Comments about Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband (Black, Large (6.2 - 7.6 in))

Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband (Black, Large (6.2 - 7.6 in))

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Make every beat count with Fitbit Charge 2-the all-new heart rate and fitness wristband built for all-day, workouts and beyond. PurePulse continuous heart rate makes it easy to maximize workouts, better track calorie burn and get a snapshot of your cardio fitness level, while all-day activity and auto sleep tracking, lets you see how your whole routine adds up. Record your workouts with multi-sport modes to see real-time workout stats on screen, or rely on SmartTrack to automatically record select exercises for you. The large OLED display helps you stay connected with call, text and calendar alerts, stay active with Reminders to Move, and find moments of calm with personalized guided breathing sessions. Plus, you can find a look that fits your style with customizable clock faces and interchangeable bands. With more advanced features in a sleeker package, it's the motivation you need to push yourself further-every step, every beat, every day

From the Manufacturer

• Certain features like Auto Sleep Tracking and SmartTrack may be disabled when using this accessory. Classic accessory bands are the recommended accessory for high intensity workouts and sleep tracking. • Do not wear the Flex 2 Pendant accessory while sleeping or during high intensity activity, as doing so could create a choking hazard. • Flex 2 Pendant accessories contain magnets. Magnets may interfere with pacemakers, defibrillators, or other medical devices. Consult your physician and the manufacturer of your medical device before using to determine if these accessories are safe for you. If the accessories may be interfering with your pacemaker, defibrillator, or other medical device, do not wear the accessories.

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Full disclosure, I ordered the Fitbit Charge HR only after I gave up on Jawbone fulfilling my preorder for the Up3 and once I realized the Fitbit Surge was like having a VCR strapped to your wrist. Further complicating my decision was the reviews that were all over the place on Amazon. Either people loved it or they thought it was the biggest piece of crap ever. I am writing this review to try and offer a realistic perspective for those looking to buy the Fitbit Charge HR.
First, disregard the reviews from all the "personal trainers" and "hardcore" gym goers out there. It's amazing how everyone becomes a trainer or gym rat when reviewing a piece of workout equipment. Wrist based heart rate monitoring is still in its infancy and if, and I stress if, you are so hardcore that a possible 5-10 beat variation is so critical then you need to stay with chest based HR monitoring for awhile. The Charge HR isn't for that. Not to mention, I haven't seen that it is off like others have said. I was skeptical and I have a Garmin Running GPS watch with a chest HR strap and I see the two being pretty consistent.
Second, I cannot stress enough the quality of the Fitbit app and web based dashboard. They are motivational and intuitive and they give you goals to shoot for. I have yet to see any sync issues or any of the other nonsense I have seen in other reviews.
Finally, $150 is a lot of money but it less than other comparable products out there. To me this is the perfect entry level device. If you like the concept and are disciplined, then you can upgrade to another device. if you are trying to get a snapshot of what you are doing on a daily basis and how you can make some life and fitness improvements, this device is a perfect way in. If you are a "personal trainer" or just "crushing it" beyond what the Charge can handle, you should probably do another set of burpees, stick with chest strap HR monitors and save your "insightful" reviews for Flex magazine.
Bottom line; the Charge HR is well worth the money. No product is perfect but this one does perform as promised. Amazon has the best customer relations of any company out there so if you don't like it you can send it back anyway. I hope this review helps. I know when I was looking, these reviews can be ridiculous, contradict and misleading. Give it a shot! You won't be sorry!

First, I have to say, I absolutely love my Fitbit Charge HR. I bought it in June of 2015, and it has been a game changer. My Fitbit has completely changed my exercise life, making me so much more aware of how active I am during the day. If you are looking to motivate yourself to exercise/walk/run more, than I absolutely recommend this product to you!

I was hesitant to buy this model, given the varied reviews on it, and in fact, I tried to cancel my order after reading all of the bad reviews about the heart rate monitor portion of it, but it was too late. So, I just decided to get it anyway, and I am SO GLAD I did! Here are my thoughts.

