2 Kayak Paddle Holder Clips (Compatible Kayaks: Perception Kayaks, Emotion Kayaks, Lifetime Kayaks, Pelican Kayaks, Malibu Kayaks, Vibe Kayaks)

2 Kayak Paddle Holder Clips (Compatible Kayaks: Perception Kayaks, Emotion Kayaks, Lifetime Kayaks, Pelican Kayaks, Malibu Kayaks, Vibe Kayaks)
SECURE - Strong specially designed clipping method for securing kayak paddle
VERSATILE - Works with majority of kayaks
STORAGE - Used for kayak paddle storage on kayak, in garage, or for fishing nets
STRENGTH - Much stronger than other kayak paddle holders

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Comments / reviews:
I bought one of these years ago for nearly $20 from a sporting-goods store. It worked great, but the hardware was junk and rusted after one season, so I had to buy new hardware anyway. This twin-pack allowed me to buy two packs for less, so now I can put paddle holders on ALL of my kayaks! These are fantastic for allowing you to safely stow your paddle while fishing, drifting, or relaxing on the water.

A tip on mounting... these should be mounted on the deck, just forward of your normal paddle reach, or on the side of the kayak. Do not mount them anywhere your normal paddling movement will hit them, or where you would rest your arms. I had one kayak that had a paddle holder factory-mounted that was to the right of the skirt, and I constantly banged it with the paddle, or hit my forearm on it... OUCH! Also, do not mount the paddle here during vehicle transport... you'll not have a paddle when you get to the lake!

Sure, these do not come with hardware, but it is easy to run down to your hardware store and pick up Stainless Steel bolts, washers, nuts, and Neoprene flat-seals for a few bucks. If you're not sure what hardware to get, take these to the hardware store with you... purchase counter-sunk, flat-head bolts (Allen-head or Philips-head) that just barely fit through the mounting holes. The bolts should be just long enough to go through the holder, thickness of the boat, two neoprene flat-washers (one on each side of the boat body to help keep water out of the boat), SS washer (goes between interior neoprene and nut... lock-washer is optional, but not necessary), and the nut. Once all this is assembled, the bolt should be long enough to just go past the end of the nut. I also strongly suggest using BLUE lock-tite to prevent the assembly from loosening up during transport, storage, and use. These will see a lot of abuse and the nuts will loosen over time if you don't use some type of thread-locker... Don't use RED lock-tite... you'll never be able to remove them!

These should work fine. Sturdy and seem well made. My one star deduction was for the price. I ordered these and another set of two for $2.99 thinking these would be sturdier. I now have both to compare and they are identical. The other pair took longer to deliver so if you are in a hurry you might order these. If you have a couple of weeks order to other pair.

I installed these with rivets. They hold the paddles better than I expected

They are easy to install I just used an electric drill to place the holes. How ever they don't come with the hardware to install them. I just bought my nuts and bolts at Wal-Mart for .97

good product was a tad skeptical at first wasn't sure if my paddle would fit but am very pleased that it works just as well as I had envisioned in my head. as long as both clips are aligned and mounted to a flat even surface on the kayak you shouldn't have any problems.

Love these paddle holders. My paddles that were purchased in store fit snuggly and there is no worry about dropping in the lake :)

Not mounted yet, but my paddles snap in nice and tight.

Shipped fast and works great!

Very useful!

Haven't put them on yet but look well made. Plastic is pretty sturdy. Attaching pictures of dimensions and details of base hope it helps. I will be using some RTV silicone when mounting around holes.

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