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What mobile devices are supported?
Misfit Flash is compatible with iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S/6/6 Plus, iPod Touch 5th Gen and above, iPad 3/4/Air/Mini (all running iOS 6.13 and above), Samsung Galaxy S4/Note 3, Google Nexus 4/5 (Or other BLE ready Android devices running software 4.3 and above) and BLE ready Windows Phone running software 8.1 and above.

What do you mean by no charging ever?
The Misfit Flash is powered by a replaceable battery, found in quartz watches. Misfit recommends replacing it with a Panasonic CR2032 3V Lithium Coin Battery; other coin batteries may not be compatible. For battery installation, refer to the User Manual and view the battery installation video.

How do I sync my Misfit Flash?
To sync the Misfit Flash, download and open our Misfit app in the App Store on iOS, Google Play on Android and turn on Bluetooth. If the sync fails, you can reset the Shine by removing and reinserting the battery or turn off and back on the Bluetooth under your device settings or simply restarting your mobile device.

Why should I buy my Misfit Flash from Amazon?
Misfit products are sold through an exclusive network of authorized dealers selected by Misfit, including sold by Misfit’s warranty policy covers only products purchased through authorized dealers. To ensure that your Misfit product is authentic and protected by our warranty, please purchase from an authorized dealer, such as Misfit products sold through third-party marketplace sellers may not be authentic and are not covered by Misfit’s warranty policy.

From the Manufacturer

Get fit with Misfit Flash, a sleek, sporty fitness tracker that measures your activity and sleep, syncs with your smartphone, and comes in a variety of colors. Press Flash to see a halo of lights that shows your progress toward your daily activity goal and tells time. Flash never requires charging and is made of rugged, yet ultra-comfortable soft touch materials.

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I just received my Misfit Flash today, and so far I love it! I have a Samsung s4 phone, and with all of the reviews citing issues with the Android app, I was apprehensive enough to by the Flash to try it out, instead of immediately jumping into the Shine 2. From what I have seen so far, I think I would have been safe making the bigger purchase initially, but my 16 year old daughter is excited to inherit my Flash when I upgrade. I was also concerned about the band breaking, especially since it is winter in Iowa, and as a school bus driver, there are lots of opportunities for snagging or breaking the hard plastic frame of the band on something, or having it crack in the cold winter air. I jought myself some peace of mind, temporarily, by taping around with a piece of scotch tape, knowing that that was a very temporary fix. I brainstormed better solutions as I drove my bus this afternoon, and settled on what I think is the most brilliant solution for the weak frame on the band I have seen to date. I went to Walmart this evening, and purchased a $0.97 package of water balloons. I snipped the tip off of one, and also cut off the valve end, leaving a double ended round shape that I slid over the band and around the face. The balloon is sheer enough to let the light shine through, and I really actually like the multi colored pattern on my flash. I feel like it's going to offer quite a bit of protection against breakage and loss, as well as scuffs and scratches. And at less than a dollar for 30 of them, I can change it daily if I want... Although I doubt I will have to.
I will come back and update my review with more details of my user experience after I have had it for a little longer, but I thought that this solution was too good not to share immediately.

Pros: inexpensive, includes sleep tracking, waterproof, includes clip in addition to wristband, can link it to LoseIt/MyFitnessPal/etc
Cons: wristband not secure, is it truly waterproof?, adds "calorie bonus" which may mess up your calorie tracking

I read all the reviews about the plastic band breaking and the black disc falling out, but for the price I figured I'd give it a shot and if something goes wrong Amazon will let me return it. I've been using it for 7 days. The first day when I tried it on with the wristband, I realized the only way I'd be confident that it'd stay in place without falling is if I tightened it to the tightest setting, which was uncomfortable on my wrist, probably would have cut off circulation, and I couldn't bend my wrist properly. If I loosened one notch, it was more comfortable, and probably would have stayed in place, but when pushing the button, the band loosened a bit, and if I leaned my wrist against something (the table for example) the band moved around enough, leaving a gap that I was afraid the black disc could fall out. So I figured I'm going to have to use the clip, which is secure because the back of the clip holds the disc in place tightly. But I really wanted to wear it like a watch on my wrist, so I got the idea to attach the clip to the wristband, and it looked weird, but it worked, and held securely. I'll upload a picture of that workaround.

