Bentgo Ice Lunch Chillers Ultra-thin Ice Packs (4 Pack - Blue)

Bentgo Ice Lunch Chillers Ultra-thin Ice Packs (4 Pack - Blue)

Keep your food fresh longer with Bentgo’s colorful array of slim Lunch Chillers. These hard, extra-thin ice packs freeze quickly and take up virtually none of the precious space you need in your lunch bag or cooler for food and beverages. Pack your favorite meals, dairy snacks, beverages and more with complete confidence that they will stay cold throughout the day.

Lunch Chillers are reusable and easy to clean. Simply hand wash, dry and return to the freezer. This convenient non-toxic, BPA-free cooling solution is backed by Bentgo’s 1-Year Warranty.

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Comments / reviews:
These work great, they stay frozen in my lunchbox at room temperature at work for about 4-6 hours, well more than enough to keep my lunch cold. Don't give in to the office pressure and put your lunch in the corporate refrigerators... The people telling you to do that are the ones who want to STEAL YOUR LUNCH! Keep your lunch at your desk by using a product like this!

Recommend for Olive Kids lunch bag
2 fit on the bottom perfectly. They stayed cold 8am thru 4pm. By 4 pm they were liquid however still cold. I use it with the Bentgo kids tray.

Large surface area, nice slim fit. Freezes thoroughly and solid. I use 2-3 of these and a soft freezer pack in a typical personal, soft sided lunch cooler, and as long I make sure the cooler is zipped up, it'll stay cold/cool my entire 12 hour shift at work. I wouldn't put anything frozen in there, but things like yogurt, string cheese, fruit, and drinks are good to go.

These fit into a Planet box! We love our Planet box lunch system, but our ice pack has been leaking. This keeps the lunch colder than their product, yet still fits into the sleeve of their case.

I bought these to go with my daughters bentgo box. Little did I know they would make packing all my kids lunches so much easier. They are slim and fit well in those awful shaped Nike lunch boxes my son just had to have. Plus they work great for space saving in my highschool football players lunch box. Bonus...they are still cool when my kids come home after a full day of school. Highly recommend them.

I'm loving these so far, though I've only used them twice. I saw a few complaints of leaks, but that hasn't happened to me. I only use these if I'm taking something like guacamole to work, which is rare. I like that they are flat and take up minimal space. What prompted me to write this review today was that I left my house 5 hours ago and my lunch is already in the office fridge - but I reached into my bag and touched the ice pack, and its still frozen! Maybe that's common - I haven't used an ice pack in about 10 years or more - but its great to know that if I were going to a meeting, instead of an office with a fridge, that my food would still me kept cold.

I'm please so far and hoping mine don't leak :-)

These fit beside the Bentgo box just fine. You only need 2 of these, not 4. But I guess having back ups is a security. The one downside, which I hadn't thought of before purchasing is this: having 2 of these frozen, plus the Bentgo box and their school things in my kids' backpack adds a lot of weight. I have twins in Kindergarten and it made the whole backpack too heavy for them. So I will only be using these if I really have to, and will likely wait for regular use until 1st grade and try again.

These are pretty good ice packs. I use them in my daughter's cooler bag for her milk bottles for daycare. I was using one of those cheap gel ice packs that came with a formula sample or something. I wanted something that I wasn't worried about leaking & was easy to clean. These definitely hit those marks. However, they don't stay as cold as long as those gel packs. I have to put 2 of these in her cooler bag compared to one of the gel packs.
I'm sure for just keeping lunches cool for a few hours these are great. However, do note that they may not be your best choice for long-term or all day cooling.

I just received my Ice Chillers and while I'm not the intended user, I was happy from the perspective of size and construction. 1) They fit neatly into the lunch back taking minimal space; 2) The chilling/filling is safe in a hard plastic container thus reducing the chance of spills into the food; 3) The price was right. I purchased these particular chillers due to a recent loss of food because my son packed his lunch bag the night before but forgot to put it in the refrigerator. I really dislike throwing out food. While these chillers are said to last for 10 hours before refreezing they will probably last a little longer in an insulated lunch bag (Graco). I expect to be satisfied with the quality of this product for a long time.

I picked up a pack of these little guys to go with my Bengo Salad, Bentgo container, and Bengo Bag. They are much nicer to use than standard soft gel packs, they match perfectly with the rest of the product line, and the hard plastic they are made of seems like it will make them very resistant to getting pierced by anything and leaking out all over your lunch.

I used two in my Bengo Bag with my regular Bengo container, a yogurt, and a granola bar. The chillers kept everything at a very pleasant temperature, however they were not as cold as if they had been in the fridge. My lunch bag was stored indoors in a temperature controlled room, so your mileage may vary with keeping it outside or in a vehicle if that is what your job requires.

The ultra thin design is a great feature to ensure you have enough room in your lunch bag for the chiller which is very important if you don't have access to a fridge!

I plan on using these in the summer when we make trips to the beach in our cooler for drinks and sandwiches, I think they will do a really good job and be far more economical (and cleaner) than ice cubes.

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Set of 6 slim and versatile ice packs. Special formula to keep your food cold and fresh for longer!Perfect chillers for everyday use in lunch bags, bento boxes and coolers. Great for taking to school or to the office!Each ice pack measures 7" x 4.7" x 0.5"Made with 100% BPA-Free, non-toxic
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