Heart rate Monitor: For what it is (a $25 HR monitor) this HR monitor is great. Sure, if you compare it to your several hundred dollar fancy pants chest strap HR monitor, it may not quite match up. Am I the only one who has read those reviews and thought, "Well, DUH."?? That's like trying to compare it to a hospital-grade electrocardiograph. You should hope there's a slight variation, otherwise, hospitals would be measuring your heart rate with a Fitbit.
IMO, the HR monitor on this model of Fitbit is more than adequate. I have nothing to compare it to (I keep my ECG in storage), but it goes up a logical amount when I run and exercise, increasing as my exercise intensity increases, and goes down when I am resting and sleeping. If you are new to the exercise world, and like me, unsure of why you should measure your HR, the basic reason is to know whether you are in the fat burn, cardio, or peak HR range. Knowing my HR at any time allows me to know when to increase or decrease the intensity of my workout so that I can stay in the desired range. If you are more curious about just knowing your HR for basic purposes during a workout or at any given time (esp. when you sneeze or people scare you), then you will be completely satisfied with it.

Steps: I have tested the accuracy of the step-counter many times, especially after reading all of the reviews saying it was inaccurate. I have found no problems. Unlike many others have said, waving my arms around (I'm Italian, so this happens any time I speak), does NOT give me steps. Nor does driving in a car. It's DOES however count steps during certain activities such as: brushing teeth, rolling out dough (oddly enough), pounding my fist on the table - anything that jars my arm and mimics a step. Most of these problems can be avoided by either wearing the FB on your non-dominant wrist or taking it off for the duration of the activity.

Motivation: My FB has completely motivated me like I never have been before. I love the social aspect of the app, not offered by any other device besides FB. The challenges speak to my competitive nature and encourage me to push myself. Before getting my FB, I averaged 5,000 steps a day (I used my phone to count). Now, I average 15,000. I get up and walk or run in the morning, and I also take a 30 minute walk over my lunch break at work. It's extremely satisfying to reach my daily step goal or win a challenge, and even 6 months later, these little victories are enough to keep me more motivated than ever.

Fit: I got the "small" band because my wrists are narrow, and it fits perfectly. It's not bulky, and I think the plum color is nice enough to make my FB an acceptable accessory with most outfits. The only event I haven't worn it to was my wedding, and I actually debated that one...

There are a few cons I have discovered. The biggest problem for me is -
Mileage: The FB measures miles basically using your estimated stride length (based on your height and gender) in an algorithm with your steps to determine how many miles you've walked. For me, the mileage is completely inaccurate. Maybe my stride length is drastically different from what it should be? You can fix this by manually entering in your stride length, but I haven't had time to measure what that is yet. To give you an example though, I run/walk a legitimate 5k route most mornings (it measures around 3.2 miles). I know this 5k route is actually 5k because I have 1.) measured the distance by driving the course and 2.) actually run in an official 5k that follows this route. When I run/walk the route now, my FB measures it at just under 2 miles, which obviously is not correct.

Display brightness: The FB monitors your sleep patterns, which is super awesome and great information to have. However, I have given up trying to wear it to bed, because it was actually waking me up throughout the night. The display is so bright that when I would roll over in my sleep, the bright light from it would wake both me AND my husband up. It's also sort of uncomfortable to sleep in, so I just gave up and take it off now when I go to bed.

Chapter 2
I kid. I know this was a novel of a review, but I wanted to clear the air a bit with some of those crazy bad reviews. Maybe they just got a lemon? Anyway, if you aren't an Olympic athlete or an ER doctor, I highly recommend this FB model for all of it's awesome features and the great motivation to be active that it provides.

I love my fitbit. I had previously owned a polar heart rate monitor with a chest strap. I never just wore it around the house and It didn't tell me how many steps I had gone or really anything but time, calories burned and heart rate. I paid just as much for that as I did this. I wish this was out a few years ago when I made the purchase.
The heart rate monitor is pretty accurate. And more comfortable. I run 3-4 miles 4 days a week and the first time I used the fitbit I also used my chest monitor to see how similar they would read. The fitbit seems to take a bit longer to register but ultimately they seem about the same. So really no point in wearing the chest strap now. I use to hate wearing watches too. The fitbit I wear all the time. It's not too bulky it doesn't pinch and it motivates me to do more! I love doing the challenges with friends too!!

I waited 3 months after wearing this item to write my review so I could give it a REALLY good, realistic test run before giving you reliable information.

