NeoSport Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 2mm Neoprene Water Sock

NeoSport Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 2mm Neoprene Water Sock

The NeoSport 2mm Neoprene Water Socks ease that chill when you dive in for a swim on a cold day. The socks are constructed using neoprene and rubber which is ultra-soft and comfortable to wear. The socks are constructed using premium neoprene material for a durable fit that you will enjoy wear after wear.Water socks for divers using full-foot fins in cool conditionsTwo-millimeter-thick neoprene provides ample thermal protectionSlips on easily and prevents chafing; durable traction sole helps you grip the boat deck, dock, or shoreConstructed using premium neoprene material for a durable fitCan additionally be worn with regular dive booties for added warmth during cold water divesDoulbe reinforced seamsIncludes 1 pair of socksPlease Note: Sizes are traditional Men's sizes, Women should order ONE size smaller for correct fit

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Comments / reviews:
nice, thin socks. very comfortable.
Just an update after a couple uses. This item is like thick socks. Just to clarify, they are NOT like boots - so don't get confused. They are not as form fitting as water boots - they don't have a high enough neoprene content, or thickness. They do not have much of a sole - I would not consider these something to wear across the sand. You will wear them out pretty quick that way. They are meant to be worn with your flippers in temperate waters just to prevent uncomfortable rubbing. They will not give you much if any thermal protection because they definitely allow a good amount of water exchange while wearing them. Other reviewers have mentioned ordering a size smaller. I think that would make a snugger fit - especially for women. I bought for both male and female, and if I ordered again, I would order a size smaller for both.

I'm a men size 8.5-9 and I bought a 7 which stretches and fit perfect. Not loose enough for it to fall off easily and not tight that it feels constricting.
Also bought size 4 for my wife who is a size 5.5 and it fits well too.

The recommendation to go 1.5 to 2 size down (I believe even 2.5 size down will still fit) is correct and accurate unless you have wider than standard feet then you may consider getting just 1 size down.
These are neoprene material and stretches very well. I would expect them to loosen up a little more after few time of wearing so selecting sizes down is the way to go.
I would also recommend that these be worn as socks and to pair them with wet shoes, wading shoes/boots or hiking sandals as they are too thin to just walk around without tearing or damaging them.

Just used these on our trip to the Caribbean with our new snorkel gear. They worked great and helped prevent rubbing on the back of our feet. I wear a 9.5-10 in women's and I bought size 7 in these because they are more men's size appropriate and mine fit perfectly! You don't want them too large or they will slip off.

I was originally looking for sox to keep my feet warm this winter. I work outside in construction all year round, during the winter keeping warm and comfortable is important to me. I saw these and thought why not try them, you know why not? divers need to stay warm. I have worn wool sox but without moving around eventually my feet will still get cold. These Sox are the best thing I have purchased in keeping my feet comfortably warm, and dry in my boots in the winter time. I put them on and a pair of normal sox over them and I am good to go for the rest of the day at temps below zero, and colder. The coldest it has been and wearing them as been minus thirty with the windchill.

To benefit from the thin later of water that heats up between your skin and a neoprene wet suit --you have to have a tight fit. I normally wear a 10.5 Hiking Boot. I ordered the Size 9 socks (based on other reviews) and these fit quite comfortably inside my size 11 NeoSport Boots. Plenty of wiggle room for my toes and we are oasty-toasty warm! Took a few pics [after a trip through my washer] which shows the quality of materials and how well they hold up. Five Big Stars!

Here is a link to my NeoSport boots:
NeoSport Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 3mm Hi Top Zipper Boot, Black, 11 - Water Shoes, Surfing & Diving

These work really nice Waterproof Pants Too:
Helly Hansen Men's Voss Pant, Black, Large

My feet are always cold, especially when on a canoe trip. I wore these for a few days and then put on an aquasock shoe or sometimes crocs. My feet were warm! It's weird how it works but they were great. My feet were wet and wrinkled at the end of the day, but I was never cold. Buying several more for my kids to use on the next trip as well.

I would not walk around camp or on the river bottom with them though. The bottom has some firmness to it but I don't think they are really designed to be the only thing on your feet.

I don't like wearing booties over my cycling shoes and I couldn't find a pair of socks that keep my dogs warm enough during those longs rides along the cold pacific coastline, SFCA. These things keep my feet so warm that I had to cut holes in the tops and sides in order to prevent sweat and get some air circulating. I fit these between a pair of good socks and the shoe, but be warned my shoes are a size bigger than what I need. After the first ride my feet feel warm and cozy, money well spent!рџ?Ћ

These are my second NeoSport purchase (I have the NeoSport Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 3mm Hi Top Zipper Boot) and I am once again very pleased with the quality and price of these Water Socks. I followed the advice regarding sizing and ordered 2 sizes smaller (10 vs 12) and they provide the snug fit of socks rather than booties (had I gotten them in my 12 shoe size). I'll wear these inside my outer boots along with my dry pants for those early or late season paddles. Although these do have a traction sole, they can't really be worn without an overboot outdoors -- they are socks, after all, not shoes or boots.

Bought these for a hiking trip to Zion National Park, in the Narrows and Subway. I wear shoes size 10.5 and bought sock size 9, which is perfect fit. Wife wears shoe size 8.5 and got her a 5 that fit her perfect. Thin enough to wear with my trail shoes, which are snug but not too tight.I'll update after use.

I bought these for use in warm water with fins while snorkeling and SCUBA diving. Only thing about them is they are rather thin, as advertised. If you're wearing a full-foot fin, they do well. In a rigid fin with straps, however, they won't stop blisters and such with prolonged use. They offer no protection when walking, which again, they don't hid in advertising. They are socks, not booties.

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3mm neoprene low cut socks are perfect for snorkelers or scuba divers to wear under the full foot fins or to walk on the sandy beach. Socks can be worn together with regular booties for added warmth in very cold water. The thin neoprene does not take up excess room in luggage and are well worth
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