SeaSense Hollow Braid Anchor Line Polypropylene

SeaSense Hollow Braid Anchor Line Polypropylene

Our SeaSense Solid Braid Nylon 3/16" x 75' Anchor Line is designed primarily for boats under 16' in protected waters. Plated steel snap-hook with large 3/4" mouth, to accommodate any anchor design. This line is 75' in length, with a spring hook spliced end. It's designed for a light load, with solid braid nylon construction, and has a 580lb break strength and a 63lb safe working load. Not for overnight use. Packed in poly bags, for easy display.

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Over a year ago, I joined a boat club knowing absolutely nothing about boats. I figured it would be a good past time since my family moved out to area with a large lake and I didn't want to invest a huge amount into something I knew nothing about. Over my many boating experiences since then, I've learned a lot about boating. I also learned about what I like and didn't like. Of those dislikes, I've learned that I *HATE* mushroom anchors. I suppose it's because they are cheap is the reason the boat club uses them for all their boats. I've read about them too... they do have a purpose but given the lake where I spend my time, they do absolutely nothing to keep the boat from drifting away.

So with that said, I read a bit about anchors from Boating magazine and how to construct your own anchor rode. Following those instructions, I created my own anchor rode which I tote around every time I go boating. There are 3 components to an anchor rode, the rope, the chain, the anchor. The guidelines of the according to Boating magazine is:

"When building an anchoring system, keep in mind that prudent seamanship demands a scope of 7:1 for holding in the worst conditions. This means that for every foot of water you’ll be anchoring in, seven feet of rode is generally required, plus the height of the bow cleat above the water. Anchoring in 60 feet? You’ll need about 455 feet of rode on most craft to hold through the worst. A general rule of thumb is to use one-eighth-inch-diameter rope for every nine feet of boat length. Running a 36-footer? You’ll need a half-inch-diameter rope."

Based on these guidelines, I constructed my rode exactly to their specifications. This particular rope fit exactly what I needed. Since then, my boat has never once drifted. Although this is just one component of the anchor rode, I assume because I made it correctly is the reason this works. The rope has yet to fray at all and is still in great condition. Would recommend.

I used this to cut into 7 ropes of varying lengths, melting the tips with my heat gun. This works well for tethering the kayaks as it stretches slightly and floats. We have used it to thether the kayaks to plants in the water, things on the shore, and each other for towing, all with no problems.

SeaSense Hollow Braid Anchor Line Polypropylene
I use this for launching my boat from the marina and when just off the launch point, to keep a good hold on the boat. Allows me to have plenty of line to anchor and tie off. For the price, it is a good buy at less than $5.80 with free shipping. I keep one in the garage to tie off on my chimney when trimming tree limbs off the roof's shingles, so I don't fall off.

perfect for meeting minimum anchor line regulations

Was a little worried about the size, but after a few times crankniing this diameter on the winch for the anchor it was great

Bought with extreme max, 18 lb anchor. My son fishes in a deep, rough reservoir. He said his boat doesn’t move.

The carabiner is braided into the end and the rope is plastic. I think this will last longer than fiber (except for maybe hemp) but will probably degrade in the sun eventually. I have not used it for heavy things and really don't know how it would hold up.

Helped sell my boat, the buyer was impressed that I had a new anchor rope. HA.

Great build quality and holds my 20 pound anchor with no problem.

I got this and tossed it in the boat thinking I would put it on the anchor hand wench and anchor later
My motor broke on the next trip and a fellow fisherman towed me back to the dock about 3 miles with this rope
its a great rope
(( a 15 foot fiberglass bass boat))

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