Intex Dual Purpose Kayak Paddle/Boat Oars, 1 Pair, 96"

Intex Dual Purpose Kayak Paddle/Boat Oars, 1 Pair, 96

The INTEX RECREATION CORP is the perfect accessory to keep with your boating equipment whenever you need them.

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Comments / reviews:
I've had one of these for several years. I've never had any trouble at all from it. You have to get the coupling tight. I have wide kayaks the long paddle is just right. Plus the extra length keeps me from getting wet. Sure this is no racing paddle for the kayaking elite but for general utility paddling you can't beat it for the price. I'm going to order 2 more and get free shipping.

I got my hands on an inflatable kayak this year for free. I was pretty excited at the idea of being able to go out on the lake this spring and summer. First things first though... we needed paddles and life vests. I quickly realized that my "free" boat could still end up running me a couple hundred dollars. We borrowed life vest from family and went to look for paddles. We're complete beginners and knew we may only take this boat out once or twice. We didn't want to spend much at all.

All the paddles for this price point at the stores were total junk. Screw together emergency paddles. Anything worth any use started around $50.

I read the reviews here and though I was skeptical, we needed to get the paddles in order to try out the darn boat. So, I ordered them. I purchased two and some paddle leashes.

When the paddles arrived, I was blown away by the quality. They're kind of heavy, but not ridiculously. They have flat ends instead of curved scoops, but honestly, I don't think it will make much difference to us. The way they build up and tear down is awesome. They seems crazy sturdy for the money.

We've only taken them out once, quite briefly, but they did well and traveled well, broken down, they fit in the back seat of the car. I'd recommend them for anyone who needs the cheapest option for starting out, a spare paddle for back up or possibly for someone who needs a set of oars on the cheap.

I need another set of these. Lightweight aluminum paddles work well combined like a kayak paddle or separated as canoe paddles. I build wooden boats and like to take my kid out on the lakes here. If we're in the same boat either I can paddle or we can share, but I need to order another set for us each to take our own boats out.

We have an Intex Seahawk 2. We love the raft, but both oars that came with raft broke in the first few times using them. The oars come in two pieces and are joined by a plastic ring clamp. This ring clamp is poorly designed and will break. It's pretty frustrating when you are out in the middle of a lake with a breeze and your paddles break. So, we wanted to replace with paddle that would fit but not have the faulty ring clamp. We purchased these longer Intex paddles because they are just 2 inches shorter when you use one piece without the clamp. The diameter of the paddle handle is exactly the same so it fits perfectly in the oar locks of the raft. Only downside is that we lost 2 inches, but that's better than the stress of having your paddles break. You would think Intex would test their paddles before shipping 100s of thousands of them. The raft is great.

Easy to use and put together. Bought as a spare in case the paddle that came with the kayak broke (I read the included ones weren't that great). Anyway, this one works well for what it is. Paddle part could be a bit bigger, but hey, it's meant to be portable, so can't have it all. Feels quite sturdy and worked great for my 2 hour paddle.

I bought two of these paddles for a tandem kayak that I purchased. I figured that they would be cheaply made for the price, but they were surprisingly sturdy! They fit together easily and although I left mine together, I imagine that they would come apart as easily. The surface is as large as my Old Town paddles and bigger than some others I have seen which was good in a rough outing that we had. We got caught out on the lake during a windy period with the wind in our face and high white-top waves. We really had to haul on the paddles and they stood up perfectly and moved us through the water to shore. My only criticisms are shipping- I checked the super saver shipping and they took over two weeks to arrive, so if you need them soon, don't chance it with the cheap shipping, and I would also warn that if you have to take them apart to transport them, there are parts that can get lost- they screw together instead of use the typical snap together design- so this may be a minor inconvenience. Overall, I would say that no one can beat these paddles for the money!

I just got the paddle, and here are some details of it:
1. It weighs 3.5 pounds, (so, this is not subjetive info; I read reviews here, some say heavy, some say superlight.
now, you can determine. I am a male, 5ft10in tall/160 pounds/strong swimmer, and it feels
a little bit heavy for a paddle in my opinion. So, if you are a regular female, it might
be a concern.)
2. The length of mine is 8 feet and 3/4 of an inch.(I guess there is a small variation for each one, but sure it is
a long sweet one. My kayak is an OldTown Dirigo 120, the
greatest width of the hull is 28 inches, so it needs a 96-inch
3. The connector can be adjusted, as a result, you can twist the angle of the two blades, which is a nice feature.
4. It looks strong and durable.
5. The two plastic blades are quite big, and the blade has a sutble curve, which is nice.
6. The price is unbelievable at
Initial impression: Strong,a bit heavy, and big, great for males for sure.

Intex has done a great service to me and my family in making these oars. They are durable and fit perfectly on my Intex Mariner 4 inflatable boat. I took my highly skeptical wife and daughter out on the boat and rowed them around the lake for a good 30 minutes. My wife did not want to get out of the boat because she was so relaxed. The oars handled great and I easily rowed the boat through some windy conditions. I then took my sons out fishing and rowed to a nice quiet spot where they each landed a panfish each. All in all a great day with lots of future for the boat and oar combination.

This were very inexpensive compared to my nearest bass pro shop. They work very well and hold together very well. The only reason i am giving them 4 stars is because they sometimes turn a little in the center hold and the water rings that are supposed to keep water of your hands are pretty much useless. Over all they are very good. You could always buy replacement rings to keep the water out. Plus you can take them apart and use then as independent paddles.

I've seen other reviews on these that state that the connector is fragile and breaks easily but I don't agree. Perhaps those people are tightening them too much. They don't need to be torqued on, just enough to hold them securely. There's also icons on the connector stating which way to turn to lock and unlock which I look at every time I take them apart just to be sure I'm not turning the wrong way. Perhaps I just take better care of my possessions. I don't find them too heavy either but I've never used a high dollar graphite set of oars. They don't look like they'd be comfortable to use separately for canoeing since they do not have a T-bar top. Works great for kayaking.

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