I have personally owned 6 different fitness trackers from a wide variety of companies. This is my second from Fitbit. I chose it primarily due to the heart rate tracking and I liked Fitbit's easy interface. I'd had far less problems from their company with promises a product could not possibly meet or cleverly hidden information behind piles of misinformation. (Someone please explain how a tracker that's advertised as "waterproof" has any value whatsoever to a swimmer when it shuts down once it gets in the water???)

This is the first tracker I have gleefully worn for longer than a month. Typically after about 30 days, they end up in the back of the drawer because they are utterly useless. Too sensitive, not sensitive enough, cause rashes, cause problems, etc. I am pleased to say since the day I opened my "gift to me from my kids" Christmas morning, I have not taken it off for more than a few hours. I am ecstatic about this product and have highly encouraged others to purchase the Charge HR.

I LOVE that it tracks heart rate all day long. It's been a true life saver for me, not only helping me get a VERY accurate picture of my daily calorie burn, but also helping me spot and eventually identify a food additive that was causing my pulse (and subsequently my blood pressure!) to go sky high for no reason whatsoever!

I have lost over 20 lbs. since I added it to my daily schedule and here's a few tips that I've learned in the past 4 months:

- To have "continuous" wear, I switch wrists at night when I'm sleeping. ;) That gives my left wrist a break and helps prevent a rash I was developing from the product. (I have CRAZY sensitive skin, so this may not be an issue for you at all)
- To charge, get an extra charging cord and keep it in your car. It's an excellent time to charge your tracker since you're sitting and sedentary anyway. :) No missed out time on activities by charging this way!
- Adjust it DAILY! No excuses, this will also help prevent the aforementioned rash as well as give you a chance to let some air underneath.
- Clean it!!!! When I take it off for a shower, I quickly run an old toothbrush over the interior of the tracker to clean it off. By the time I get out of the shower, it's dry and ready to wear. :) Simple solutions always work best.
- If you're having synching problems, don't be afraid to keep fiddling until you get there. :) You will!

As of writing this I've owned it two weeks.

I'm pretty addicted to this thing. It has been years since I wore a watch. My job has me walking several miles a day and I decided that I wanted a fitness tracker that was also a watch.

I picked the Charge HR for the constant heartrate monitoring.

- It is useful.
- Alerts - The silent buzz to notify me of a call is great. I keep my phone volume off and getting a notice is nice at work.
- I love the heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, silent alarm, and clock features.
- It looks good. I have the blue and its a nice flat blue that doesn't stand out in a negative way.

- Pedometer is very inexact. Arm waving will count. Tucking your shirt into your pants will count. You need to use this in conjunction with another tracker to get a good average for every day resuming.
- The screen gets scuffed fairly easily. The area where the screen is is bulky and will catch on things. However, the display is bright and the scuffs don't bother it.
- The screen size makes things like text message alerts somewhat hard to read for information.
-The charging cable is super short. You will need an extender or a port sitting on your desk to charge with the included cable.

Battery - The battery life is about 2-3 days with constant monitoring and notifications on. If I turn those off it lasts a bit longer. I put it on charge when I shower.

Water - Its been out in the rain a few times and is still functioning fine. I don't get it wet or submerge it day to day.

Shape - I'm not thin and fit with wiry wrists. It settles just fine into my arm and agrees with other monitors of heart rate. A thinner wrist will have problems.

No rashes.

The normal watch like buckle wrist band works quite well. The metal/plastic clasp has no scuffs or wear so far.

I'm sold on having this type of device in my life. really do enjoy the screen. There are four settings for the time and some of those have the date as well. Useful for my work.

Bought one for me. Loved it, then I bought the watch (returned it). Then I bought one for my hubby.

Heart beat, calories, sleep... Activity...
The App is super slick on both my iPhone and Hubby's Android.

I can't lose weight... And this is helping me be in better tune with my body and smoking caloric rate throughout the day.

My hubby never sits down... But never works out.

So look at our caloric usage in a day---

This has made my hubby very aware of his sleep patterns. Wow.

Size note: I bought the small and used it on the last wrist hole. But every time I pop in the shower I place it on a shampoo bottle super tight to stretch it a bit. Works perfect!!! Comfy after two weeks. Might shoulda bought large.

