Shoreline Marine Propel hood Trunk tie-Down Loops

Shoreline Marine Propel hood Trunk tie-Down Loops

Shoreline Marine propel hood Trunk tie-down loops feature heavy duty tight weave nylon webbing. It secures with hood or Trunk pressure. Fast, easy placement and removal.

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Comments / reviews:
When I first opened these, I was shocked at how big they were and thought they would never fit under the hood of my SUV. I was wrong. I easily found a place to put them. I used them for a 300 mile (each way) trip to tie down two kayaks. Winds were blowing 30+mph, and I was traveling at 75. I had no problem with them.

We have no tow hooks on our Ford and were looking for a way to secure the bow and stern of our kayak. We were able to secure these under the hood on the front of the car and we slid them through the stays in the back of our SUV Trunk and shut the lid. We then tied our bow & stern lines to secure. Worked great, a simple solution and much better than try to lie on the ground to secure our boats.

I have a Subaru Outback and found that the strap did not really work well for the rear lift gate, and required minor modification to fit in the door close well. I used a hacksaw to shorten the length to the appropriate size and found to to do the job very well. The front engine hood was perfect and required no modification.

Worked great for my 2017 Subaru Outback since there are no real tie down points for the tailgate or hood area. Can tie down our kayaks with ease.

These are well made and work beautifully for me. I have a 2014 chevy sonic (small car). I use these in the hatch trunk and another two under the hood. They keep the two kayaks i haul perfectly secure from front to back. The straps are long enough to stick out from under the closed lids to attach other straps to. Would recommend and would buy again.

I love these. My new Subaru did not have any fender bolts to anchor the tie down straps I’ve used for years. These give me the option of laying them on the radiator cover and them closing the hood, positioning them right where they need to be. The rubber tube anchor is not that pliable, so it will hold tight in whatever position is it set into. The straps feel like quality straps, and should give years of service.

These worked great for hooking up my kayak on top of my van. I don't have anything to hook to on the front or back. Used these and felt like it was tied on securely.

Just used these to hold down my boat on a 600mi road trip (each way). They kept the line out of the way and enabled me to focus on the road and not the lines tied to my bumper area.

When I arrived at camp, everyone wanted to know what they were and where I got them. Everybody seemed impressed by these two hood lash points!

Great idea for a tie-down for anything on your car (made for kayaks). They not only do the job, but they protect the car's finish since the straps won't rub against the car as a rope does. Nice product and well made.

Great straps. Just toss it under the hatch and close it or even some hoods have areas where you can use this in the front. I use it for my bow and stern lines for my kayaks and they hold up great.

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