I had no problems downloading the app, creating an account, and syncing it with my Galaxy S5. I also linked it to LoseIt (calorie counting app), MapMyFitness, and even my Walgreens account (you get reward points for activity). I've never used an activity band or pedometer before, but I track my food and exercise already, so this was a nice addition to keep me motivated and give me more things to track and remind me to stick to my workout routines (walking/jogging). It even seemed to accurately track when I was walking/jogging with the jogging stroller. I didn't remove it when washing my hands, washing dishes, taking a shower, or giving my son a bath, etc. So I really appreciated that it was waterproof. If I got a certain amount of "points" for the day I got a bonus, which would deduct a certain number of calories from my calorie counting app. I didn't actually like that however, because I already track my exercise calories separately, so that messed up my numbers. I think the Misfit Flash is estimating my daily calorie expenditure based on the age/height/weight/activity level I entered, so if I go over that usual activity level, it's trying to reward me with extra calories to eat that day because I supposedly burned more that day. But like I said, I already log my exercise calories separately, so that would be double dipping. So if I don't like that, I can just choose to not link it to my calorie counting app.

As far as the points system goes, it recommends you start with 1,000 points as a goal for the day, but I randomly chose 800. To give some examples, on one day I got 500 points, 4,954 steps, 1.6 miles. Another day 954 points, 7,740 steps, 2.9 miles. Or 1,092 points, 9,154 steps, 3.4 miles. It also estimates how many calories you expended all day, which by the way, doesn't mean you burned those just during exercise, it means just being alive and breathing you burned that many. So don't think "cool! It says I burned 2,000 calories in exercise today! Now I can enter 2,000 calories of walking/jogging into my calorie counting app".

The sleep tracking was a fun addition. It seemed pretty accurate. I read on one review that it wouldn't continue tracking if you got up in the middle of the night, but I think the problem was that the person got up after 5am, and after that time it doesn't track sleep anymore (it's only programmed to track sleep between certain hours, I don't remember exactly, something like 7pm - 5am. If you fall asleep within that time period, it will continue tracking until you wake up. So it's not going to track naps, or daytime sleeping, or even if you go to bed super early like 5-6pm). I got up in the middle of the night for a glass of water and went to bed, and this was before 5am, so it continued tracking the rest of my sleep just fine.

Anyway, I was happy with this thing until this morning. I pressed the button and it didn't light up. I try to sync it, and it can't. I thought maybe the battery died early, that sucks. So I happen to have another battery and change it out. Nope. Still doesn't work. There was no moisture in the battery compartment either. I last used it 8 hours prior to sync it right before going to bed, and when I go into the app, it actually shows when I last synced it the battery was full, so it wasn't the battery anyway. So I submitted a support ticket with Misfit through their website. They have you take a picture of the serial number, which is located inside the battery compartment, and upload that with your support issue. They emailed me an automated reply a few minutes later, so now we shall see how they handle everything. I will update the review once I hear back from them.

***Update 4/4/15: One day after I emailed them they emailed back saying it must be defective, and to get an exchange from Amazon, which I did. Upon receiving the new Flash, it won't sync and says I first need to unlink it from the previous account (uh, did someone else own this and return it? why is it linked to an account already if it's new?). I google this and see lots of people have this problem, and you can't unlink it yourself you have to submit a support ticket with Misfit. So I submit a new support ticket on 4/2/15, including a photo of the new serial number, and the next day they email me asking for a picture of the serial number, proof of purchase and asking what email address I use for my Misfit account. I did that and now I'm just waiting for them to get back to me.

