StowAway Hitch Tightener, Anti-Rattle Stabilizer for 2 Inch and 1.25 Inch Hitches

StowAway Hitch Tightener, Anti-Rattle Stabilizer for 2 Inch and 1.25 Inch Hitches

The StowAway hitch tightener is a proven solution to prevent hitch movement — whether it be for a bike rack, cargo rack, spare tire mount, trailer or pretty much anything else you’re towing are carrying in your hitch. Our anti-wobble kit fits 2” and 1.25” hitches and effectively prevents rattling, wobbling, rocking, and movement behind your vehicle caused by a common hitch connection. The stainless steel U-bolt and heavy-duty powder coated tightening plate are specifically designed to endure weather, heavy loads, and general wear-and-tear — with a lifetime warranty. If you’re looking for a product that is easy to install and will prevent hitch noise and wobble, the StowAway hitch tightener is a guaranteed quiet ride. Simply slide the sturdy U-bolt over the hitch bar, install the anti-rattle tightening plate and listen to that sweet sound of silence! It’s as easy as that. The StowAway hitch tightener is a high-quality American made product for the hitch rack and trailering market.

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Comments / reviews:
I give myself a one star rating for not buying this sooner. The plate is a 1/4" thick so you do not have to worry about bending this thing, you will not have to gorilla torque it anyways. I had to set this up on the right side since my hitch does not extend past the rear bumper and because of the way Andersen MFG. makes their Rapid Hitch (short shank with the pin hole halfway down the length so there is no room for this tightener). After I tightened both nuts (flat and lock washers come with this fyi) I yanked and yanked on my hitch and it would not move any direction. I will update this review if I need to after I have my loaded trailer hooked up next week for a 1,300 mile road trip. That will be the real test.

I have a 2012 Toyota Highlander Limited with the factory receiver hitch. I have used it occasionally to tow Uhaul trailers etc. It made so much noise it would drive me crazy. Because of how this particular hitch is constructed, there were not too many options for anti-rattle devices. This device worked perfectly, almost like it was made for this vehicle. Simple, sturdy, and it works great. What's not to like?

I purchase the StowAway Hitch Tightener to work with the CURT Cargo Carrier which I was ordering a the same time.
(My vehicle - 2015 Chevy Tahoe - Factory tow package)
This will be my first time ever using a cargo/trailer hitch so I really wasn't familiar with a lot of the terms and potential issues that were being talked about in reviews and Q&A.
In on of the reviews a person recommended this hitch tightener.
After installing the cargo basket I tried to wiggle and bounce the cargo basket and just like the review indicated there was a lot of play . . a lot more then I would want going across this country on Interstate 80 at 75mph.
I installed this hitch tightener as instructed with no problem. I bounced tested it in my garage and also on the road . . . a dramatic improvement . . Very easy to install and also to take off when through with the cargo basket/or trailer.
Very good heavy duty quality.
PS - As you might have noticed from the picture I also bought and installed a locking hitch pin. With the cargo basket I bought being very light I felt it was very vulnerable to possible theft so that is the reason for the purchase. Keep in mind and you might see this that if a professional wants to steal your carrier or trailer they can . . A locking pin will stop the random theft, deter, delay or even draw attention to a theft in progress . .

I have a 2015 Ford F-150 and the receiver has a lot of play in it. I got this hoping that it takes the play out of it because when I tow my RV it is causing the hitch and receiver to wear. It seems to do the trick. I have just one suggestion, get two extra nuts from your hardware store and use them as jam nuts. The first two times I towed with this the stock nuts had loosened up by the time I got to my destination. The time I towed with the jam nuts the unit stayed nice and tight.

First, let me explain that I hate the banging caused by sloppy receivers so I have tried a very expensive cushion hitch and a cheaper imitation of this product. The cushion hitch worked well for a few years but wore out to use and was pretty expensive. The cheaper versions of this product will work on bike racks and lightweight stuff only. I tow snowmobiles, 19 to 25 ft. boats, firewood and other heavy trailers.

