Shoreline Marine Propel Telescoping Mini Paddle, Yellow, 22"-42"

Shoreline Marine Propel Telescoping Mini Paddle, Yellow, 22-42

Compact and light weight, while being strong enough to handle any situation. The telescoping mini paddle from propel is versatile enough to take with you anywhere and packs small enough that you won't mind having it with you.

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Comments / reviews:
This paddle saved my marriage. I was nearly divorced last year when my wife learned I could not paddle a tube by hand. This was a serious character flaw that I did not even know I had. This year I came prepared and surprised her with this collapsible yellow beauty. IT WORKED! I even saved our asses (literally) a few times on my own! It also floats so recovery is easy when you hit some rapids and drop it. Wife is very happy and no longer threatening divorce.

Perfect for river tubing! These made moving around in a group of tubes easy. Simple to extend and collapse. Paddle handles could secure in the tube handles. Paddles float all by themselves in case they fall into water!

We purchased these for our kids to be able to paddle while we are out paddle boarding. Out kids kept wanting to take our paddles, so we found these so they could have their very own, and they LOVE them! These work really well, they float, and they are a great length for kids to use!

Great little back paddle for my Sunfish. This fits right in the foot well. Of course, you don't want to use it that much, but it is handy when the wind dies off.

It sure is a paddle. It's cute, compact, shipped quickly, and works as a paddle. After using it in the lake I was putting it away and sprayed myself in the face with water leftover in it, so maybe don't do that.

Gets the job done and matches my giant rubber duck I float down the river on

The handles' adjustment capability meant that it worked well sitting in an inner tube and allowed for as much or as little propulsion as we wanted and easy storage while floating down the river. I'm sure it would work well for other situations as well, given the sturdy construction of the paddle. The handle twists a bit too much for my liking, but not enough to affect the use in any meaningful way.

Bought these to use floating down the river. The first time was a bust as our arms got pretty bruised up. I tied these on with a string so we would not loose them. Made the float trip a ton better. Had a lot more fun without the work or bruising.

Feels kind of cheap and light, but it gets the job done. Our kids enjoy using them to "help" when we go for a canoe ride on our lake. Makes for a good emergency paddle. I probably wouldn't use to replace our regular kayak/canoe paddle

Stows on the boat for emergency use. Haven't tried it on the boat yet but it obviously will be challenging to use effectively if the wind is blowing. Works great on free floating sunning rafts on the lake.

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