SeaSense X-Treme II Kayak Paddle

SeaSense X-Treme II Kayak Paddle
Feathered Blade Design
Two Piece Construction For Easy Storage
Adjustable Drip Guards
Support Ridge For Added Strength
Three Locking Positions

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Comments / reviews:
I purchased a used kayak that came with this SeaSense X-treme II 96" paddle. I was quite happy with it. I have since purchased two more of them through Amazon and will be purchasing the 84" version in the near future. As others have said, this is a great paddle for the price. Be warned it does have a smaller diameter shaft than most other kayaks - the foam cushion does enlarge it some though - it may be a better fit for those with smaller hands than those with large hands.

I'm giving it five stars based on the cost. Are there better paddles? Of course there are. Do they cost more? Yes, and usually much more.

I have seen some paddles, that cost a great deal more where the fitting was loose and sloppy. The two parts on this one fit and are not in the least bit sloppy.

The grips on this paddle are well spaced and stay in place. Being an aluminum paddle, it helps to keep them from feeling too cold.

I pushed off with this paddle after running onto a sand bar. No problems. I think any paddle blade could break pushing off if you weren't careful, and this would be no exception. But I had no problems.

If you're looking for a paddle without spending a lot of money (couldn't see spending as much, or half as much as my kayak cost), then this might be the one you're looking for.

I've had the opportunity to use this paddle quite a bit over the last few months and have nothing but praise for it. A few specific points for the prospective buyer:

* Weight: I've used much more expensive paddles that were a bit lighter, but this one doesn't *feel* heavy at all, even on multi-hour paddles. The balance is good.
* Length: I'm ~6'2" tall and paddle a somewhat beamy (28" maybe), open kayak with about 5-6" of freeboard on either side. I like the extra length of this paddle. Each stroke ends up being longer/more efficient *and* I don't have to raise the high-side paddle so high that drippage runs into my boat.
* Convenience: I store them disassembled in my vehicle, ready to go. I also need to take them apart when I'm in very narrow water, with tall grass or trees on each side, to paddle canoe style. Furthermore, it's nice to know that each part of the paddle floats, also, in case I drop one in the water.
* Durability and maintenance: weigh about 200lbs. I do the typical maneuver for getting in and out of my boat, which puts a lot of pressure on the paddle; so far no deformation at all. I make sure I rinse them well after each paddle, and occasionally spray the ends that fit together with silicone spray lube.

If you're looking at this paddle, you should probably just go ahead and buy it.

I am 5'9" 150lbs and this is the perfect size for me and my kayak. I run a perception sound which has a wider cockpit than most sit in kayaks. I have also used this in a more narrow dagger zydeco and it works even better in that setup.

This gives me the reach I need to make strong paddles without having to raise it vertical which keeps water out of my kayak. I honestly dont know how they make and ship these for the price but I am glad I got one. My smaller paddles will be used for kids or as backups, this is my go to!

After lots of research, I decided to purchase 2 of these, and I am so glad I did! We Love them! They are high quality and durable. Much better than the paddles that came with our recreational kayaks. We have used them on a brisk moving river, a calm lake, and even in choppy waters and they cut thru all conditions with ease. They are the perfect length for our kayaks, which have a 30inch cockpit, and they can be broken down into 2 parts for easy transport. The padded handgrips and drip rings included are definitely a nice touch. Like others have said in their reviews, the drip rings and hand grips occasionally may move a little bit when wet but it does not interrupt the use of the paddle. If you are looking for a nice quality paddle for recreational use or fishing that is easy on the budget, I definitely suggest you give these a try. You will not be disappointed.

So far I am really happy with this paddle. It fits me well, is light weight, and after using it for the summer I have had no issues with it. The blades don't feel like the most sturdy but I have been able to push off with them and have not had any issues with cracking or breaking, however I am cautious when I do this. The drip guards keep your hands dry, and even if your hands get wet the grip pads make it easy to keep hold. The fact that this paddle floats is also a plus in case you don't have a paddle leash or if it comes loose.

There are better paddles, lighter paddles (but your going to pay a lot more for them) this one works great and the price is just right.
I am 5'7 and the paddle length is perfect (84") even with the wide cockpit on my Vapor 10 angler.

If you are currently using the non-padded and short 77" paddles that came with a Wal Mart priced Kayak, you will absolutely love these ones! What a joy it is to use these padded handles and a at length that actually fits you. I just ordered a 84" pair of these for my girlfriend, who is sick of having to wear leather gloves with her non-padded paddles.

paddle is perfect for the price. I wish I had a little longer paddle since I am kayaking in the ocean and the waters are a little strong. I continuously have water dripping back on my feet and arms, but since I live in Charleston and it's usually 90-100 degrees here, it's pretty nice to have the water cool me off. Great starter paddle. Material is strong and metal clasp clicks and fits perfectly.

I needed a paddle after getting a new Kayak for Father's Day. I chose this one based on reviews. I like the paddle overall, but the weight is a little more than I was used to. All in all, this paddle performed very well over several days of paddling. I ordered the 96in, but probably should have gone with the 84in model. I have a shoulder issue, so the length and weight brought a little soreness, but overall, for the price, this is a great beginner paddle.

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Feathered Blade Design Two Piece Construction For Easy Storage Adjustable Drip Guards Support Ridge For Added Strength Three Locking Positions Floats
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