Wakeman Fishing Accessories

Wakeman Fishing Accessories
ADJUSTABLE MAGNETIC HANDLE- With an adjustable pole, this net can extend to various lengths with ease. The ergonomic handle adds balance and grip, while the magnetic clip and cord help keep the net close to you to ensures you don’t lose it in the water.
DURABLE AND LONG LASTING- The tangle-free netting and corrosion resistant aluminum handle help to ensure long term performance and reliable use. The belt clip also makes for easy transport of your net between fishing spots!
NATURAL RUBBER NET- В This landing net is made from natural rubber which helps to prevent any harm to fish/fish scales and prevents hooks from snagging in the netting for effortless catch and release. Great for use in both salt water and fresh water!
MULTIUSE NET- The 10” deep durable net is the perfect tool for both beginner and advanced fishermen to use for catch and release. Great to use for wading, stream, shore or fly fishing, kayaking, boating and more!
PRODUCT DETAILS- Dimensions: 13.5" X 18", Total length 28", Fixed Handle 10", adjusts to 14”. Net Depth: 10”. Material: Aluminum handle, rubber mesh net, EVA grip. Belt and carabiner clip included.

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Comments / reviews:
The quality and price are unmatched as far as I'm concerned. I've used this several times already to net fish this year and I'm glad I had it. The size is a little daunting at first, but if you're like me you'll soon realize that anything smaller just wouldn't do. Cuz, Ya know, I catch big fish

I opened up the box and my husband rolled his eyes. I told him how much I hate the old net that catches on things in the boat locker, and on the fishing deck. What could he say. He sighed. Ha!

Very nice rubber fishing net. I like how it doesn't tangle back up on itself like a regular old net! No more catching a treble hook and getting frustrated untangling it. The bottom is flat and MUCH wider than I realized/expected. It will easily net a 12 pound bass or something larger. It should be easier to pull/swim a fish into without it freaking out as much. After catching smallmouth bass last weekend I realize how anxious/aggressive they can get compared to largemouth bass - this should help. Don't even have to take the small ones into the boat - just unhook them in the net and release with EASE. The handle telescopes out to a perfect length for freshwater fishing off a bass boat. I'll come back and review it after we use it a few times to discuss how well it helps us net a fish and how we like the the balance and weight of it. As well as its strength. My only concern right now is the rubber has a lot of 'give.' Hope it doesn't stretch out where it's attached to the frame - I have no guess either way. Four stars now and I'll review and discuss outcomes this summer.

Update. Still like it BUT IT DOESNT FIT IN OUR Nitro Bass Boat regular size lockers on our 21' boat. Argh.

I bought this net to clean leaves and other debris from my back yard coy pond. Wet leaves are very heavy and smelly. This net is lightweight to use, but the handle is smooth and strong, and the rubberized net is strong enough to lift several pounds of leaves in one swipe and holes are the right size to let water through (to make it lighter to lift) but to hold the leaves. Looks durable.

stop wasting money on dollar store nets! this net is PERFECT for the backyard "creature enthusiast". my 8-year old son loves it and catches everything from frogs, fish and crayfish in the pond, to clams at the ocean and lizards in the yard. and *most importantly* it hasn't broken!!

the net is deep, which is nice. the pole is metal. the net part will bend down if you catch lots of heavy things, but it can be bent back up or just left with a slight angle. the pole feels a shade short, but not enough to deduct a star.

I haven't netted a fish with it yet but it looks really nice. It's actually nicer and larger than I was expecting. I have a similar net I've used for years. The piping holding the net finally broke. I wanted a similar type rubbery net that would not fowl treble hooks and was gentle on the fish. This seemed a close replacement. However, it looks nicer and a few inches wider than my old net. Once I net a few fish, I'll update, but for now I am very pleased.

Wow! Rubberized net is amazing. No more flies/hooks becoming ensnared (with the fish) in a net. Large enough to quickly scoop up every fish we caught today. NEVER once did we have any trouble with those flies/hooks as we always did before with the usual nylon netting. Great product!

Love this net. No more tangles. Much higher quality and supports much more weight/great stability, much better than what I was expecting for the price

Great net It held up to a 30 pound catfish with ease.
It stores nicely due the handle collapsing.

High quality net gets the job done. Look no further for an affordable high quality net. Thick rubber. Large net

My only complaints are minor. I wish it could lock in the storage position but doesn't. Also I wish it had a lanyard or hole for one. It seems well built. The mouth of the net is very large and it has good depth as well. Overall I'm very happy with it.

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Our Catch and Release nets have a soft, clear rubber net which will protect delicate fish. It is less likely to tangle and will not snag your flies or tangle dropper rigs. It won't rot or mildew. It weighs less and is great for wading, fly, stream fishing, or shore fishing. Great for backpacking