Also, TRICK: Using a hair elastic, it is easy to wear the device on your amkle while you sleep. It is more comfortable for me. Slip the loop tie through the hole on the wrist band, and use tension to pull the finger/prong on the wrist band (see photo).

I love this thing! I've had it for about a week now and here are my observations:

SIZING: I was right in between sizes and it says that if you are in between sizes that you should order up. For me this was not true at all. The large was way too big and even when I had the band tightened enough where it didn't move the hard part along the top stuck out on both sides of my wrist. I returned the large and ordered this small. It fits perfectly! It isn't small or tight at all. I suspect that if you have a very small wrist that the small might be too big.

HEART RATE: This works so well that I was shocked. I wear a chest strap heart rate monitor during indoor cycling classes and after reading reviews fully expected that the Fitbit would not be able to keep up with the intervals. However, it tracks it all pretty accurately. I keep checking it against my Polar chest strap monitor and it's always within 0-2 beats. I have not had any problems with it not being able to pick up sudden bursts of high intensity exercise either. When I am done I can sit down and look at my entire workout, see how quickly I'm recovering, building, how long my HR stays elevated after a workout etc. It is super cool if you're into that kind of thing. The resting heart rate function also works well.

SLEEP FUNCTION: Works although the "sensitive" setting is ridiculous because it makes it seem like you're not sleeping at all. The information is fun to track although I haven't figured out how to use this knowledge to get better sleep (maybe just go to bed earlier?).

CALORIES: I don't have anything to compare this against, but since it's height/weight/age adjusted and then takes into account your heart rate all day, I suspect it is as good as anyone is going to come to guessing.

STEPS: It's a normal pedometer. No complaints or compliments.

Ok let me start that i have bought above 3000$ in exercising gear, say treadmill, stationary bike, rowing machine, air climber, rebounder, trikke, rollerblades, etc... Everytime i buy a new toy, im really motivated for a while, but then motivation fades. They werent exactly useless machines.

There was just something missing. Something that will somehow what im doing. So I started with a cell phone pedometer app. Later i found myself doing stationary exercises and bought the Garmin Vivofit bracelet so arm swings could count as steps. Things well getting better, then I bought the Scosche Heartrate arm strap. I found myself using different apps for different trackers.

Enter Fitbit Charge HR. This thing has everything you need in one nice watch and a free app. It only features one button and have to toggle to see time, steps, calories etc, you can customize what to show via the app.

Inside Fitbit App dashboard:
*Steps (you can change your daily goal, same applies to other stats)
*Heart Rate (can be toggled on/off via app) (it calculates resting HR automatically)
*Calories burned
*Workouts (by starting stopwatch in the Charge or by starting a GPS exercise via Fitbit app)
*Sleep time (Im surprised it is automatic and even logs how many times i have awaken and counts restless minutes)
*Active minutes (jogging or high intensity exercises) (it doesnt sync right away, hope Fitibit app updates correct that)
*Calories eaten (manually logged obviously)
*Calories left
*Water intake
*Body weigh

The Fitbit App will save everyday data and make charts so you can see the progress for 1day,1w,1m,3m,1y. Very convenient as Im notivated to reach the daily goals. Say i.e. Active minutes, the chart at 1d will show at what time exactly i did all the active minutes. At 1w it will show the minutes i have in each day of the week and how i did vs the daily goal. Other stuff you get with the app is challenges badges and the ability to add friends and compete.

These are the tests i have done:

I used the Charge HR on one wrist and the Scosche Rythm+ on the other
*On the rebounder trampoline i did about 25minutes
ChargeHR: avg 131, max 155
Scosche: avg 134, max 180 (saw the chart, it was just for few seconds)

*On the rowing machine for 20 minutes
ChargeHR: avg 128, max 159
Scosche: avg 135, max 166

Seems like the Scosche is faster at catching the peaks and lows, while ChargeHR will "refresh"slower. Scosche armstrap is also more secured than Charge while doing violent arm movements. IMHO If you dont care that much for 99%precision, ChargeHR will do more than enough.

