Comments about Garmin 010-01225-00 Vivofit Fitness Band - Black

Garmin 010-01225-00 Vivofit Fitness Band - Black

Fitness Band That Moves at the Pace of Your Life

  • Learns your activity level and assigns a personalized daily goal
  • Displays steps, calories, distance; monitors sleep
  • Pairs with heart rate monitor¹ for fitness activities
  • 1+ year battery life; water-resistant²
  • Save, plan and share progress at Garmin Connect™

You already know the active steps you take now can improve your overall wellness today, tomorrow and well into your future. And while it seems simple to get out of that chair more often and move, making it stick is another matter. That’s where vívofit can turn good intentions into lifelong habits. It’s the only fitness band that greets you with a personalized daily goal, tracks your progress and reminds you when it’s time to move.

Personalized Daily Goals

vívofit learns your current activity level, then assigns an attainable daily goal. As you meet your milestones, vívofit will adjust your goal for the next day, gradually nudging you toward a healthier lifestyle. At Garmin Connect™, our free online fitness community, you can earn virtual badges and view your progress.

Tells Time and "Time to Move"

Research shows prolonged periods of inactivity such as sitting at a desk decreases your body’s production of fat-burning enzymes. You can reverse that effect by taking frequent, short walk breaks throughout your day. And while you might lose track of time and forget to move, vívofit knows. A red move bar appears on the display after 1 hour of inactivity and builds when you’ve been sitting too long. Just walk for a couple of minutes to reset the move bar.

Keep Moving

When you’re ready to take the next steps toward better health, vívofit has additional features to keep you motivated. Use a heart rate monitor¹ with vívofit to record your heart rate and zone data and get more accurate calorie burn information for any fitness activity, such as a run or a cardio class at the gym. At Garmin Connect, you can join online challenges with other vívofit users or start your own competition with friends to compete for virtual badges and bragging rights.

Always On

vívofit follows your progress 24/7, and it can stay on for more than a year without a battery change. Set the sleep mode when you go to bed and vívofit will monitor your rest. At Garmin Connect, you can see your total sleep hours as well as periods of movement and restful sleep. The vívofit band is water-resistant², so you can shower or get caught in the rain, worry-free.

Get Connected

With the touch of one button, you can wirelessly sync vívofit with Garmin Connect to see a complete picture of your progress, join online challenges and earn virtual badges for extra motivation. You can access our free online community from your computer or on your compatible mobile device³ with the Garmin Connect™ Mobile app.

¹Included with some models, sold separately on others.

²Water-resistant (50 meters).

³Includes Bluetooth® Smart Ready phones; contact your provider to verify if your phone is compatible. The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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I've been using an activity monitor for a couple of years now, and have owned the following in addition to the Vivofit: Fitbit One, Fitbit Flex, Fitbit Force, and Polar Loop. Since the Fitbit devices are very popular and widely used, I'll orient this review around a comparison to those (and the Polar Loop for good measure).

First, my main activity is road biking: I average about 2,000 miles a year, mostly from March to November. In winter I try to regularly ride a trainer or a recumbent gym bike. I wear a heart monitor when riding or training because I like to see how I'm doing as a late middle-aged male. As you'll see, one of the advantages of the Vivofit is its ability to pair with a HR strap, something the Fitbit products lack. So here we go:

The Vivofit is a bit reminiscent of the Fitbit Force as far as the form factor. They have similar bracelet styling, though the body part of the Vivofit is slightly thicker. The clasp design is similar to the Force, but locks more positively. The actual Vivofit unit is removable from the bracelet unlike the Force (more like the Flex), so you can replace the band (it comes with both large and small bands) and change to different colored ones.

The biggest differences from the Force are these: 1) the Vivofit uses two small watch batteries that are purportedly good for at least a year versus the rechargeable battery used by the Force, and; 2) the Vivofit display doesn't light up like the Force (which has both positive and negative attributes; read on).