Also, bonus annoyance: when the original one first stopped working, I packed it back up in the box, waiting to return it (I wanted to get the new one first and make sure it worked, so it sat there for a few days at least). For fun, I decided to press the button to see if it would work, and the first couple presses, nothing happened, but then it did light up, and do the lighting sequence that happens when you first get it, before you've linked it to your account. I didn't go through the effort to see if it really worked, or try to link it to my account again, because I already received the new one and was in the middle of trying to sync that new one to my account. So moral of the story: if your Flash dies, maybe wait a few days and see if it'll work again before you go through the hassle of returning/exchanging it. My theory is maybe some moisture had gotten into the battery compartment and when it thoroughly dried out it started working again. Now I'm torn on whether or not I should try to avoid water with the new one once I get it working. I may try to use the clip on my clothing or something instead of using the wrist strap, because I wash my hands a lot during the day. If this thing worked as advertised I'd give it 5 stars, but it gets 4 because the wristband isn't secure enough to hold the thing in place on its own. If it ends up not being waterproof too, then I'm going to remove another star. I should note that the outer package says "waterproof to 30m", and the documentation that comes with it in the box says "Prolonged exposure to salt water or chemically treated water will reduce water resistance. Improper installation of the rear cover will result in loss of water resistance." Notice it only uses the term "water resistance", which usually means something is not fully waterproof. I'll continue to update this review once I hear back from customer service and get this new one working.

***Update 4/6/15: They emailed me and unlinked the previous account on the evening of 4/5. Something was wrong with the app though, so I had to uninstall and reinstall it, and then everything worked like normal again.

I've really enjoyed this device. It requires an app on your phone or computer but I didn't have problems getting it set up.
Of all on its features (which mainly include sleep, exercise, and weight), I have really enjoyed the sleep function because it tells me how I am sleeping at night and how much sleep I am getting.

- Battery lasts months, doesn't need to be recharged
- Reasonably accurate
- Can be worn on different parts of the body
- You can add or adjust the data as you like
- You do not have to put in weight data if you don't want to
- You don't have to set up a profile or connect with social media to use it
- Doubles as a watch (you press it and it will first flash how close you are to completing your fitnes goal for the day THEN it flashes the time)
- Tells you how much more exercise you need to reach your goal without having to be synced with the phone

- Must be worn consistently if you want it collecting data
- May collect data inaccurately for example, if you rock back and forth in a rocking chair it can collect that motion as steps
- The circular device itself can be hard to get into the the plastic that holds it

This was my first fitness tracker, of course (based on the price) its not perfect. Obviously, theres no screen display. My mom bought this for me, the battery recently died so I decided to step it up and bought an Apple watch sport and Fitbit Blaze, I'm comparing the two now. I wanted to have a screen which is why I bought the two of them to try out.

So far, I miss the detailed sleep analysis that this Misfit had. Apple do not have a built in sleep monitor. Fitbit does but its not as detailed as the misfit. This doesn't have a built in GPS, but neither do the other watches for hundreds of dollars more. You have to charge the others often but this take batteries that are pretty cheap and last a few months. I used mine for about 5 months and the battery just died. You view all details on a cool app, I use my iPhone to view the app. You can interact with friends on the app and track your goals and compare theirs.

I really like this, its cute and basic. Im planning on returning one of the smart watches, more than likely the Fitbit. I plan on wearing the misfit at night since the Apple watch only stays charged for 18 hours and don't have sleep tracking anyway. This watch doesn't have a BPM monitor so I feel more comfortable with my apple watch results when I am working out.When I was using this watch during the day, I kept it clipped to my shoelace, I figured that the results would be better that way.It's kind of hard to understand how this is effective and accurate on your wrist if it doesn't have gps or heart rate monitor, but my results always seemed pretty accurate.

