YETI Rambler 36oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle with Cap

YETI Rambler 36oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle with Cap

Rambler 36 Bottle

YETI Coolers were designed for all sorts of great outdoor adventures, and there’s even a YETI for all the times in between. The YETI Rambler Series is perfect for the ride to the deer lease, time spent at the cleaning table, or just sitting around the campfire trying to one-up each other’s stories. With double-wall vacuum insulation, these over-engineered drink holders keep your favorite beverage as cold — or hot — as science allows. They’re breakthroughs on another front, too — they’re the first YETIs you can fit in the palm of your hand.

18/8 Stainless SteelMade with kitchen-grade stainless steel, so they’re puncture- and rust-resistant.


TripleHaulCap Three finger grip for easy carrying and 100% leakproof.

No SweatDesign Keeps fingers dry and un-frostbit.

Double-Wall Vacuum InsulationKeeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot until the last sip.

The Rambler family is now sporting DuraCoat Color, the durable new look available for your Tumbler, Colster, or Bottle. YETI DuraCoat Color is available in four different shades: Seafoam, Tahoe Blue, Black, and Olive Green. It's designed to go on strong, and we think it's pretty good looking to boot, making it perfect for our stainless steel drinking vessels. It won't fade, peel, or crack through extended field use, and our DuraCoat Color provides additional grip to the Rambler's exterior. So whether you have your sights set on a Seafoam 20 oz. Tumbler or a Tahoe Blue Colster, our DuraCoat Color will hold up through the life of your warranty.

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Comments / reviews:
My job has me on the road 5 days a week behind a windshield for a large amount of time. I found myself thirsty most of the time and have been a fan of the Yeti products in the past. I went to a local Dicks sporting goods recently and looked at these, but my first impression led me to skip buying at the time because it simply looked too big.

I decided to buy after another day of my 30oz yeti rambler and taking up another cupholder in my car.

So happy I did. This thing is great! the lid seals the liquid in the container very well and the rambler can be thrown in the backseat or on the passenger seat without causing much trouble. I paired this purchase with a carabiner clip to attach to my bag I bring in to customers. This thing will keep water cold for 2-3 days with the lid sealed shut!

If you have any questions about this review please email me at!

I love this. It keeps my drinks extra cold for very long periods of time. I typically work 16-hour shifts and this will keep ice for well over that time. I left it at work between days and came back to it with ice still in it. It's a beast. The only reason I gave it a 4 instead of a 5 is that the black coating is showing signs of chips. Outside of that, ​I love it.

I will preface this with we love all 4 of our Yeti’s and the following does not change our opinion them. Clearly there are instances in the manufacturing process of which not all products are exactly the same as the one made before it. We purchased our last Yeti Rambler 6/25/2017 - 4 months to the day the cap came apart(See pictures) while lifting out of my car,unfortunately my Yeti tumbled to the ground and rolled down the driveway, some dents and dings to it once prerfectly kept stainless steel finish - Still looks to be as solid as ever. Anyway, I was just on the Yeti site, apparently if I want to return it or just the cap, I need to pay for the shipping...Truth be told, I would expect differently from a company that has a cult following and it is definitely a manufacturing/product problem.the other 3 Yeti’s are all daily users and as old or older and no problems at all.

The color isn't something most guys would buy, which was a selling point for me to make it easy to locate. Most of the time it just sits in my work truck but when I take it out on a work site its bright color is hard to misplace. Not saying it's in any way ugly, I love the way it looks, it's just not a common color in a table of water bottles.
When I go to bed I put enough ice in to cover the bottom plus a little bit more, add some drink flavoring of whatever kind I found on sale this week, fill it up to the rim and close it. The next morning I grab it off the counter and go to work typically leaving it in my truck that stays parked in the sun with the windows up everywhere I go that day. If its a hot day then most likely it'll be empty by the time I'm coming home, but on days I buy a soda with lunch or am just not as thirsty it'll still have ice in it when I dump it out and refill it for the next day before going to bed.
Holding 36oz for 24hours while most of the day in a truck parked in the sun and heat without even melting the five to ten ice cubes in it makes it a five star purchase to me.
FYI the pamphlet in the bottle says it's okay to put carbonated drinks inside and just to be careful opening it if you fill it up too much. Also it is dishwasher safe. Also I ended up buying the bottle straw cap for $9 locally in a sporting goods store, but Amazon sells it too at twice the price: YETI Rambler Bottle Straw Cap, Fits 18/26/36/64 oz Bottles

These Yetis are AMAZING. We put a whole tray of ice cubes with water in there first thing in the morning, and the Yeti was left in the hot car. Later in the afternoon, my wife grabbed the Yeti, and the outside was almost too hot to grab because of being in the hot car with the direct sun hitting it for several hours, and the water was still ice cold, and there was still ice cubes in it. We now pretty much use these for keeping hydrated at work, keep them on our nightstands for an ice cold drink of water in the middle of the night. A high quality product, and well worth the money.

I have purchased three yeti and four hydro flask. The difference? Absolutely nothing. They all work great. I took the hydro flask to Africa because I was able to have full closure. So glad Yeti came out with a full closure.

In 30 degree weather my coffee stays steaming hot for 7+ hours. Approximately 12" circumference Workmanship looks good and I am already ordering a second .thanks Yeti

Bought as a gift. Daughter LOVES it! And, just speaking for the YETI brand, my husband loves his as well. Ice remains frozen even after 12+ hours in these. I cannot speak to their heat retention, though.

This is a great water bottle for keeping your drink very close to its original temperature. I recently bought this to take on a service trip to Honduras, and it kept my water very cold for up to 24 hours. It is a bit unwieldy to carry in a backpack, as it is a bit larger than your typical water bottle. However, I am very pleased with how well it held up during my travels. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because of the price - it is a bit steep. If you can find it on sale, I highly recommend it.

This container keeps your beverage cold all day long. My boyfriend will put ice in the morning and the ice is still there late afternoon. It is sturdy and the handle is easy to carry, Keep in mind that since it is metal, the surface will get hot when exposed to the sun (say, sitting on a paddleboard or canoe) and when left in a hot car all day, the ice will melt but the water will still be drinkable--and it is far safer than any type of plastic drinking container. The product lived up to its name. Have not used it for hot beverages.

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