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Giro Air Attack Shield Helmet

Built for (Free) Speed! Our first Air Attack was a revelation in styling and performance for all types of riding. Inspired by the original, the new Air Attach Shield delivers a dose of free speed. Its compact, lightweight and super-aerodynamic design slices through air to deliver a hyper-efficient ride. Features a magnetically fastened eye shield for wraparound eye protection that's easy to remove during pre-race or warm-up. With an enhanced airflow design and the all-new Roc Loc Air system, this helmet is the new benchmark in performance.

Comments about Giro Air Attack Shield Helmet
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The first week I owned this helmet I had my first crash since college (30 years). Yes, it was not even a week old...$250 helmet ruined! I landed on the rear quadrant VERY hard, while sliding feet first on my back/side. As I was sliding feet first, the pavement was trying to rip the helmet off my head, but the chin strap held and the thing rotated forward and actually jammed the front pad into my forehead leaving a matching bruise. It was a violent crash, I cannot imagine the typical bike helmet would have held together, The outer shell held everything together and absorbed much of the impact. it had an obvious dent/flat spot with deep scrapes, the inner foam was cracked.

One of my riding buddies suggested I contact Giro, said some helmet manufacturers have a crash-replacement program. Sure enough, 30% off!

That was almost a year ago. I now have several thousand miles of training and racing (IM Wisconsin, Nationals, some local races) wearing this bad-boy and I love everything about it. I purchased the white version to be more visible in dim light but mostly to avoid heat from the sun. I highly recommend this color, it is cooler than my more open traditional bike helmets that were black. I cannot quantitatively say it has less aero drag, but it probably does. The biggest advantages of the shield to me are no sweat dripping down your sun glasses lenses, no sun glasses frame obscuring your vision while in aero position on a TT bike, and you can actually see under the shield when looking down at your bike computer making it easier to read.

I had the cap of one magnet fall off. I called Giro to see if I could get a replacement magnet, and they sent me a new visor!

I love the features of the helmet, and Giro is a top notch company to do business with. I will buy their helmets exclusively based on how they treated me the two times I contacted them, plus the high quality.

CRASH REPORT--Crashed and slid head first into a stone wall at about 10 mph and suffered only minor concussion. I was startled but remained conscious and head hurt for about 10 seconds and that was it! Doctor said I was lucky I slid first before hitting the wall. This happened on second day of a six day bike tour in Puglia, Italy and I only sat out of riding for about two hours to make sure I was fine. I was clipped in and person in front moved/slowed so I swerved to avoid them, touched tires, lost balance on bumpy road, rolled onto the pavement, then the slid about 5-8 ft before going head first into the stone wall. Exterior of helmet was dented so I threw it away and I'm buying same one again. It was also scrapped and scratched all along one side so it had contact with the wall in several spots. I also tore my windbreaker and gloves and suffered multiple bruises/scrapes to my legs, hip, shoulder, arm and fingers so it was a pretty bad crash but I feel very lucky I wasn't hurt worse!
OVERALL HELMET: I like not having to wear sunglasses which slide down my nose when I sweat. It does allow some air in which I find cooling but not drying to my contact lenses. My friend who has the same helmet said she gets too much wind under visor for her dry eye condition. Shield stayed on while descending a mountain full speed--with no fluttering. I have blue eyes which are sensitive to light and it's plenty dark enough for me. My husband has the same helmet and he has been happy with it. We live in Texas where it is hot and mainly ride in spring and fall so it's cool enough for that but summer heat may be too much for the limited vents on this helmet.

I love this helmet!!!!! It's so awesome! I can wear my normal glass inside!!

As a prescription glass wearer,I wondered if glasses could be worn under the shield. Happy to report that you can

This helmet looks cool, feels good, and keeps you safe. You won't look like a mushroom when you wear it. The visor clicks on and off easily, and when it is on, it stays on. Plus you'll look like Robocop.

Wow! I've owned 6 or 8 helmets over my life time, maybe more. None were as good as this one. I'm tired of the million-hole road helmets popular the past 15 years or so. I switched to the skater type a couple of years ago (e.g., Nutcase, Giro Flak, etc.). Unfortunately, most skater type helmets are cheap and have crappy open cell foam inserts. The fabric facing on the foam delaminates within a few months and the pads fall apart.

