Comments about Hotodeal Replacement Bands for Fitbit Flex, Fashion Silicone Wristband Accessory, Colorful Band Design with Adjustable Metal Clasp, Prevent Tracker Falling Off, Cute Patterns, Comfortable, Pack of 3

Hotodeal Replacement Bands for Fitbit Flex, Fashion Silicone Wristband Accessory, Colorful Band Design with Adjustable Metal Clasp, Prevent Tracker Falling Off, Cute Patterns, Comfortable, Pack of 3

When fashion meets fitness, it's a wonderful thing.

The stylish hollowed design/watchband-style design replacement bands are sold byHotodeal.
The Fitbit accessory band is specifically designed for Fitbit Flex ONLY.
Tracker is not included

в?… Premium silicone: Made of TPE+TPU composite material, features a combination of skin-friendly, waterproof, durable and scratch-resistant shining points.

в?… The Hotodeal fitbit flex wristbands are compatible with and perfectly fit your precious Fitbit Flex.

в?… Very easy and convenient to put on or take off, say goodbye to "Pin-and-Tuck Clasp", release your thumb and forefinger.

в?… More delighted colors and cute patterns are available. You will find the right Fitbit Flex for every occasion.

в?… Great replacements for the original one as a Spare, or as a Gift. Stylish in Shape & Durable in Use.

в?… Share the bands with your family and your friends. Enjoy the sport time together.

� PATRIOTIC LOOK -- 2016 Olympic Games is coming soon, with “Flags” pattern bands, create a strong statement for yourself.

“Flags” pattern bands: Not just Fitbit Flex Band, ALSO a Decoration. Cheer for the National Team!

A MUST HAVE FOR YOUR FITBIT FLEX - with new Buckle Design, You don't have to worry aboout losing your Fitbit Flex any more!

Package Included:
3 x Replacement Bands for Fitbit Flex

Warranty Service:
Friendly customer service, 12-month warranty was provided for insurance.
If anything is wrong - please feel free to contact us - we will make it right.

The color of the picture may be slightly different from actual product due to lighting and color setting.

Statement:Hotodeal (USPTO Register Number: 86765122) is a registered trademark in US. Any unauthorized use of this trademark is forbidden and would be sued.

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These Fitbit replacement bands are great! Especially for the price. They are a little bit wider than the original band but not enough that it bothers me. Another customer posted a picture so I knew what I was getting into before they arrived. These bands also have a diamond pattern on them as well - they are not the smooth finish the Fitbit brand bands are. I was a little concerned about that in making my purchase but the pattern is not a noticeable on as I thought it would be. The material of the band is not exactly the same either but it is very close.

The colors are just as I expected from the pictures and I love them! The little window is the same color as the band - I purchased the purple, blue, and orange grouping. I do like the watchband-type wristband better than the original, I was playing with it the original band too much, popping the clasp on and off, on and off. The little slider part on the band of these was surprising to me - it has a little notch on it to sit inside one of the holes in the band to keep it in place - what a great surprise!

One of the other reviews mentioned that this wristband is backwards and clasps left-handed but I never would have noticed if I didn't read it in a review. Probably because I have not worn a traditional watchband in several years. So this was not a bother to me at all.

Now for size - if you need the small sized band, please do not purchase this! I wear the large original Fitbit band with 2 holes left to make it smaller (so not quite the smallest it could be, but almost). That is how these new bands fit too.

My Fitbit Flex fit inside the purple band just fine but I did notice an every so slight bulging at the sides but really nothing to complain about. No one would notice but the wearer of the band - just don't point it out to anyone. For the price of these, they can't be beat.

I purchased these "new style" bands because I hated the bulky look of all the wearable techs out there. I wear the band so that the Fitbit lays flat against the underside of my wrist, so at first glance, it looks like I just have a few hairties around my wrist. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that not only do they look good, but they are also very comfortable and much more breathable. Oftentimes I forget I even have my Fitbit Flex on, and I wear it all day and night (I only take it off to charge or when I'm in the shower). Also, I have very sensitive skin, but I have not had any reaction to the material of the bands. I never had a reaction to the original band either, but my wrist does not get sweaty under the band as it did with the original band.

The clasp does not feel very secure. In the past 10 days that I've worn this, I did have the band fall off once in my sleep. For someone more active, I might suggest a more secure band.