I liked my Force - even though I think Fitbit's customer service is abysmal, perhaps rivaled only by Comcast among companies I've dealt with - but the Vivofit is ultimately what I wish the Force had been. Here's why.

I didn't particularly mind having to recharge my Force periodically (about once a week), but the battery always seemed to go dead at the most inopportune times, i.e., when I didn't have my charger available (and remember it only charges with USB via a computer). So there were times where my activity tracking would be interrupted until I could get to a charging source, and then of course you can't use the device while it's charging. Not so with the Vivofit. I like the idea of using watch batteries: they add just a smidgen of bulk, but you don't have to worry about recharging. The batteries are the common 1632s, so they're easy to find if even if you don't keep spares on hand, and with a year of life, continuous operation is a given.

As to the display, I actually prefer the Vivofit's overall even though it isn't lighted. With the Force you have to press the button when you want to read it, although you can then read it even in pitch darkness. The Vivofit displays continuously; you cycle through the different readings by pressing a button, just like on the Force. It's readable in all but near darkness (reminds of a Kindle), so the lack of lighting is a non-factor for me. It's also VERY sharp, with gold characters on a black background. I'll sacrifice a lighted display for the year-long battery life and continuous display of the Vivofit.

The other nice thing about the Vivofit vs. the Force is that it pairs with a HR monitor strap. So if you like to keep track of your heart rate when doing vigorous exercise - like I do - then the Vivofit is the hands-down winner. In fact, I think it slightly beats the Force even without that feature, based on the better battery configuration, continuous display, interchangeable bracelet and more secure clasp.

A word about the clasp. It's basically the same design as used on the Force and the Flex, but for some reason is more secure. The Fitbit bands have a tendency to uncouple, especially the Force, but the Vivofit is rock solid. I think the reason is that the Vivofit's material is slightly less neoprene-like than the Force's: it's a tad less springy, so when the clasp pins penetrate the holes they're held firmly.

I'll finish the Fitibit comparison by mentioning the Flex and the One. The Force tried to integrate the best features of both of these: in effect it's a One incorporated into a Flex-like bracelet design (albeit a larger one). With the One you have a display that lights when the button is pushed (like the Force) and gives you a readout of various measures by cycling through with repeated button pushes. With the Flex the display only shows a series of dots that track your progress on a measure of your choosing (steps, calories burned, etc.). You can check your stats at any time by pairing the Flex with your smartphone (you can also pair the One and the Force to a smartphone) or by syncing it to your computer with a USB wireless dongle (also supplied for the One and the Force). I found the One too easy to lose, since it's not a bracelet, and found the battery life of the Flex to be a bit on the short side, probably because of its small size (which is why I upgraded to the Force).

One of the best features of using a Fitibit is the excellent website. I haven't found a competitor's website that even comes close. Polar's site is in beta and tracks almost nothing. Garmin's site is good, but is mainly for tracking just activity from their various GPS devices for biking, running, etc., albeit in exhaustive detail. Fitbit's site is a full-featured health tracking and monitoring tool. It displays all activity measured by your tracker, allows you to log your food intake (huge food database), regularly record your heart rate, blood pressure, weight, and even custom measures of your own design. It's too comprehensive to describe here, but suffice to say it's reason enough to favor a Fitbit device over others. This is where the Vivofit has a leg up on other non-Fitbit devices: it will automatically sync to the Fitbit site using Garmin Connect software via an arrangement between Fitbit and Garmin.

So now with my Vivofit, I get a device that to me that has all the advantages of the Fitbit Force with none of the disadvantages, allows for HR monitoring, AND syncs to the Fitbit website. It's the best of both worlds.