Under $22
Great app
Waterproof - I use it in the shower, in the jacuzzi, in the bathtub, in the snow - havn't taken it off in 3 months.
No need to charge - ever - apparently the battery is supposed to need to be replaced after 3 months, but mine is still going strong
Especially surprised over the great sleep tracking feature. it is very interesting to see when I sleep well and when I don't sleep well.
Figuring out why I don't sleep well helps me avoid those activities and gives me a great nights sleep.
I don't understand how any wearable fitness piece of equipment that needs charging all the time could do all that this simple thing does.

For the price - it is an amazing piece of equipment.

Just a year ago I wouldn't have liked wearing it, it would have been very "geeky", but today, it's just a cool thing on my wrist that people ask about.

The App has been updated a couple of times and each time added really good features such as number of steps and calories burned.

I absolutely LOVE my Misfit Flash. Don't get me wrong - the tracker is made of plastic and the accessories are flimsy. Be warned, the clip will fly off your pocket or pants, and you may have to play a game of hot and cold using your phone's bluetooth capabilities to find it, and the watchband is also plastic and will make you sweat. However, Misfit does one thing phenomenally: customer service. Because this bad boy runs on batteries, the app tracks how much battery life is left on the device. As soon as my battery started to get low, I received an email from Misfit offering a free replacement battery. A week later, I received TWO free batteries in the mail. Several weeks later, I was wearing my Flash on my pocket (as usual for me), and it fell off while I was in the process of moving. I contacted Misfit, and within a week I had a brand new device in hand - for free! Don't think that you'll be getting free Flashes all over the place, though. They required proof of purchase beforehand and deactivated my lost device, rendering it useless for whoever found it.

As for the Flash's capabilities, it is a pretty standard tracker. It runs on a point system that generally gives you one point for every ten steps you take in a day. If you move faster, you earn points for fewer steps. It tracks your steps and distance each day, and you can view all of your previous data in the app. You can also enter your weight there. It's not the greatest sleep tracker, but at $30, who can really complain about some shortcomings? The other shortcoming is that the tracker is motion based. That means if I put it on my wrist and crochet, I rack up some serious points without exercising; however, it somehow knows I'm not really moving and burning calories, so my step count, distance, and calories burned numbers stay relatively normal. I check each day to make sure it's tracking where I place it and adjust if the numbers seem off. Regardless of those minor hassles, this thing has gotten me to get out and get moving, and I rely on it to tell me whether I'm hitting my daily goal of 10,000 steps to get to a healthier me.

Update 5/24
After swimming only at the surface for around 45 minutes, the Flash started giving me the wrong time and a day later it stopped working entirely. I have read somewhere that this happens and it will work again in a day or two, so I will see how it works then...definitely not waterproof to 30m like it says on the box.

This fitness tracker is quite fantastic. For only $20, you really get all the basic qualities. If you're expecting a fitbit, you should actually get a fitbit, not this. However, this tracker tracks steps, recognizes a few specific activities, is an "estimated" watch, and is waterproof. I've tested it out by not only showering with it on, but I have also jumped into the pool with it a few times for swimming and no adverse effects at all. The band fits well, although I will say the piece can be pushed out fairly easily so you will want a snug fit to avoid losing it. The app is very simple, tracks steps, activities, and even sleep. I can't really tell how accurate it is, but it seems to be accurate considering it shows more "light sleep" whenever I have dreams compared to when I don't, so I expect it is somewhat accurate. The best part of the watch is never having to charge it. I have a problem with remembering to do things (like taking multivitamins, weighing myself, etc.), but because I can just leave this on all the time, I never have to worry about forgetting it and losing tracked steps or activities.

----Updated to include review of Misfit Flash--------

View the Flash as the little brother/sister of the Shine.. depending on the color you choose. It's not as sleek (its thicker) or refined (its made of plastic instead of aluminum) but it's also half the price of the Shine. В The biggest functional difference is the tapping to view activity progress/time and the activity tagging process. В With the Flash its actually fewer presses/taps. On the Shine a double tap is required to see how much progress you've made in a day or to see the time vs. a single tap with the Flash.

