Comments about Fitbit Charge 2 Charger, BeneStellar 2-Pack 3.3ft/1m or 1.8ft/55cm Replacement Charging Cable for Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2 Charger, BeneStellar 2-Pack 3.3ft/1m or 1.8ft/55cm Replacement Charging Cable for Fitbit Charge 2

Item Specification:
Color: Black
Material: TPE + ABS Plastic base
Output: 5V 400-1000mA
Charge time: 150 to 180 minutes

Compatible with:
Fitbit Charge 2 Wireless Activity ONLY

Package Includes:
BeneStellar 2-Pack replacement charging cable for Fitbit Charge 2

18 Months Warranty:
Hassle free replacement or money back during the warranty

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Hello everyone, Just wanted to say that these work great. They charged just as fast as the original that come with the Fitbit. Same Length shape and markings. Bought so I could keep 1 in the truck and 1 in the gym bag so I never have a excuse to not have my Fitbit Charged. I usually try to find a flaw but I really couldn't find one. If you found the Review Helpful Please let Me and Amazon know buy clicking the appropriate button Below. Thank you and Stay Active!

Works great at considerably less cost than buying a charger from FitBit. I like that one of the cords is longer as well.

It you are like me, you somehow manage to misplace your chargers. I bought extras, so that I have one in my office at work, and a couple around the house. That way when I forget to charge and need to find a power source, I avoid the frustrating search for a charger. The price was great, the product arrived on time. I have nothing to say other than I am totally satisfied with the product.

I lost my charger the first week, so had to buy a replacement. The 2-pack is great! I have one in my car and one in my house. They work exactly like the one that came with it. I keep one in my bathroom, and charge my Fitbit while I'm in the shower, so it stays charged up.

Check out the UMTELE Milanese Loop Stainless Steel strap if you want a better wristband. I have the stainless and the gold, and love them both!

For anyone who has trouble figuring out how to charge your Charge 2, you clip this from the underside of your charger, kind of inside the band, and make sure the hole aligns with the charger's button. If you have it clipped on right, you'll see the battery display for a few seconds.

This works great. Looks and works exactly like the one that cane with my FitBit Charge 2. And bonus: I didn't realize it was a two pack! I though the price was great for one, but for a two pack, it's amazing! I recommended this item either as a replacement or for extra chargers.

These work perfectly and provide the convenience of having a charger at my computer at work, one at my bedside, and the original at my home computer. With all 3 I can charge my Fitibit in places where I'm likely to be sedentary for a while, when counting steps wouldn't be happening anyway. I get a little OCD about not getting credit for every step, every flight, every workout, and every hour of quality sleep.

I hope I'm not alone when I say I never remember to charge my FitBit. How could I? I mean it tracks my activity (which I'm doing during the day) and my sleep (which is when I would normally charge). Having a few extra of these, one for travel, one for the office along with the one it came with for home, ensures I am never without a quick charge and my trusty FitBit.

Fitbit Charge 2 Charger, BeneStellar 2-Pack 1m or 55cm Replacement Charging Cable for Fitbit Charge 2 (2-Pack 55cm)

I left my Fitbit Charge 2 Charger behind while traveling and needed a safe replacement quickly. This looked exactly like what I needed, offered 2 in the package, and the price was reasonable. I had my order in 2 days, plugged it into my laptop, it began charging. I've used it several times with no issues at all and I'm happy to have a spare too. No problems with charger or this seller.

Excellent addition to my Fitbit. Now I have the original cord for home charging and two more for car and office. Seems to be the same quality as original charging cord with slightly more length. Great Amazon purchase.

Does the job. I'm a bit concerned at the thinness of the wire as I will use this for travel which means it will be wound up and unwound regularly. I hope it stands up to the use.

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