On to the Polar Loop. It's a well made device that's roughly the same size as the Force and Vivofit, but has the most secure clasp of the bunch. It's a deployment buckle like you'd find on an upscale watch (think Breitling or Omega). Like the Vivofit, it allows for HR monitoring via a Polar HR strap (and its worth noting that Polar HR monitor straps auto sync to a lot of gym exercise equipment that is "Polar ready"). It has a brilliantly lit red display, activated by pushing a button that you then push repeatedly to cycle through different measures. However, unlike the button on the Vivofit or Force, the one on the Polar is very imprecise: you frequently have to push it two or three times before it does anything. That's because it's recessed so as to be almost flush with the strap and is very small, such that when you push most of your fingertip is pushing on the surrounding area. And as noted, the Polar website (beta) is pretty much useless at this point. If the Polar had a better button, and if the website were the equal of Fitbit's or could sync to it, then it would be slightly ahead of the Force (because of the HR feature) but still behind the Vivofit (because of the need to charge it periodically, and because when syncing to a computer it has to be connected to a dual-use charging/syncing cable rather than using a wireless dongle like the Force and Vivofit, though it will sync wirelessly to a smartphone using Polar's app).

In summary:

Form factor: basically a tie among the Vivofit, Force and Loop (Flex has a smaller form factor, which some may prefer; the One is basically a fob made to be clipped to a belt or carried in a pocket).

Display: the Vivofit for its continuous (and very sharp) display and positive button feedback for cycling through data, although you may disagree if you plan to check your unit regularly in the dark.

Accuracy: the Vivofit and all of the Fitbit units seemed to be very accurate (they yielded nearly identical measures when compared); the Loop seemed to overstate my steps, and - like the Vivofit - it doesn't measure flights of stairs climbed (all Fitbits do).

Clasp: the Polar is most secure, very closely followed by the Vivofit. The Force and Flex tend to uncouple, and the One is a fob rather than a bracelet.

HR monitoring: It's between the Vivofit and the Loop since Fitibit doesn't offer it. If you already use a Garmin HR strap with a Garmin bike or running computer, then you might prefer the Vivofit for that reason. If you want to auto connect your HR strap at the gym, then that might argue for a Polar strap, and the Loop (both the Loop and the gym bike or elliptical, etc. will simultaneously record HR activity).

Smartphone software: all three offer good smartphone apps, but they specialize in different areas. The Fitbit app mimics its website, so most of what you'd upload, enter, sync or track at the website can also be done on its smartphone app. The Garmin app is set up to focus on bike rides, runs, etc. in conjunction with a GPS unit to record routes, route segments, etc. The Loop app is focused on heart rate activity.

Website: Fitbit by a mile, though as noted you can sync all your Vivofit data to the Fitbit site automatically. Thus you can essentially treat the Vivofit as if it was a Fitbit device. Garmin's website has the same focus as it's smartphone app; it's not a full-fledged fitness site. Polar's site is useless, though it's only in beta...perhaps it will eventually be more competitive.

I vote for the Vivofit. Note that the Force has been recalled and is no longer being sold.

I hate this F*ing thing.

It started out innocently enough. Track your steps, I thought. It'll be good, I thought. So I sprang for the Garmin. Low(ish) cost, counts steps and keeps track of stuff. Yeah. That'll work. What happens after you turn 50, see, is the weight can creep on. Slowly. Slowly. Silently. Until suddenly you weigh more than you did at the highest during pregnancy. Yikes! And since my girls are teens, I can no longer blame the youngest one for baby weight, which is what I did for years.

So I get the thing and put it on. It innocently looks at you and says, "Yeah, you can do 5000 steps a day. That's not much, fatty." So I do. At the beginning, it was just for tracking steps. You can connect to this other app to track food intake if you want, but no, that's not for me. I just wanted to see how many steps I was doing every day in my rather sedentary life.

Well. That first day I did nothing but watch. Um. 3584 steps. Really? So, I realized, yes, this is bad. After that I made it a point to AT LEAST make the minimum steps. After a couple of weeks, I noticed that the required count was sneaking up. Suddenly I had to step 5200 steps, and on an on, until finally it hit 7200. OMG. So, meanwhile I'm trucking along every day, meeting my steps. Who wants to sync up and see all those lovely orange step lines (goal met for the day) with horrifying blue mixed in (goal not met). It happened a couple of times, don't judge. Have I left it until 10:00 p.m. to find that I still need 4000 steps? Yes I have. Again, don't judge. I did the steps.

