Comments about Poolmaster 87448 45" Convertible Oars/Paddle

Poolmaster 87448 45 Convertible Oars/Paddle
For use with any inflatable boat or kayak
Wide-wedge design for maximum power in the water
Converts easily from two individual 45" oars to one two-sided 56" paddle
Recommended for ages 8+

Comments about Poolmaster 87448 45" Convertible Oars/Paddle
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Comments :
Bought for my kids at the lake, and they are awesome. They use them while sitting on an inflatable skidoo imitation raft I also bought here and have tons of fun on the water. Kids are 5&7, we use mostly as kayak paddle. They seem strong and like they will last.

Five stars for getting job done. They are kid size oars for easy creek kayaking. They are very light weight and plastic. Kids can maneuver them easily. We used them with 6’ - 18 pound kayaks. Would not use with your heavier more expensive kayaks.

Usable and cheap. They could be a little sturdier but it's good to carry an extra pair just in case.

These oars work. They propel my blow-up boat.

Nice cheap oars, plastic but so what - I just need them to work. My inflatable has a pin, so mounting will be a problem, I will drill a hole and hope it's strong enough. Will update when I know.

its a gift wont know till next summer . They look fine to me.

fun for small, small boat, young child. My grandson paddled around in a tidal pool with them, with adult supervision of course.

Sturdy, works well, instructions could be better. It took a few tries to put together correctly, but once completed it looks like it never was separate parts. Very tight seams, clean look, but could use some better grips on the handle. When it gets wet, it gets slippery.

Great value

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