LeBeila Carabiner Aluminum Screw Locking Spring Clip Hook Outdoor D Shaped Keychain Buckle for Camping, Hiking, Fishing (Deep Blue)

LeBeila Carabiner Aluminum Screw Locking Spring Clip Hook Outdoor D Shaped Keychain Buckle for Camping, Hiking, Fishing (Deep Blue)

Search No More! You Have Arrived At Your Ideal Aluminum D-ring Locking Carabiners From LeBeila Products!

в—ЏProduct Name:
LeBeila Carabiner Clip Aluminum D-Ring Carabiners - 5 Pack Screw Locking Buckle Hook D Shape Spring Snap Keychain Clips, Strong And Light Lock Caribeaners For Outdoor Camping, Hiking, Fishing.

в—Џ Features
вњ“ Strong & lightweight
вњ“ Rust-proof & smooth surface
вњ“ Made of ultra durable aircraft aluminum alloy
вњ“ Fully tested secure locking mechanism, reliable

в—Џ Specifications
вњ“ Material: aluminum alloy
вњ“ Color: as picture
вњ“ Length: 3 inch/77mm
вњ“ Width: 1.65 inch/42mm
вњ“ Weight: 0.8 ounces/23g
вњ“ Diameter: 0.28 inch/7mm

в—Џ Used under circumstances
вњ“ Attach the sports bottle, backpack, ropes of camping tent, hiking pole, camping mug, backpack, small tools, etc.
вњ“ Clip reusable bags together for easy storage
вњ“ As a hook for your SMALL-SIZE dog or cat's leash, There would be no breakout incident
вњ“ Tidy up belts, collect your hair ties, prevent cords from tangling
вњ“ As a keychain hook or key holder to keep your keys without the risk of falling off

в—Џ Caution:
When dynamic load is applied, the carabiner is easier to lead to irreversible break. Thus the following uses are forbidden:
вњ“ Rock climbing
вњ“ Swing or hammock
вњ“ Hanging punch bag
вњ“ Attach a leash to a running belt of big animals
вњ“ Hold shade sail as the load is not predictable when strong wind blows
вњ“ high-altitude activities

в—Џ Unbeatable Warranty
We stand behind our product and provide you with a100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEEif you are not completely satisfied with this Carabiner Clip D-Ring Locking CarabinersпјЃ

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Comments / reviews:
Really nice looking. I think the quality is there (haven't had them longer than a day), but I wont really know that til I use them for a while. Didn't give these 5 stars because I think the locking screw isn't that great; they feel a little wobbly, they lock but not as tight as I'd hope. I feel like if I kept screw it tight it would just keep going. Also the locking screw rather fat and interferes a bit with opening the latch. Other than that (which isn't a huge complaint) they are nice. Better than no locking screw anyway.

Oh and they are a little fatter than they look in the picture, so just be aware of that.

I bought these carabiners for use while SCUBA diving. I use them to clip gear onto my BCD (vest) and as tank bangers (something to tap against my oxygen tank to make a loud noise to signal other divers). They are strong but please note they are NOT FOR CLIMBING. The locking cylinder can be completely unscrewed and removed if you don't care for the feature or you just want to be able to open and close them faster. Carabiners in general have 1001 uses and this is a quality version of a carabiner. I have noticed that the black color (I bought the all black carabiners) is scratching off in some areas but it's not that bad (no flaking or peeling, just some small scratches). I would both recommend these and buy more if needed.

I really like these carabiners. The only thing I don't like, hence 4 stars, is that there isn't a stop on the threads. The lock nut runs higher up than it needs to, leaving about 1/8"-3/16" of the threads exposed. Should those threads be damaged I wouldn't be able to unscrew the lock nut. This is fine for my backpack, but I won't be using them for my field equipment.

I used these on leashes that I made for my dogs (one is 10 lbs, the other is 20). I know these say they are not for climbing so may not be ideal for anything weight bearing but so far I haven't had any issues using these for my dogs even thought they do pull sometimes. For my smaller dog, who would probably run off if he ever got loose, I put a second back up clip on his leash for extra security just in case this does ever break/come loose.

These carabiners are not for climbing. However, they're a lot cheaper than carabiners that are!

I keep my keys on one, and another on my water bottle. For those uses, they're great. If you deliberately screw it off, the knurled ring will come off. However, you have to do it deliberately and after a couple months of use none have come off without my wanting them to. When locked it, it doesn't unscrew, and it rarely screws itself in at all.

For what it is, it's good.

Brings a couple of them which is great! They feel pretty solid in the hand and don't feel like they might bend or break on low to medium pressure. However, they do say not to use these for climbing and since it says it on the actual product. I would not recommend it. But overall is still pretty great to hold keys and other things. I got the blue which looks really nice and stands out a lot. The only problem is that the paint will chip off. Mine has already chipped off near the bends. The piece that tightens to stop it from opening is also a nice touch but can untighten by itself sometimes but you can take it off if you don't like it which is nice

They're good sized and seem well made. They're aluminum, so I don't know why anyone would ever think you could use these for supporting your body weight. I'm using them as a quick release for my DSLR strap and they work great. The screw threads are smooth enough to operate one handed, but don't unscrew on their own.

For the price, these are built pretty well compared to others. I like the extra security of the threaded lock but keep in mind these don't fully lock like high end climbing biners. The threaded sleeve will go all the way up and then come off the threaded part. The chances of it getting back on thread without you doing it intentionally should be pretty remote - I tried and it stays off track which is good. When I need to unlock it - putting it back on the threads is easy - the machining of the threads is forgiving enough to make it easy. The spring on these is also much heavier than other "cheapo" biners out there. I would buy again, maybe in a different color.

I use these as key chains, my old ones would always just snap or something and the thing would just be loose, decided to buy these cause they were cheap and worked well for what I wanted to use them for.

My wife and I are using them for key chains along with some flat split rings we bought from Amazon as well. No complaints and they are not load bearing. I tested one with a 500lbs come along just to see what we cojld get out of it...once the come along was hand snug. I got two, maybe 3 clicks and the caribener started to bend.
I than used a new one and hung 3 cinder blocks from it. The 4th block subsequently broke it. So, definetly not for human load bearing, but a pack to hang in a tree while camping should be fine.

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