So then to add insult to injury, the other thing this guy does is it blinks a red line at you if you sit on your butt too long. I'M WORKING. It doesn't care. So now I find myself leaping up and marching around so as to not piss it off with my inactivity.

So then it starts playing mind games. "Geez, you're doing all the steps. Would it kill you to give up some of the sugar and carbs?" So then you decide okay, I can give up sugar one or two days a week. Hey, I really like ice cream, kill me. So after it looks at you and rolls it's eyes, you figure, okay. Sugar just one day a week. I can do this. The Garmin is like, "Yeah, piggy, you can. It's not going to get you the thanks from a grateful nation, but it's a start." So that happens. Next it's carbs. I mean, you're doing the work, right?

Next thing I know, I'm not wasting any precious step-taking minutes. Waiting for water to boil on your scrap of dinner? WALK! Take the dog out a couple of extra times, it adds up. This thing is breathing down your neck, tracking every move you make. I have worn a track through my kitchen, living room, and family room waiting for stuff. By the way, books on tape are awesome.

I find myself a month later. I have more energy (who knew?). My dog is thinner. I'M thinner. We're saving a fortune on rocky road ice cream. My girls and husband are happy because I have less time to hassle them.

It's all this Garmin's fault.

My review is specific for the claim it is waterproof. YES, it is...I accidently left my on while at the waterpark. My daughter said while we were in the wave pool, hey mom you still have your watch on. The watch never missed a beat the whole day at the waterpark.

I've had a couple of vivofits through the past couple of years. I ended up losing my original due to a clasp failure on a band that was not authentic garmin brand. Got another because I missed it so much and much preferred it to the fitbits I had tried.

Battery life-doesn't require charging for a year or more
Display- always on and displays the number of steps, time of calories, as well as heart rate if you connect a monitor.
Durability- I'm an Obstacle Course racer, haven't managed to break one yet
Waterproof: I live on a lake, and this was important to me

Garmin connect software can be annoying sometimes and go down now and then (this has got far better as time these trackers have been out has gone on)
It's not the most "fashionable" tracker out there, but that's something I've never particularly cared about, but some may.

I would recommend the Garmin Vivofit to anyone looking nice for a simple fitness tracker they never have to worry about taking off and charging, so it really tracks every moment of your life. It's a good value and great alternative to a Fitbit.

This is actually my second garmin vivofit. I bought the first one and it lasted for two years before the battery died! It is not broken at all. I weighed the price of battery and new band against the price of a new garmin and believe I am coming out ahead with a new one and keeping the old as a back up.

- Lasts a long time and I wore it everyday. (two year battery life on my old one)
- Display listing so that you can use as a watch as well. Others you have to log on to see what you have done. Even provides the date!
- easy syncing with the garmin app
- the band has had its moments of coming undone but garmin has heard the feedback and now provides a clasp to keep it securely on your wrist.
- Accurate tracking! I have tested this garmin a lot of ways by trying to shake my arm around and even trying to simulate a walk without actually walking. Yeah, I looked like a nut. It recorded nothing! This thing is pretty accurate! I have also counted my steps and tested it against what it recorded and it is spot on!
- Affordable
- I have worn my garmin in the pool while swimming and while in the shower just to test the waterproof ability and it keeps ticking.
- Sleep tracking
- Syncing directly with iPhone
- Comfortable to wear
- The app feeds data directly to my fitness pal to track level of activity

- Honestly I can't think of a single con to buying this product.

Honestly I shopped around for a replacement thinking something else might fit my needs better. I circled back around to this one for the durability and reliability. Love this product and would rate it higher if the option existed.