This product is so simple it hurts, but yet IT WORKS. It is a few bucks cheaper on Amazon and the freight is also less than most other places. And IT WORKS. Your stinger will be in solid and the jerking & banging will be gone. It also deters theft because your stinger no longer comes off easily. It installs in a minute with common tools and I will say it one more time - IT WORKS. I have two of them.

This is a VERY heavy duty hitch stabilizer. The black plate is 1/4" steel and the U-bolt is well formed and heavy duty. Put a drop or two of 3-in-1 oil on each thread before bolting it on as per instructions (any light oil will do). I'm using this with an aluminum hitch and it works great! You need to remember that you are holding the ball hitch DOWN against the bottom of the receiver. This is important if you are hauling anything with a significant tongue weight (like a boat or heavy trailer). If you install it opposite, so the ball hitch is being held UP against the top of the receiver and you are carrying a significant load (bikes on a bike rack is not a significant load...I'm talking 400+ pounds of tongue weight or more) then I think you're going to have issues. Also, you don't need to tighten the nuts like a gorilla! Do not put them on with pneumatic tools - you run a big risk of over-tightening. If you are concerned about the nuts coming loose then you could a) add another nut to bind the two nuts together, b) add a nylon stop-nut, c) put a small dab of silicone caulk on the bottom of the threads after you put the nut on (would keep the nut from falling off if it came loose). Really, you should be checking your hitch every time you stop anyway. This thing is super heavy duty and I look forward to using it when pulling my 4,500 pound boat/trailer and my covered 2-place snowmobile trailer. Used it on one short trip so far and it worked perfectly!

I used this Pro Series 63153 Rambler Hitch Cargo Carrier for 2" Receivers. I only used the cargo carrier with this product so I can't speak to if it really improved any rattling or movement, but I didn't hear anything or feel anything when I drove 250 miles roundtrip with this installed. I can see how some of the reviews note that the nut may get stuck. Mine didn't get stuck but it was very resistant when I removed it so I could see how some of the threads may get screwed up (pun intended). I wish there was a better explanation of how to install this b/c I pulled up the cargo carrier when I was tightening the nuts to reduce the resistance of the carrier natural hanging position on this to help get it tighter. I'm not sure if I should do that or not and if that may be causing some of the threading issues some ppl are having? But, its a fairly cheap option that I'll use with my cargo carrier for sure.

I found that the StowAway tightener to be the perfect 'tool' to tighten my Swagman XTC2 platform bicycle rack. There is an inherent flaw in the design of the Swagman bike rack. Within 1000 miles of use behind my towed RV vehicle, the rack becomes sloppy and the platform porpoises from side to side. The StowAway tighten the sloppy connection between the rack platform and its connection to the stem from the receiver. The StowAway is very well made and finished beyond what you require to work well.

Must have if you use a hitch cargo carrier. Without it, my cargo carrier had quite some movement and would definitely rattle like a mofo on regular roads. The vibration and movement would definitely loosen up the cargo carrier overtime, but this little thing kept it completely stable and secured with barely any movement. I tried standing on my cargo carrier and pushing it with all of my might and it would barely move. I used this in conjunction with the cheap Harbor Freight 500lb cargo carrier for a 3.5 hour trip to Joshua Tree, and when I got back home, it was still as tight as before we left for Joshua Tree -- easy installation, does its job, easy removal, can't complain.

Put this on a bike rack to stop it from moving around...the bike rack fits sloppy in the hitch. I installed this on the bike rack and the plate fits under the hitch on the car which is suppose to stop the rack from wobbling. At first it worked great but that was before I went on a trip to the store. The rack was empty and the hitch tightener didn't stay in place. The u-bolt moved away from the hitch on the car which allows the bike rack to still wobble. I made sure everything was tight and used the lock washers, flat washers, and nuts that came with it. I know I made it tight...I usually have a problem of overtightening things. I'm going to try and modify it to see if that will make it work. I think the problem is the plate is too long to sit flat on the underneath side of the hitch on an FJ Cruiser. The hitch has a metal ring around it where the chains from a trailer attach. The plate of the tightener rested on that and the other (curved end) rested on the bike rack. It sat at a slight angle so maybe that caused the u-bolt to move. The plate appeared to stay in place.

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