Finally I found a long wristband that it easier to put on than the original equipment and is actually long enough to have unused holes in it for larger wrists. From the look of it I imagine if the length is too much long you can just cut off part of the strap side, but it does come with a strap holder. It also adjust faster than the original to the shape of my wrist which makes it easier to put on. Bet of all, unlike the original equipment and my first replacement wristband from another company it is far easier to put on with a buckle instead of the original system, although if you liked that funny setup the design of the hole for the buckle looks similar to the holes for the original band. I am though much happier with this product than with the old system for keeping the wristband on. Finally and best of all the original and first replacement bad both broke cleanly where the viewing window was because that window went all around the width of both sides of the strap. This design is much smarter in that it has an embedded clear window for the FitBit Flex row of lights that is only on the top of the band, so it is likely to last far longer than the original and first replacement did. There was a choice of sets with other colors as well, but these were good enough for me.

I was able to get my 10 year old twin boys FitBit Flex on an awesome clearance! Unfortunately they only had one blue and one pink left! I knew I could find replacement band in boy colors so I snatched them up. My Amazon search led me to these. We usually buy things in red or blue for them so we instantly know whose is whose so this combination was great - and I have an extra black band in case something happens to one of the others. I love that these bands have a traditional buckle. It is much easier for my young kids to use and I feel like it's more secure on their wrist so they won't lose it. The silicone part that houses the tracker is sturdy but not stiff enough to make insertion or extraction difficult at all. They boys are able to do it themselves. I had to tell them to quit taking it out and leave it alone! LOL! They wore them yesterday for the first time. We spent the day at the Children's museum and they were so excited to have their very own FitBits. They were mindful to take them off for the water play areas and the standard buckle made it easy for them to do that. I'm hoping their natural competitive spirit will inspire both of them to be more active. They were very proud to tell their dad (and our neighbor who happened to be in her yard) of their progress when we got home.

This brand is a very good brand. This was my second purchase of this brand. The plastic is soft & durable just like the band that comes with the flex when you buy it. These particular bands have a clasp system that takes some getting used too but I am very happy with the purchase. Order arrived as promised

I hated my Fitbit Flex because every time I wore it the poorly-thought-out clasp on the band would come apart, and I came close to losing the Flex many often that I was afraid to wear it. Finally someone has invented a replacement band with a watchband-type of clasp that works and stays on. I recommend this wholeheartedly...get one before that cheap original band causes you to lose a $70 piece of electronic equipment.

OMG! I don't know why the bands that come with the fitbit aren't made like this. I will never have to worry about it falling off ever again and it's very comfortable. It's a little bulky, but so is the one that comes with the fitbit.

Oh, and I've seen a few reviews complaining that it's too big. I have really small wrists and this fits me perfectly.

I have owned my fitbit for almost 2 years and have had several bands break or I lose the little metal clasp that comes with them. When I found these I was so excited. These bands have the adjustable watchband style buckle, which I love. They fit way better on your wrist and are easy to get on and off. I don’t have to struggle to get the band on anymore. No more worrying about losing my fitbit anymore. The band material is very comfortable and lightweight.
You receive 3 bands in the pack and can pick a variety of colors. I chose the black, blue and gray pack. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who owns a fitbit flex. Best money I have spent.

When my original Fitbit bracelet started to break up in the corner I came to amazon to see if I could replace it. I was glad to find these three for a great price. I thought it was such a great price that I also got the Purple, Hot Pink, White combo as well. I love them it's so nice that I don't have to worry anymore that the snap on my bracelet will unsnap and come off. I never lost it but there were times I thought I would. A few times I even caught it just as It would have fallen off my wrist. This is no longer a worry since these bands have a watch type strap with buckles and holes that you can adjust the size. These bands are comfortable to wear and the tracker fits in perfectly. At some point, I may order some other colors but for now its nice to have five other colors that I didn't have. (My original was hot pink) If you have a Fitbit Flex I highly recommend getting at least one three pack combo of these bands.

Three nice bands costing less than did postage for returning my Flex last time when the band broke. These bands have a traditional watch buckle that is better than the goofy snap-on kind that come with the Flex. The rubber is a little bit rigid at first but it does soften up. They are one size but excess tail of watch band can be trimmed w/ standard scissors for women or small wristed men. I did not test for toxic chemicals leaching from rubber so I will hold back one star until manufacturer posts data on polymer composition.

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When fashion meets fitness, it's a wonderful thing. Fitbit Charge 2 Silica Gel Replacement Bands Perfect Materials-- Durable TPE+TPU composite material. Skin-friendly, Waterproof and Comfortable wearing experience. Large Size-- Fit for wrists 6.2''-8.26'' Only Closure-- 316 stainless steel buckle
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Features & Details: The stylish leather replacement bands are sold by Hotodeal. The Fitbit accessory band is specifically designed for Fitbit Charge 2 ONLY. Tracker is not included. * With different outfits, ONE BAND could have more than one Magic Style: Sporty Elegant, Fashion Casual, Business