SeaSense X-Treme II Mix Kayak Paddle

SeaSense X-Treme II Mix Kayak Paddle
Feathered Blade Design
Two Piece Construction For Easy Storage
Adjustable Drip Guards
Support Ridge For Added Strength
Three Locking Positions

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Comments / reviews:
This paddle is one heck of a deal. The colors are fun, the snap in the center works well, feels solid, and has the option to be feathered depending on your paddle style. I got it on sale for about 30 bucks and at that price this paddle can not be beaten.

*This product was NOT offered at a discounted price. I paid FULL price. I don’t give 4 or 5 stars for a product unless it performed as expected, and I don’t review items with limited information, just to satisfy the review requirement. I want people to know whether or not this product is useful. I will often comment on whether or not I feel the product is worth the full asking price, or if I would only purchase it at the discounted rate. If you found this review helpful, please click the “Helpful” link below to assist me in providing further reviews.

I really like this paddle.

I am 6'2", fat and paddle a Stealth 14 which comes in at 31" wide and I was using a 230 paddle but kept having to adjust my grip while paddling. The extra length of this paddle enables me to paddle without all the readjusting.

I also like the foam grips, just wait until you are underway before trying to move them to the exact place you grip as it is much easier to move them while wet.

No this is not some expensive, light weight carbon fiber racing paddle for touring all day long but if you are going fishing or just doing some exploring and are going to be doing some poking around with your paddle and want something that isn't going to snap in two give this one a try.

Don't forget to put a leash on your paddle...

If I do manage to break it I will update my review and how much usage I got out of it.

By no means is this a 5-Star paddle. You put this up against an Aqua Bound or Werner, it will lose handily. However, I can honestly say that I haven't felt a better paddle in hand for $35. Ergonomics are good, blade geometry is good, blade stiffness is good, no flex or play in the shaft. All is great for a budget Rec paddle honestly.

About 8yrs ago I sold my kayak and gear because of condo life. Had a great Necky and Aqua Bound Carbon/Fiberglass paddle and would paddle 20+ miles. Back in another Necky but since I'm doing two kayaks and two sets of gear, I've had to scale back a bit, and in reality, I don't see my wife getting into kayak at any level more than recreation. If she does, we'll make the necessary changes when we cross that bridge.

Now I will say that if you're getting into kayaking, and plan on progressing because you're entering a community that is very active and have friends that are going out paddling weekly, get a decent kayak and get a decent paddle. You will thank yourself the first time you go out and the paddle is 20miles and you're dealing with currents, waves and wind. It makes a world of difference!

Also, Necky is a good brand that has good ergonomics and boat geometry that tend to blur the lines between a rec boat and something more usable by an advanced paddler. In other words, people tend to not outgrow Necky kayaks as easily. Dagger, Wilderness Systems and such also make great kayaks, but I have found the hull designs found on the Necky's to be faster and they strike a good balance in stability and speed. Also, look at the secondary market first and do your research! Facebook and Craigslist are great options to find used kayaks locally at a fraction of their new prices! Google is your friend to find out information on the boats to aid in a purchasing decision. Chances are, if you're looking here for a paddle, and looking at this paddle, its because you're just getting into kayaking, and there's a good chance you don't even have a kayak yet! I say be honest with your goals and expectations. This is a very good rec paddle and probably an amazing backup paddle as well, but if you're planning on making this a regular hobby, you're going to want to spend more on a paddle.

I ordered this paddle because I'm 6'2" and I needed a longer paddle since I ride so high up on my kayak. Upon inspection, it seems to be a fairly well build paddle considering the price. The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is that the connection point in the center (this is a two piece paddle by the way) seems to be just a little bit loose. I put a little bit of teflon tape on it, and it is snug now, so no problem. I have not taken it out into the waves yet, but I expect it will last. I'll update this after I take it out a few times.

Product Update: So, I've taken it out in green flag and yellow flag (which I probably shouldn't have) surf conditions. Keep in mind, this thing is long, so it gets tiring to use it for long periods of time. HOWEVER, I am growing to like the length, especially in rough surf. The length allows me to get that blade down into the surf to make last second course corrections to avoid flipping. I'm glad I got the long one. If you are going to paddle in light surf or bay/lake conditions, get a shorter paddle. You will kill yourself with this thing.

Product Update #2: It's been quite a while now since I bought the first one. It got older after a LOT of use and I can't get the joint apart anymore. However, I just bought another one. You simply can't beat the price. It is light enough to use for a while without getting tired (I repeat though, if you are going in very calm conditions frequently get a shorter paddle). Joint on the new one is a little loose just like the first, but the first one never gave me any problems, and I used it to get out in 5-6 foot swells (not my wisest idea)...

This is the first paddle I purchased when I was getting into kayaking and I didn't want to spend too much money on a paddle without really knowing what I was getting into or what to expect. I've used it for one season so far and it's been great! I've been primarily on rivers and lakes with less than class II rapids. I've definitely given it hell but it's performed really well. The only downside is sometimes I have to adjust my grip because the hand grips are placed a bit close so it can get uncomfortable if you keep your hands on the grips the entire time. All in all this a great beginner's paddle and it's a really cool color...if that matters to you!

Very satisfied so far. Have only used it 3 times but kayaked for hours with some rough water. But so far have no concerns about the quality. Length is good for our 30 and 31 inch wide sit on top kayaks. I am 5'4" and hubby is 5'11" and we both use the 96 inch comfortably. If you place the little rings properly you can avoid having water dribble on you but it takes a little time to adjust them so they work the best for that. Closer to the paddles seems to work best for me. A few inches from the end of each paddle. The bright orange is nice for visibility and mine did float in our hot tub. I do use a strap though since we use our kayak for fishing. When you are trolling you could have to put the paddle down quickly to grab your rod and reel. Would be most inconvenient to lose the paddle and have to use your hands to get to shore... The length does sometimes get in the way of my fishing lines but shorter is just uncomfortable for paddling long distances.

Im 5"9 male and got the 96 inch. Feels alot nicer than the ones in the store and its half the price.
It also has hand grips which is a plus.
The drip catchers (or whatever you call them) actually stay in place and are solid- not the rubber flimsy plastic.

Happy with this paddle. Took it out today for a 2 hour excursion in a fast moving and rocky river. Due to the crazy current I got stuck on a sand bar and had to use the paddle to push through it (sandy muck). It handled the heavy load with ease. The grips are great, I had no issue with blisters forming on my hands. The paddle is lightweight but sturdy. It easily clips together and does not have any wiggle to it. I would buy again.

Best value in Kayak paddle I have seen. When compared to carbon fiber paddles at the kayak shop, this paddle is heavier then paddles that cost in excess of $200, but has performed well for me. I was not looking for the lightest extreme kayaking paddle. I needed something that performed well and didn't break the bank, while I tried out a new hobby. Drip rings work well. I enjoy the padded handles as it keeps me from having to wear gloves, but be warned that if they get water underneath them, they will slip up and down the shaft, making it difficult to paddle. In that case I moved the handles away from my grip and carried on. Angle is adjustable and I have not had a problem with the security of the latch.

It's okay. Seems a little bit questionable/flimsy but I guess it worked ok. I would probably have spent more if I did it again.

Update: been using this for several outings now and it's held up well. And I do like that it comes apart easily for storage/portability. I would recommend it and purchase again.

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Feathered Blade Design Two Piece Construction For Easy Storage Adjustable Drip Guards Support Ridge For Added Strength Three Locking Positions Floats
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