I dig the wrist band... completely. I've been on a fitness kick for a few years, and the number of items I've gone through surprised even me. I started off with the Nike/iPod line, but didn't like the inaccuracy.. and the tom tom GPS watch only did running and I cycle a lot. I tried a fitbit, and my wife/sister/social group REALLY liked it; but, I lost mine within the week. That thing is SUPER small and doesn't clip into ANYTHING securely. (My sisters are on their 2nd/3rd iteration of the device.)
I bought the vivofit because I started swimming recently. The waterproof aspect was really appealing, and I admit it's held up exceptionally well. I open water swim, both with a wetsuit and recently with a shorty (in the bay). The band held up just fine! I woke up one morning and dashed out the door for a run. (I also wear a Garmin 610 for detailed running/riding metrics.) When I got to the 3 mile marker, the vivofit registered 3.07 miles. When I made it back home, the distance meter was spot-on. Impressive!
I do think it's rather interesting how it captures data when I'm walking around holding something. If I'm carrying groceries, a book or a laptop in the same hand as my vivofit, it doesn't move as much. However, with the subtle up/down motion of your body, it seems to capture steps correctly.
My one gripe seems to be cooking. When I'm spending time in the kitchen, it seems to go into the red with my limited movements. Even though I'm cutting/chopping/walking around the kitchen preparing a meal, it doesn't seem to see that as "activity." That seems to be offset by my showers, though. I'll register 200 steps just shampooing my hair and scrubbing down. I find it interesting, but at the end of the day, it really does even out.
The sleep feature is spectacular, and I can tell when I've had a few glasses of wine at dinner. I also REALLY dig the indicator that you've been sedentary. Seeing the hourly breakdown of activity made me really consider things like a standing desk, or why my back was sore after a weeklong project.
OH! and as a bonus, the standard male wristband is a PERFECT fit for my RoadID.

I am really happy with Garmin vivofit fitness band . It was not too difficult setting it all up. It is not too thick , actually it is just the right size . I use the smaller band. I ordered the color black. I am thinking about ordering the multi- colored matching bands. But I prefer the black color.

It is a highly motivational tool . Whenever I get into watching good movies binge I forget how long I have been sitting still so absorbed in the movie but my Garmin was keeping tabs on my fun day doing nothing but binging on movies. It puts a red line across the top to alert myself to get up and move. The red line goes down and off once you have walked or have done a small amount of activity. I love it. It shows my sleep movements. I synced it with my note 3 phone. Just log in on your computer or mobile device and it shows all your stats. On the Garmin website you do give out information they need such as gender, birthday, the time you usually go to sleep and the time you usually wake up. Also your weight and height and gender.
The time or any of the functions stay on all the time if you push that particular function. I prefer the time stay on mostly but just pushing the button will let me see how far I have walked today.
I am thrilled over this Garmin. I like that the batteries last a year. No charging.
I forget I even have it on it is so comfortable. Stays put and does not move around. In some older reviews they say the garmin did not stay secure. Well they have fixed that issue. Once you place strap in corresponding hole you have a movable silicone lock tab that you slip over and it keeps it secured.

I see no cons . I would rate this 10 stars if I could. Highly recommend.

I have had this activity monitor for more that a week and I am very happy with it. I did a lot of research before purchasing this device. What swayed me to the Vivofit is the long battery life (no charging needed), and always-on large display. I also like the "red bar" motivating feature. Many of the negative reviews have to do with the clasp that was opening during use. Garmin has addressed this issue by including a sleeve that slips over the clasp and holds it closed, so that should no longer be a concern. For those complaining about it not registering activity while riding bikes or mowing the lawn (where the wrist is not moving), put the Vivofit in your pants pocket, and your steps are registered.

Since owning the Vivofit, I have worn it non-stop for about 10 days. Since it does not have to be charged, and is waterproof, it can stay on my wrist continuously. It has motivated me to be more active by setting goals, group challenges and that little red bar telling me to get off my butt and start walking. It may not be completely accurate in measuring distance, or calories or even steps, but it definitely is an effective way to measure periods of activity, set goals and get you moving more.

