Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Cooler

Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Cooler
Patented, easy access Zipper less lid
Deepfreeze high performance insulation with radiant heat Barrier
FDA compliant Hard Body liner with Smart Shelf
Ultra safe leak proof, easy clean lining
Rhino-Tech water and stain resistant, wipe clean exterior

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Comments / reviews:
So far we're loving this! Hubby needed a new lunch carrier and this is the one we chose. It is definitely a huuuuge upgrade from his last one. He's been using it about two weeks. His line of work requires him to keep his lunch in his vehicle and it can get really hot in there. So far the little ice packs I put in are staying frozen for 12+ hours so that's a huge plus!

Let me start by saying my review is with the expectation that the product is a <$50 cooler. I would expect a $300+ cooler to outperform the Arctic Zone easily.

Shipping and Delivery: Purchased thru Amazon, came quickly and in retail packaging.

Product: The 48 can product has a small non-insulated zippered soft pouch, a slightly larger insulated zippered soft pouch and then the main 48 can zipperless cooler. There is a handle on either side of the cooler plus a shoulder strap. There is also a mesh pocket on either side of the cooler (can hold about 8 limes) and an elastic cord on the top which I assume is for a beach towel. The top of the lid is kept shut with via pairs of velcro strips. Lastly, there is a plastic separator which can be used to separate items you want cold but not submerged in ice (sandwiches, fruit, etc).

How to use in theory: Designed in theory I think this cooler is pretty cool. If you beverages out can, you can easily fit a whole 30-rack plus have plenty of room for ice and removable shelf means you can keep your food on top and dry while still remaining cool. The lid is zipperless and when unobstructed will close and create a pretty good seal.

Downsides: The cooler is really designed around cans. Even water bottles (which are slightly taller than the average can) placed vertically in the cooler results in having to ditch the shelf. Because the cooler lid is zipperless, any upward pressure from within the cooler on the lid results in cracks for air to mix and therefore compromise the cooler's temperature. So my advice is to only use the "food shelf" if the food doesn't touch the lid. The velcro strap in the front is really to secure the lid, but if you're using it to force the lid to stay closed (like overpacking a suitcase and then forcing the zipper to shut) you will probably see your ice melt away in a matter of hours because of leaks along the top.

Summary: Great cooler for cans. Bottles will fit horizontally but vertical bottles means ditching the food shelf. Do not over pack and force the lid closed, you'll be better off taking items out and re-arranging so that the lid closes with no force and therefore creates a better seal.

The 16Can Arctic Zone Titan Cooler seems pretty legit. I really like the appearance a lot, the Silver Rhyno Lining looks and feels great. I'm sure going out to a park getting muddy or sandy can wipe off or any types of KoolAid spills would be easy to wipe off too. The zippers and front pockets are a great addition and the zippers actually feel like they will last. The ergo should strap is true and really works making the bag offset perfectly to your body. I would give this 5 stars but I was surprised to see how thin the plastic interior walls were, I figured it would be a bit thicker since they advertise for ice to stay for 48 hours, I guess the radiant barrier makes up for that. Also, when I received my bag the top black design area had already peeled off a bit. I purposely bought this bag for a lunch bag and steered away from the 9 Can size because of the reviews saying their tuppperwear would fit. Honestly my bag is big for just a lunch bag for myself but I don't care because it looks great but it is a perfect size bag for two peoples lunch or for all those meal prepers. You'll see some pics of how my Tupperware did fit on the top compartment flat but after the tray the cooler gets more narrow so you have to turn it on its side. A regular water bottle standing up, sits flush to the bottom of the tray without disturbing the tray. So at the end I am glad I got this size for lunch, instead of the 9 Can size.

Will fit nice in the tour pack/box on our Harley!
Will hold 9 cans as advertised- with very little ice, if any. I would definitely pre-chill anything I plan to put in it.
I am so happy the 16 oz water bottles fit upright, and can still close it, but you can't use the tray with them, obviously.
Removable bin.
Actual weight empty is 1 lb 9 oz.
I read so many different descriptions prior to purchase, so I wanted to pass on what it actually is/has. Good day!