For activity tagging on the Shine, it's a triple tap whereas on the Flash it's a single press and hold. В Originally my wife and my 12 year old son both had Shines but after my son lost two Shines... I finally got him the Flash which he likes just as much and for half the price it totally does the job plus the different colored LED lights (his are red) make up for what could have been viewed as a downgrade, which he doesn't.В  See my Shine review below to better understand how Flash & Shine compare with other fitness trackers

---- my Misfit Shine review ----------------------------

When compared against fitbit, basis, finis swimsense and nike fuelband, the shine wins for a few simple reasons:

(1) I don't need to worry about recharging it everyday/few days
(2) I never need to take it off since it's waterproof
(3) the smartphone app is powerful and yet easy to use and reliable and lets me compete against myself, my friends & family

Every fitness tracker I know requires that you plug it into a USB port/charge/dock to get recharged which means that you need to take it off.В  For the disciplined individual it's a bearable pain but for the undisciplined it eventually leads to large tracking gaps. When my wife used her Basis Watch (recently acquired by Intel) I often times found it tethered to our plug for many days... the creators designed the Basis USB cable strap to allow people to keep the watch on while connected to a USB port, but my wife wanted zero part of that and even for me (an early adopter) it felt lame doing that.В  With the Shine it uses a standard watch battery (CR2032) which is good for about 2-3 months, which is a much better power hassle interval. I ended up ordering these batteries in bulk since it's much cheaper than periodically picking one up at the local CVS/Walgreens,etc.В  Shine even provides a simple tool to pop off the back case to put in the new battery.В  Just make sure that you line up the misfit bow logo with the little slit & snap to close.. and you're good to go for a few more months.

The shine smartphone app syncing is the best I've seen.В  Most fitness trackers require that you install something on your PC/Mac or awkwardly bluetooth pair your device.В  For the shine, install the app on your iPhone 4S/5/5S/6/6+ or Android w/Bluetooth 4.0 or greater (eg. Samsung Galaxy S3/4/5/6/Note/Nexus/HTC One) and follow the simple two step instructions and you're done. Even though I'm a power user, the steps are intentionally designed for anyone to easily follow correctly.В  Whenever I want to check my fitness progress I can either double tap my shine to visually see how much progress I've made through out the day or if I tap the shine smartphone app it automatically begins sync'ing with my shine to get the latest data to let me know how many points/steps/miles/calories I've burned. I usually check in a few times a day on my shine and it ends up being entertaining/fun and it's most delighting when you're 100% goal is achieved after a workout.В  My wife & son check theirs throughout the day too! I started with mine first and then months later my wife wanted to upgrade to one and then my 11 year old son recently wanted one too so now we're a full shine household!В  My son wears his on his left hand since it's an elegant and modern watch too.В  After a double tap you see you're daily progress amongst the circle of lights and then you also can see the time in a Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) presentation style which is elegant.В  My son is the first kid in his elementary school to be joining the quantified self movement!

I'm a swimmer too so shine is perfect since it's at least pool depth waterproof (not just water resistant per the other reviewers) which is also important for everyone who showers/bathes :-) since you don't ever have to take it off except to change the battery. I keep my shine on my right hand and on my left hand I keep my classic dress watch.В  Whenever I swim, I triple tap to tag the beginning of my activity.В  It used to be that I needed to triple tap to let it know that I was going to sleep too but now they've automated this so the sleep tracking & REM (rapid eye movement) calculations are done automatically.В  Discovering how much or little REM sleep achieved overnight is fascinating every morning since it's a known fact that when you have deep sleep/Rapid Eye Movement (REM) you're hands also don't move, so the Shine is able to infer this accurately.В  For runners and walkers no triple trap is required since that's automatic too.В  Since not all exercise activities are created equally, the shine also lets you triple tap to let you know that you're going cycling, playing tennis, basketball or soccer.В  Each activity has very specific motions and so algorithmically the shine takes this into account and rewards points/calories/accordingly via the varying activity intensity levels.В  it's very easy to let the shine app know which activity before or after the triple tap just as long as you keep it to the same day. I always make sure the right activity is selected before the triple tap to keep things simpler when it syncs back w/the app. If you're a business traveler the shine also automatically syncs & adjusts to the new time zone as soon as your smartphone knows that it's somewhere else in the world.