I bought this on a daily special at Amazon. It works exactly as described and I'm very happy with the unit, especially at the $60 purchase price! A big concern I did have at the time of purchase were the low ratings by those who complained about the wrist band clasp not holding closed which resulted in the loss of the watch. The ad at time of my purchase did say it was the latest model from Garmin. (March 2015) I'm not sure what that all implies BUT mine arrived with a safety ring that slides over the clasp to prevent the band from unclamping. It matches the band and appears that Garmin has responded to the earlier complaints. The photos on Amazon do not show this safety ring but mine had it and it will prevent the unclamping.

I am also impressed with the accuracy. I try to fool the band by sitting still but move the watch in an attempt to fool it into registering steps I have not taken and it is smart enough to know the real thing. On my last walk, I actually counted several hundred of my actual steps and it registered exactly the number of steps taken. I only walk and do not jog or run so I do not know if this would be accurate for you joggers. As a walker it meets my needs perfectly.

I have attached a photo of the safety ring that is not seen on ad photos that apparently were not included on the earlier models. I would agree with earlier complaints for those without the safety ring, that the band could unclamp and result in loss of the watch.

My watch will sync perfectly every time and easily with my iMac, iPhone, and iPad. I simply hold the button on the watch until SYNC appears and I'm close to the Apple device. Everything is wireless. My iMac uses the included USB dongle and my phone and tablet use Bluetooth. I have not tried it but I suspect the iMac could also use the built in Bluetooth also.

The included instructions are sufficient but tiny print on small pages. I downloaded the manual free on the Internet in PDF format and there were several YouTube videos to explain more of the watch operations. The software is downloaded at Garmin and works for all my Apple devices. The software on your device allows you to install firmware upgrades too. Mine arrived with the latest version 4.0 at time of purchase. All the software functions appear to work perfectly. I have not seen any software bugs or hiccups on my Apple devices.

The watch came with two wrist bands. As a 6'3" adult I used the larger band and work well with room to both enlarge or decrease the diameter as needed. The smaller band looks as to fit most youth, smaller folks, or most female users. I see many aftermarket bands advertised in many colors and the unit will easily snap out of the band to change, no hardware is required.

My model was without the heart monitor but can be added later if you like. I have only had mine a few days but very satisfied so far. I would not hesitate to repurchase if desired. I already plan to purchase one for my 17 year old son for his birthday.

For $50 this fitness band/watch does a lot. I bought this for my husband for Christmas. (He bought me the Microsoft band 2 which is amazing but for 5 times the price it better do more than this one.)

I wasn't looking for all the bells and whistles fitness band, I got it because it has a 1 year battery life. I wanted a watch for my husband which he didn't have to charge everyday. The first day of wearing our fitness bands/watches I was afraid I had made a mistake in not getting one with all the bells a whistles. But after wearing them for a few days and playing with their features we have become more and more impressed with this watch. In a few ways it is better than my band. Again the battery life is a great thing. It is a pain to have to charge your watch just about everyday. There is also a red line on the watch that indicates how active you are being. The more you move around the more the line disappears. It is a nice subtle reminder to move.

Both of our watches have a sleep mode to help you know how well you are sleeping. After playing around with this feature a few times and using the app we have decided that this $50 watch does just as well as my $250 one. This Garmin watch also counts steps for you, better than mine does too. It keeps track of your calorie burn for you too. My husband also has a running watch that is also Garmin. The info from both watches and be reviewed on the app together.

This fitness band is also more water proof than my band, which isn't water proof at all. The design is slim and not at all bulky. There are so many features that make this band well worth the $50 I paid for it. We haven't played with all of the features or explored everything on the app but we are very happy with what we have seen so far. It is a definite plus for our workouts and healthy goals.

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