Freegrace Waterproof Dry Bags Set Of 3 - Dry Bag With 2 Zip Lock Seals & Detachable Shoulder Strap, Waist Pouch & Phone Case - Can Be Submerged Into Water For Swimming, Kayak, Rafting & Boating

Freegrace Waterproof Dry Bags Set Of 3 - Dry Bag With 2 Zip Lock Seals & Detachable Shoulder Strap, Waist Pouch & Phone Case - Can Be Submerged Into Water For Swimming, Kayak, Rafting & Boating

Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Activities And Keep All Your Stuff Perfectly Protected From Water Thanks To The Ultimate Waterproof Dry Bags Set!

Following an active lifestyle and doing outdoor activities such as kayaking and rafting can be incomparably exciting!

However, water can literally ruin your cell phone, camera or wallet.

If you have been looking for an effective way to keep all your personal belongings dry no matter what extreme water activity you do, your quest stops here!

The Freegrace outdoor dry bag set for swimming and camping is exactly what you need.

A Pack That Includes Everything You Need To Keep All Your Stuff Safe And Dry

This top notch set includes the best waterproof dry bag for snorkeling, kayaking and any water sports. It is made of 500D Tarpaulin that makes it extremely sturdy, lightweight and tear resistant.

It features double closure strip seals that make it two times safer than ordinary roll top dry bags.

Last but not least, it has an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap that allows you to effortlessly carry it.

This scuba and kayak waterproof dry bag will keep your things dry even if you submerge it into water!

Along with the boating waterproof bag, you will receive a waterproof waist pouch that features an adjustable 33.5-46.85 inch waist line, allowing you to wear it as a waist pack, a cross-body bag, or even a shoulder bag.

Furthermore, you will get a practical waterproof cell phone case that is made of flexible and durable material.

It can fit an iPhone 8 plus, it is touch screen friendly and the transparent window allows you to take pictures and videos while you have it on.

Do Not Waste Time And Place Your Order Now While Supplies Still Last!

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Comments / reviews:
Kept my phone safe and dry during a week of white water kayaking and rafting in the New River gorge. It was completely submerged multiple times without any leaks. Double zip locks and roll top do exactly as advertised.

We used all 3 of these products in Cozumel this past week and I was able to take some photos while snorkeling with my Note4 in the phone case. and carry all of our gear on a day trip to a Cenote in the large 20L bag. I tested everything ahead of time with napkins swimming around in my pool for an hour, just to make sure there were no leaks.

Worth it all 3 items were water proof as long you close them properly the zip lock on the main bag its a little tough to get closed but when you do no water its getting in anyway all 3 items stuffed with paper towels and submerged in my pool for 15 min and the paper towels where dry

These bags are awesome. I took the 20L bag, phone case and waist pouch to the beach and had absolutely no problems. Everything I took stayed dry and clean. All the sand wiped right off and my phone stayed dry while I took pics in the water.

The 20L bag was pretty much the same size as a duffle bag. I was able to fit quite a bit which surprised me because the bag is a cylinder shape. I fit 2 beach towels, 2 pairs of shoes, swim clothes for myself and a child, a large spay can of sun block and a medium sized purse. Everything fit right in and there was still room for more you just have to pack it just right.

As for the wallet sized pouch I kept my backup battery for my phone and cable. It isn't really meant to hold much but if u want to carry some cash, cards, phone and keys you will be just fine.

Like I said earlier my phone stayed dry in the water I was able to take clear pics and enjoy my trip to the beach. The phone case does have a long lanyard that loops around the top of the case once the phone is placed in the case and it is adjustable.

All in all the waterproof bags work wonderfully and did what I need them to do. Just make sure you zip the bags shut then roll them closed at least twice and snap the ends together. After that place the strap across the 20 L bag and enjoy your trip.

This was a great deal. The price was reasonable and the bags are made of a thick material and high quality. We used the cell phone bag yesterday during a kayak outing and took pictures through the bag. It worked great.

This waterproof bag is a lifesaver. It comes in three sizes and they are very versatile. They can attach to your purse too. I'm confident now that my phone won't somehow fall into the wrong hands.

I go snorkeling and I wanted to be about to keep my stuff safe and dry. we had our money, passport, phones and other stuff inside the bag and it kept everything safe and dry. It does have a funky smell. When i went to the store to look at other "waterproof bags" they were $100 or more. i have found this to be a great investment at a great price.

just spent a week in San Diego... used the equipment to protect my things... and am very pleased with the outcome... everything stayed dry! We have family in the military there, who use this type of thing frequently, and upon looking over this said they were impressed.

Very pleased... my things stay dry... I am happy

I purchased this bag set versus others after reading that the roll top bag had the additional security of 2 zip lock closures and VERY happy that I did!! Upon receiving the set, I tested them in my pool and all 3 of the items kept my items dry. I will be snorkeling with these items and am very confident that my items will be safe. I submerged all the items in my pool for about 5 minutes each and tossed/waved them around to mimic what will happen when I snorkel with them. While the big bag was not very easy to submerge, I made it happen. Upon opening the bag, water seeped into the rolls (I rolled it 3 times before buckling it). Water poured out of the rolls when I opened it. The only thing saving my items inside from becoming wet was the zip lock closures. I highly recommend this product over the traditional roll top bags as the price is comparable and even if you are not using in the water, why risk the leakage of a roll top bag without the zip lock closure?! All the products were what I expected and do what they claim. The only potential problem I see is with the phone case. This does not have a zip lock closure for additional protection and care should be taken when opening/inserting your phone. It is thin plastic and if you rip or compromise the seam, it will most likely result in leakage. Also, I am glad I purchased the 10L bag versus the 5L. The 10L is smallish, to test it I put in a full size box of tissues, a dish towel and a phone, there was some room left for some small items but not much. If you wanted to put a beach towel, change of clothing, snacks, camera I would go with a larger bag. The 10L will suit my purpose for my camera, wallet and beach towel. Open products with them laying on their side to prevent outside water collections from going inside. Excited for my trip and now I have no worries about protecting my equipment.

I purchased these bags originally for a music festival that I was attending with a lake for us to play in and they have proven to be useful for many things! They are great to have for anything you want to seal off completely, whether it be for water or sand. I especially like the fanny pack style because I can keep valuable items on me that I don't want to leave unattended on the shore. The bag is also big enough for a bluetooth speaker, a few water bottles or sunglasses. And ID holder is nice for amusement parks when you want to carry your pass around but not have it dunked on the water rides. The bright color also makes it easy to see on the water and is a nice reminder to not leave it anywhere. I would totally buy these again!

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