Tests on Battery
*With HR on all the time, just off for 30min while showering. It lasted 116hrs = 4days 20hrs
*With HR off, just on for 30min while exercising intensely. It lasted 10days 4hrs

In conclusion, this thing is the closest thing to a perfect exercise companion. You dont need the Fitbit Surge if you have a cell phone with you for GPS. Will keep updating.

This is everything I could have ever asked for in a fitness device. It has really encouraged me to walk more now that I am seeing results.
Trying to lose weight before has always felt like a shot in the dark. With the Fitbit, I now know exactly what is and is not working for me. I was surprised how little sleep I was getting and just how much that affected my weight loss! I would have never known that without the Fitbit.
I love the heart rate feature of the Charge HR. It gives me the accurate data I need to know if what I am doing is actually getting my heart rate up.
The only difference I believe between the Charge HR and the Surge is the gps capabilities on the Surge. As someone just trying to lose weight and get healthy I don't think the gps is necessary. Especially when it costs an additional $100.
I also highly recommend linking the Fitbit app with the My Fitness Pal app. It is easier to find the foods you consume on My Fitness Pal. The Fitbit app will take those stats and really give you the complete picture of the calories you consume and the calories you burn!
Knowledge is power, especially when trying to be healthy. This is definitely worth the investment.

As an engineer with a minor in biology and a bit of a techno geek, I was anxious to put the Fitbit Charge HR to the test. The last couple of days I spent 4 hours on a treadmill testing the device. My testing was done using a Pro-Form treadmill, the Fitbit App on an iPad and a Microlife Blood Pressure electronic measuring device. Using a computer, I also created a personal account on when I set up my device. The device starts by using a default stride length, but each person’s stride (step distance) is different and a person’s walking stride is shorter than his or hers running stride. However, on, while logged into your account, you can enter your actual normal walking stride and your running stride. This will significantly improve the distance measured by the device.

Steps - I started by confirming that it counted steps accurately while walking at 4.3 miles per hour and jogging at 6.7 miles per hours. I actually counted my steps and compared them to the Fitbit Charge HR. The charge was very accurate at counting steps with the device on my non-dominant arm, about 1" above the wrist bone. Speed walking (4.3 mph), I counted 449 steps for 0.25 miles and the Charge HR measured 448 steps. This equated to a walking stride of 2.95 ft. or 2 ft. 11.4 in. Jogging (6.7 mph), I counted 356 steps for 0.25 miles and the Charge HR measured 359 steps. This equated to a jogging stride of 3.68 ft. or 3 ft. 8.1 in.

Distance – Next, I did a combination of running and walking a total of 4.0 miles on a treadmill and the device measured 3.5 miles, which was 12.5% low. This is not bad for using a default stride. However, after using the walking and jogging stride distances that I calculated above and entering them into the Settings/Personal Info page in my account, the device measured 3.06 miles, compared to 3.0 miles displayed on my treadmill; 98% accuracy. The link to get to the page to enter stride distance is

Heart Rate – Sleeping with the device on allows it to capture your resting heart rate, which it uses to calculate your exercise zones: Fat Burn, Cardio or Peak. By measuring your heart rate while you are exercising, it allows the device to more accurately calculate your calories burned. It measured my resting heart beat at 63 beats per minute (bpm). I compared this to my electronic blood pressure device and it measured exactly the same. Ten minutes after running, it measured my heart rate at about 104 bpm. Again, this is exactly what my blood pressure device measured. While running at my peak, it measures 154 bpm. I don’t have another way of measuring my running heart rate, but 154 seems reasonable to me.

Stairs – My office is in a 19 story building. I am on the 17th floor, but the second floor is about two flights high, so the 17th floor is approximately 17 flights above the first floor. I climb three flights from the parking garage, so my total flights of stairs to my office is 20 flights. The Charge HR measured 21 flights. Considering variations in floor heights in buildings, I am amazed that it measured within 1 flight of what I climbed.

It is nice to be able to push the button on the side of the Fitbit Charge HR to see my exercise stats, but, I discovered that by connecting the Fitbit Charge HR via blue-tooth to my iPhone or iPad, I could view my heart rate, distance and steps during my workout using the Fitbit app. I also find the time feature to be helpful at night. I highly recommend this device. I am buying a second one for my wife.

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