Comments about Fitbit Replacement Bands for Fitbit Flex. Large & Small. Offered by Teak Products

Fitbit Replacement Bands for Fitbit Flex. Large & Small. Offered by Teak Products

Customize your fitbit flex to your outfit, mood, or style! Couple your great look with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, return the product and we will give you a full-refund; no questions asked. Customers of our products agree that this replacement band is more durable than the original! The replacement Fitbit Flex wrist bands are a fun and comfortable way to keep your Fitbit Flex matched to your personal style. Teak is a US, family owned and operated company. We are known for our customer service and our product guarantees. We want you to have the best buying experience so we produce the best quality activity and sleep accessories sold on Amazon. Teak is the manufacture of this band and can only guarantee bands sold by Teak Products. If it is not sold by Teak and shipped by Amazon it is not warranted and is a lower quality counterfeit. For guaranteed quality and service make sure you select sold by Teak or Teak Products. If you every have any problem with your Teak band please reach out to us and we will take care of it. Please note that the metal securing clasp will be tight and may require that you put it in and take it out several times before it will easily secure. This is not a product defect. The fit of the clasp will be tight at first to ensure that the band does not unclasp during activity. Please use the silicone security clasp for additional protection.

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I bought this as a replacement for my husband's Fitbit band which broke and decided to try the one made by Teak due to the Replacement Guarantee since it appears that all brands including the OEM replacement band have an issue over time. He found it to be very similar to the original band with no noticeable differences. Be sure to purchase the one offered from Teak Products. We received an email shortly after purchasing from one of the owners inquiring about our purchase and checking to see if we were satisfied. Through this email, I was able to register it in the event we ever need to replace it. I was pleased with the responsiveness of the company and the ease of which it was registered. Hopefully, if we ever need a replacement, it will be just as simple. Well worth the price with this guarantee even if it lasts just a few months.

I received my band on time and registered it quickly. They responded to let me know they received my email. It's a perfect fit and seems more durable then the one from the actual company. It also makes me feel confident in the product when they have said they will replace it if it breaks. I recommend it!

I received the black and teal two pack and I am the type to not remove my Fitbit only when I shower. I've been wearing it for the past two weeks. These bands are MUCH sturdier than the original FitBit bands and require a few days of "breaking in."
The first day, it did take a bit of trying to place the Fitbit into the band, but after wearing it at few days, I was able to slide the Fitbit in and out easily. As far as putting it on and taking it off, same issue. The band is sturdy so you might have to try a few times to put it on, but works the same way as the original bands.

I'm 4ft10in 100lbs and have INCREDIBLY tiny wrists. I chose the size SMALL thinking the band sizing would be comparable to Fitbit's - it is not. DO NOT GET A SMALL unless you have child sized wrists. I'm on the very last two holes and like to switch between my wrist and ankle, but can't put it on my ankle because the length is way too small.

I would have given this product 5 stars if I knew the band was going to be shorter. Overall, I'd buy more bands from this company. The bands seem to be a better quality than the original Fitbit.

The day this arrived, my fitbit flex band fully broke. Timing could not have been better! I love the color. It's a nice change from the black band that came with my flex. The steel gray goes with pretty much anything. The material feels much more sturdy. The band is a bit bigger than the original black one, but it's not an annoyance. I ordered the large size as I wore the large fitbit band. It fits great. No issues. The main reason I wanted this was because of the replacement policy offered by Teak. It's nice to know if I have any issues, I don't have the shell out more money for a new band.

Very quick delivery, and bands were exactly as pictured. Getting the FitBit in and out of the band to re-charge is a little more difficult than the original band, as the Teak band feels sturdy and the opening is a little less flexible. Still, it's not that hard to remove or replace, and it does feel more secure. I've had no problem with the band on my wrist - it seems to me to fit more comfortably and more securely than the original band. Only thing keeping from a 5th star is the difficulty removing the bit from the band, as I don't yet know how durable the Teak band will be. As of now,it seems a great deal, and I'm quite pleased with the product, as well as the service from Teak.

I love my new replacement bands. I had a lot of challenges with my original fitbit band, from day 1 the band wouldn't stay clasped. I found replacement bands from Teak on Amazon and ordered 2 bands. THE NEW BANDS ARE AWESOME. It stays clasped, and it fits better than the original fitbit band. The teak band stays in place, doesn't slide around, and it's easier to clasp. I'm super pleased with my new bands from Teak, I highly recommend this product and the best part, they are very inexpensive.

Updated review:
When you order a small, you should be aware that Teak's "small" is smaller than a Fitbit original "small." About 3/8" shorter. For me, "too small" equals "doesn't fit and can't make it fit."
Here's the good news: I got the standard how-did-you-like-it email from Adam, the owner. I replied, saying it was too small and he arranged for an immediate replacement. No fuss. Genuine customer service. Excellent.
So if you wear your Fitbit "small" at the last or second-to-last setting, don't order a Teak "small." It won't fit. Order a large and cut it down. Works perfectly. Count me as a fan of Teak's exceptional customer service.

Color of the band is as in the picture; it's a sturdy band with a nice metal clasp. Only thing that's different from my old one (an original Fitbit band) is that it's a bit stiffer, so it is a little harder to get the Fitbit in and out of it. So far, it's comfortable to wear though, and the insertion hole is actually where the original one broke; so the stiffness might be a good thing. I'll update the review in case it does cause me trouble.

The only thing I would have loved that this one doesn't have, is a colored window rather than the standard gray smoke one so the dots aren't quite so bright and white. The window in the old one was blue.

Also, there was a piece of paper in the package stating that if I registered the band with them via email, they would send me a new one if this one ever broke. I thought that was a nice touch.

My husband's FitBit wristband was damaged, so he chose this replacement band. He loves it, and I love him; what else is there to say?
2/27/2017 ETA: The vendor, Teak Products, was very attentive and contacted us to make sure that we were happy, and provided additional info for us in case we were displeased (we weren't, we aren't). They clearly care about their customers, and I appreciate their concern. We experienced an extremely smooth transaction; the FitBit Replacement Band we ordered from Teak Products arrived on time, it was exactly as described, and I will definitely shop with Teak Products in the future. Truly, I couldn't be happier. Thank you. :-)

Simple, inexpensive, and a great replacement for a worn out original FitBit band. At the time I purchased this band, a name-brand FitBit band was more than 3 times the cost including shipping. I find very little difference between the Teak Products band and the original, certainly not enough to justify a much higher price tag just to get the name brand version.

With an "active" product like FitBit, it's hard to say how long the band will last since I have only had it a week, but thus far I've had no issues. I'll be sure to drop back in if I have any issues, but so far, so good, thumbs up.

Final thought: Sizing was as expected. I purchased the large, and I'm an averaged sized male. There was plenty of room for adjustment, and I find myself somewhere in the middle of the size options provided on the band.

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