Every friend I've met up with or new business contact I've made who has any desire to improve or track their daily activity levels has ordered a shine!В  With the shine's social board/leaderboard feature and facebook integration, we're keeping tabs on each other.В  There are days where my friends blow past me and there are days where I'm on top. One thing for sure... I and my family and friends are way more active and informed than we've ever been and I have the misfit shine to thank for this!В  I would highly recommend this to anyone!В 

I've had my Misfit Flash for about two weeks now and it has kickstarted my plan for losing weight and getting healthier overall. Very simple product that performs exactly as advertised. I've used both the wrist strap and clip and I think the clip works best because it's out of the way and hardly noticeable (just remember to select appropriate "wearing position" for more accurate tracking. I just clip it over my shoe strings in the morning and swith it over to my cross-trainers when I get home from work before I go exercising/jogging.
What's convenient about the flash is that it easily communicates with my Moto G3 effortlessly and I accurately get a step count. I also have it set up so that when I "tag" it by pressing down on the face I am notifying it that I am now going to start Running for a more accurate count (other activites include Basketball, Cycling, Soccer, or Golf).
The best aspect of the Misfit Flash is that it partners with "My Fitness Pal" app and updates my exercises/calories burned so I don't have to manually enter my exercises for the day. My workplace medical insurance plan also offers a Wellness Program (MyRally from UnitedHealthcare) that gives me rewards for tracking my activities and can communicate with my Misfit Flash to track and complete goals I've set up for financial rewards.
Overall, why spend big bucks for fancier gadgets? Sure, it doesn't monitor heart rate or avg speeds and such but all I needed was an activity tracker that would communicate with "My Fitness Pal" and help me achieve a healthier lifestyle. Proud to be a Misfit!!

I just got my Misfit Flash yesterday in the mail. It is the best fitness tracker I have ever owned. Let me explain what I mean.

Most fitness trackers which are designed to be worn as a watch can only be worn as a watch. This is where the Misfit Flash comes in.

The Misfit Flash comes with a wristband and a clip. You can wear it as a watch with the wristband. The clip is what sets the Misfit Flash apart from other fitness trackers. You can clip it to any part of your outfit. This includes wearing it around your neck on a necklace. The Misfit Flash is waterproof. This means you can wear it when swimming and showering. The only thing you need to bear in mind with this is NEVER wear it while swimming in saltwater. It is not designed to be worn in saltwater.

Setting up and syncing the Misfit with your phone is just as simple. You download the Misfit app onto your phone from either the App Store on an iPhone or Play Store on an android phone. The software itself of course is free. After downloading and installing the software, you can log in using your Facebook or Google account. Once you set up your account with either Facebook or Google, you cannot double dip. In other words, you cannot set up accounts with both of them. It's either one or the other.

If you do not have an iPhone or android phone, you can optionally set up an account for your Misfit Flash on your computer. Provided you have Windows 10, download and install the Misfit app from the App Store. Bear in mind that if you choose this option, you can only set up your Misfit with Facebook.

Bottom line, if you want a fitness tracker that virtually runs circles around the others, the Misfit Flash is the one for you.

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The misfit shine 2 is an advanced, premium activity and sleep monitor that inspires you to live a more Active life. Shine 2’s beautiful 12 Tri-color LEDs, vibration alerts and capacitive touch introduces new ways to interact and motivate your to meet your health and fitness goals. Made from