New Wave Swim Buoy - Swim Safety Float and Drybag for Open Water Swimmers, Triathletes, Kayakers and Snorkelers, Highly Visible Buoy Float for Safe Swim Training (PVC 15 Liter Yellow)

New Wave Swim Buoy - Swim Safety Float and Drybag for Open Water Swimmers, Triathletes, Kayakers and Snorkelers, Highly Visible Buoy Float for Safe Swim Training (PVC 15 Liter Yellow)

New Wave Swim Buoy is a Swimming Safety Float and a Trusted Companion for Open Water Swimmers.
It provides:
Visibility in Open Water.
Safe Place to Float and Rest.
Storage for Personal Items.

New Wave Swim Buoyis Brightly colored, lightweight, inflatable flotation device with a waist belt that visibly floats behind a swimmer in open bodies of water, making the swimmer more visible to lifeguards, boaters and other open water vehicles.
New Wave Swim Buoycan also be used as a flotation device, or to calm distressed swimmers.
New Wave Swim Buoywill not interfere with swimming, and now it is no longer necessary to leave valuables behind on the beach. A dry pouch on one side holds smaller items such as a wallet and keys in the medium size, or larger items, shoes and clothing.
New Wave Swim Buoyis excellent for open water swimmers, triathletes, or anyone else who would benefit from added confidence in the water.

Dimensions for Medium (24" x 10") Capacity: 15L Suggested for swimmers under 190 pounds. Full Reference Name: Yellow PVC 15L Inflatable Swim Tow-Float Drybag.

Instructions for use:
1. Open the main compartment to store any personal items.
2. Fold over the blue strip 3-4 times and attach the buckle.
3. Screw open the mouthpiece cap and inflate the air compartment
4. Put the belt around your waist and adjust so that it fits tightly.
5. Before swimming, ensure there is no leakage by submerging the buoy.

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Comments / reviews:
The group I swim with actually requires a swim buoy for safety because we swim in a lake with boat traffic in the summer. This buoy has been great for me. High visibility and I never even realize it is trailing behind me since there is virtually zero drag. I weigh 175 lbs. and this buoy totally supports me if I need a break while out in open water where I cannot reach the bottom. I now swim with this even if not going with the group because of the peace of mind it gives me. Folds up very compact, super easy to inflate and holds valuables while keeping them dry. If you do OWS, this is a must have. Great product!!

The New Wave Swim Buoy works great. I use it to swim in the lake every time while training.

If you don't have one than get this one. The bag is not 100% waterproof and I don't believe they advertise it as such. What I do is use ziplock bags and put them inside the storage compartment of the New Wave and that makes it waterproof. Love the product and the storage area allows me to take my keys, some nutrition and a water bottle if needed while swimming. I recommend it.

Ok, I swim alot in the local Bay here in Long Beach, most of the time outside the ropes, we have a very active Rowing group that's out early.
on my first swim with New Wave Swim Buoy i had two Rowers wave and say how well the can see me in the water ( remember the are looking backwards most of the time) side benefit i can carry a few bucks in the dry bag to buy coffee after the swim


I bought this one for my open water training for a triathlon; I wanted to have a backup in case of a cramp or anything unexpected that could happen while in the middle of a lake, sea, etc. This buoy gives me the confidence and peace of mind I need to swim away from the shore without fear.

Inflating it is super easy and it does not get in the way while swimming; The strap is adjustable to different waist sizes.
You'll also be seen by other people in the vecinity such as kayakers, SUP's, boats, etc.

It looks like it's built to last for a long time.

I bought this for my husband who likes to swim in a lake with some boat traffic. Scares me! Anyway, he used it and really liked it. I could see him from the shore/balcony. I got the bright yellow one. I think an attentive boat driver should notice. It is not large, but I guess large enough. My husband also liked that he could swim further because he had confidence that he could hold on to the bouy if he needed to rest.

This item is exactly what I had needed, as I swim across lakes that sometimes have motor boating. Though I wear a brightly colored swim cap I'm not always sure that I am easily visible to a boater. This item is pretty low tech, easy to use, and does not pose any drag and floats above my back making me visible. And as a much appreciated plus, the nylon of the belt does not have rough edges as many nylon belts do so it doesn't create snags or fabric pulls on my bathing suit!

It worked without fuss. I am not a great swimmer and fear sudden loss of consciousness (heart attack or petit mal) about as much as any other 76 year old male. I do love open water swimming on summer vacation and this device gave me enough confidence to swim without a lifeguard. It would not work if I really were unconscious, but neither would anything else.I could rest with it, however, or if I inhaled some water and needed to stop swimming and cough. I was more relaxed with it, so I could swim a little farther.

This thing works great! It holds a small amount of stuff and keeps it dry. More importantly, it's something to hold on to should you need a break, or get a cramp, open-water swimming (especially alone). The bright yellow also alerts nearby water craft (SUPs, kayaks, etc) of your presence.

TOTALLY worth the money in both safety and peace of mind...

I purchased the buoy for my husband, who has been doing a lot of open water swimming this year. We both love it! It enables him to swim without fear of being "invisible" to boats, paddle boards, and jet skis. It enables me to find him easily while he's swimming and to ensure he's plugging away OK. It holds some items and keeps them warm. After his swim, he likes to float on his back and use the buoy as a pillow. :) We both highly recommend it.

This is a nice partner for anyone who swims in open water. I don't have to stash my valuable in the car, and I can bring a GPS without putting it in my swim cap. The strap is barely noticeable when swimming. Mine developed a small leak that I couldn't find and fix, so I emailed New Wave. Within minutes they had sent me a replacement. In hindsight I with I had chosen the larger bag just because it would hold more stuff.

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Security: *
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