back out there. So all in all I am giving this kayak 5 stars. It's an inexpensive alternative and it worked well for me.

This is a great inflatable! It is well designed and very easy to inflate. It paddles and tracks very well even in waves and breakers. The small skegs on the forward and rear bottom do make a difference in the tracking. It turns on a dime and is very responsive. I didn't care at all for the enclosed paddle that came with the kayak. It is a bit too long for me and came apart the first time I used it.
(I use my old paddle instead, which works far better)
I found a neat way to carry the boat is to push the paddle under the triangle bungee tree on the bow and hook the back of the paddle under the seat straps. That way you can use the paddle as a very efficient carrying rod for the kayak out of water. You just lift the whole thing up with one hand and carry it away! And, since it is light weight, it's easy to carry it. I am a little old gray haired lady of 71 and am able easily 'horse' it around with no problem! It tracks well in waves and is very stable. I've been paddling for over 45 years and am very pleased with this product.

These kayaks are great fun. We used them on the ocean and they worked fine. They are just as easy to inflate, deflate, and pack into the back pack as the blurb suggests. They do not however track as well as a real kayak so you need to learn how to paddle without taking dramatic turns to the left and right. There are five different air chambers and sadly the center on one of the kayaks is losing air after only a few uses.

I just received this two days ago, and got on the lake today! I put 9 miles on it, and can honestly say it's a great purchase. (Pictures Included)
To start out, because it's helpful:
I'm a 5'10, 200lb woman with a 36" yes, I have long legs. This was a perfect fit for me. My 6'5 brother sat on it while I had it on the lawn, and it was a great fit for him as well.
It also didn't sink even the slightest, and the only time I got wet was when I awkwardly got off the kayak while the wind kinda moved it.

Ok, on to the Kayak:
There are four (five) individual compartments, so it will stay inflated if something does happen, but the material is strong, and our dock master passed it off without hesitation.
All the other reviews are right... the paddle is a little flimsy and comes apart way too easily. Luckily I happened to already have a yellow/black one, that matched this perfectly. (as you can see in the pictures)
It's super easy to inflate, and only takes about 5-7 minutes once you know what you're doing. (I learned how to unpack and pack it on my front lawn, and made sure it was all working before I took it to the lake) The pump is easy to use, and has a "deflate" setting as well to suck all the air out, making it super easy to pack back up in the backpack/seat.
Speaking of that backpack/seat - it is COMFY! Like I said, I did just over 9 miles on it just now, and it was way more comfortable than any hard shell kayaks I've used. Ingenious design, and there are absolutely no issues getting the deflated kayak back into a folded form to secure in the back/pack seat.
Takes even less time to deflate, fold, and store - then on you go!
The color is exactly as you see. It's a bright teal, and bright yellow. It's quite pretty actually.

It came shipped in its own box, inside another shipping box. Undamaged, and well packaged. Arrived very quickly!
Instructions were easy to follow. It does say to inflate to a specific PSI... but if you're like me and can't actually check that easily, just make sure it's firm, but not seam popping hard. Like an air mattress, basically.

Actual Rowing on the lake:
At first, I quickly realized it is not a hard shell and doesn't row like a hard shell. It responds to paddling very quick. So the front end tends to move side to side. Typically that means you're paddling too hard, but it's going to happen no matter what with this if you want to move in a forward direction. The second I stopped paddling, it would start spinning itself, so I had to slowly stop paddling, and make sure it was straight and I wasn't moving when I stopped.
It was leaning a little to the right, which I'm sure was just how I was sitting on it - I'll have to play around with that some more on my next runs.
Very little water got inside the kayak, just splashing drips from the paddles. I never had any water splash up and over.

Not sure what else to say about this, except it's absolutely awesome and a major bargain for the quality. 100% worth the purchase!

Update: I've been out on this a few times now, and it's still perfect. No leaks, no problems. And that slightly leaning to the right was definitely me. Haven't had the issue again. I love it!

My girlfriend and I each bought one of these to paddle around Mission Bay in San Diego, CA and they are awesome. We were nervous about being held up out of the water because neither of us is skinny (240lbs & 265lbs) but these have held up amazingly. We both sit comfortably out of the water, in fact these actually make you sit on top of the water more than a normal kayak making them very stable.They are easy to inflate and get ready and pack up quick and easy. I highly recommend these for someone who is limited on space or like to take their kayak to remote places easily as it packs up into a simple and not heavy backpack.
My only complaint about this kayak is the paddles. They screw together with pressure fittings and we got one of them cross threaded the first time we used it and we have yet to be able to fix it, so the paddle has a slight angle to it when I use it. The handles on the paddle are also not very comfortable and made my hands numb for a few hours after. So we will be getting new paddles in the near future.

Bought one of these for me and one for my fiance and they are worth EVERY penny! We take them out a lot and tote a small children's boat for our dog. We took them backpacking at a reservoir and put our packs between out legs and rowed without much issue. You can easily attach the backpack/seat to the back of the inflated backrest and latch stuff to the back. The pump is dual action, so inflating/deflating is a breeze! I'm a heavy person and it still held me and my pack without bringing on water. We've probably put at least 50 hours on these things in various lakes and reservoirs and they holding up perfectly. I tell all my friends to get one! There's nothing better for the price!

This little starter kayak changed my life! Ok, well, it changed my weekends... I've had it 6 weeks and used it 4 of those weekends... and just bought a second one so that when friends are visiting we can go out. Also, 3 of my friends bought this kayak as well and they LOVE it. It's so easy to use, easy to inflate (and deflate) that we use it as often as we can -- quick trips, day-long trips... it's a sturdy, responsive little kayak for leisure rafting! I'm not a kayak snob though, so for a beginner and someone who wants to putter around local lakes and reservoirs, it's perfect. So far we've been on lakes and a big reservoir, but even in the swells from a windy day on the Colorado water, it felt secure and reliable. (I did buy a different paddle though). I keep a soft cooler and my flip flops under the netting and I deflate the seat back a little when I want to lay back and catch some rays. Love this thing!! Get one -- especially if you can get it at the cheaper $130 pricepoint! It's so worth it because it gets you off the couch on weekends!

Tried the other cheaper brand first, for $70. Returned the next day. Ordered this one and immediately noticed a difference. 400 lb weight capacity vs 165!

The seat back is attached and works great. Comfortable with support. Getting on and off the kayak is super easy. We partially deflate chamber 4 to fit in our rav4 and the entire process is so simple.

So easy to carry. We sold our heavy plastic kayaks becauase it took too long to strap them to the car and so heavy to carry.

They work wonderful on the water. The oars are crap so make sure to buy new oars.

I really like this kayak! I comes with a very efficient pump that inflates and deflates, and packs very well into its little seat backpack. Im 5'9 and about 115 pounds so the weight is not an issue, but my feet do reach the end of the foot holders, so if you are taller then say 5'10 this kayak may be to short for you. It has two little fins on the bottom so its easy to turn, but does not cut through the water quite as well as a real Kayak would so you have to paddle a bit more. I find that it is a great fit for people with very small cars, college students who want to get outdoors more and cant afford a 700$ kayak, or people just looking to try out kayaking in general!

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