I started a search for a new helmed and came across the Air Attack. I like the looks of the Air Attack compared to the multi-hole road helmets. I also thought the partial face shield was intriguing. I have a Vespa scooter and use a helmet with a similar face shield and it worked well.

Well, the Air Attack turned out to be a great choice. It quickly has become my all time favorite helmet. It's light weight, quiet at speed, and quality built with a liner that does not look like it will fall apart or suffer from sweat. Ventilation is plenty good.

The face shield works fantastic. My vision through the shield is better than my $250 RaceFace Oakleys. My eyes are well protected from wind and road debris. I had a couple of rides in the rain and found that the face shield pretty much protects your whole face. Plus, the face shield lens does not fog up. My Oakley lenses would fog on cool damp rides when I had to stop at a stop sign for traffic. Although the Air Attack is pricey, especially if you buy extra face shields (it comes only with the dark lens), it is fairly priced compared to the combined cost of a good helmet and eyewear.

Although the Air Attack is marketed as more of an aero race helmet, I think commuters and recreational riders should consider it. You can see better, especially in the rain or fog-inducing conditions. Because it is quiet, you can hear better at speed - meaning you can better hear a car approach from behind.

I've had no issues with the attachment of the face shield to the helmet. The magnets hold it firmly. My only quibbles is that for the price, you should get a clear lens for riding at night, in addition to the dark lens for riding in sunshine. That. plus they don't give you a case or soft bag to store a spare lens. Really!? For the price of the extra face shield lens you can't give me a place to store the face shield I'm not using!?

This is the most comfortable helmet I've ever worn. This unit has replaced my separate sunglasses, bike cap with visor, and aerodynamic helmet. I was a little hesitant to take it on a cross-country tour because I thought it might be too warm, but it isn't. I have prescription glasses that I can keep wearing under the visor with no issues. My cycling prescription sunglasses also fit under the visor. The air flow inside the helmet is enough to keep me cool and keep the visor clear of fog on cold days. The visor is fairly secure when the magnets are in position. After a little practice, you can get the visor to snap in while you are riding. When the visor is flipped up out of the way, it stays. I miss my bike cap, but its not really necessary with the visor anyway. The only time I have removed the visor was during a slushy ride when the bike in front of me threw so much mud in my face that I could no longer see out or wipe it clean.

I basically bought the helmet for the shield. Riding in Florida sunglasses are essential and no ride goes without sweating. When you are drenched and now your helmet is saturated with sweat and drilling all down your lenses what do you do? In a race stopping really isn't ideal. My shirt is soaked so no dry spot to wipe the lenses off. I have to dig in my seat pouch to find a dry lens rag. P.I.T.A. This helmet offers a shield that sits just off your face and only in a nasty crosswind has the sweat dripping off me made it onto the corner of my lens. Really that was the main reason for purchasing this helmet. I no longer have a sweat covered blurry sunglasses to deal with. The helmet itself is comfortable. I was wearing a giro aeon. Air flow is less but no complaints so far. I feel more aero does that count lol? Had a cooler day you can feel the air flow thru the vents and over your head. Even with my hair poking out the vents. I got some spare shields for different lighting conditions. The magnets are strong. Great idea wish I would have bought it sooner.

This is a very comfortable helmet. I think it is funny that roadies think this helmet looks funny. Road bikers are some of the most geeked out looking people out there. Ever notice that the hipsters often wear skateboard type helmets? There is a reason for that: road bike helmets are really stupid looking. Aero helmets are even more stupid looking! Reality check roadies: this helmet is not nearly as nerdy as most road bike helmets: especially aero ones! But on to the brass tacks: this does seem a bit small for a medium, but it fits me well and I wear a 7.5" hat size. The shield is cool. As some people have pointed out, I could see how this helmet, with the shield might not sit right on some peoples heads, but it works for me. I needed to adjust the straps so that the shield sits in the right place. It really does feel aero, though I don't know how to quantify that, though studies have. It is really well made and very comfortable to wear. Bonus is that it is less than half the retail price right now, which is what made me be able to rationalize getting it, I don't regret it.

I wore this during the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in South Africa. This thing gave me a great aero ride and feel in very windy and even rainy conditions. I had zero issues with the magnetic shield. This bad boy is comfortable as can be, and I love the helmet adjustment mechanism in the back. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an aero helmet. I also have a Giro aero helmet (with the long tail), and this guy is definitely my favorite. The red and black looked great with my bike and kit. Color choices are obviously personal.

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