We've had they prior zippered version of this cooler for many years and the zipper finally failed. We wanted this size soft sided cooler again and this is the only one I could find with the hard plastic liner like our old one. The liner is perfect so you can stuff this cooler where a hard plastic wouldn't fit and a no liner soft sided would get crushed along with anything inside that wasn't a bottle or can. The only thing about this cooler we don't like is the plastic divider that helps keep items near the top. It used to be a tray with sides that only blocked the full inside height on one side of the cooler. The new cooler divider is just a flat plastic tray that goes across the whole cooler so if you use it you can't put taller items or stack containers to the top anymore and you have to remove the tray every time you want to get something out of the bottom. Thankfully we have our old sided tray we will use. Other than this design misstep it's a great cooler with no zipper to wear out and extra storage pockets, this cooler should be with us for many years.

Very good sturdy cooler. Good quality, keeps drinks cold all day in Florida heat.

Best cooler ever owned

Best lunch pail I've bought ever. Nice padding on the shoulder strap , the lid stays securely shut , big front pocket and another smaller one
for whatever you want to keep separate , and I'm okay with the waterproof materiel > but I'm suspicious on it's durability ( it's a wait and see > I use every day for work so it needs to be tough.Oh - and the inner hard shell is a must for me. I docked it one star cuz it needs a handle in addition to the
shoulder strap.

The cooler itself is very nice but I've found that the 9 can size is WAY too small to be useful for anything if you put 9 cans of anything in it it leaves no room for the ice needed to keep it cool you can't fit anymore than a sandwich and a couple pudding/fruit cups in it and then you need special thin ice packs as there is no room for normal packs and forget about drinks you need another cooler to hold them

This product doesn't keep ice very long, in fact not long at all, but the water stays cold enough for my use on the kayak and it fits with my crate in the rear storage well of the Pelican 120 (another item purchased through Amazon). I only spend 5-6 hours on the water, this is just fine and not spending $200 plus dollars right now for some high end bag; not made of money.

I might add though, that easy open lid is perfect on the kayak, can reach back "blindly" and retrieve a beverage.

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This is one serious cooler. Deepfreeze high performance insulation with Therma-Flect radiant barrier and triple layer Cold Block base retain ice for over 3 days and the Ultra Safe leak proof, easy clean lining has Microban to protect against bacterial odors and stains. The pop-open, wide mouth
Hold up to 60cans (50cans + ICE), with 2 drink holder and easy access lid on the cover. Insulated front compartment. Mesh Bag on both side. SuperFoam Deep Freeze Insulation (4Layers) hold ICE up to 3days. Ultra Safe leak proof, easy clean lining and removable, seamless, leak proof liner at main
Patented, easy access, Zipperless lid FDA compliant, recyclable HardBody liner with SmartShelf Ultra Safe leak proof, easy clean interior lining Expandable, insulated, leak proof front compartment Slime-Tech gunk, muck and goo resistant exterior
Portable meets performance with the Titan Deep Freeze Zipperless Cooler by Arctic Zone. Holds up to 16 12oz cans and holds ice for up to 2 days.
DeepFreeze high performance insulation with radiant heat barrier and triple layer Cold Block base combine to create superior cooling. The cooler’s exterior is constructed of durable, water and stain resistant Rhino-Tech and also includes an expandable, insulated front compartment. The detachable
Thermacool high performance insulation Integrated radiant heat Barrier Ultra safe leak proof, easy clean interior lining Exterior pocket; carry handles; roll-top closure Slime-Tech gunk, muck and goo resistant exterior
50 Can Tote with Therma Cool high performance insulation and Therma-Flect interior radiant barrier RDT removable, leak proof, puncture resistant liner and Slime-Tech gunk resistant interior Pop-open, wide mouth easy access Exterior zippered pocket and carry handles Ultra Safe leak proof, easy clean
Arctic Zone 9-Can Zipperless CoolerPatented, easy access Zipperless lidHigh density, thermal insulationFDA compliant, recyclable HardBody linerUltra Safe, leak proof, easy clean interior liningZippered front pocket2 exterior mesh pocketsAdjustable Backsaver shoulder strap with non-slip shoulder
Wide mouth, easy access opening Thermacool high performance insulation; Therma-Flect interior radiant Barrier Ultra safe leak proof, easy clean lining with Microban Exterior zippered pocket; removable, adjustable shoulder strap with shoulder pad Carry handles; slime-tech gunk, muck and goo
The Arctic Zone Zipperless Cooler holds ice to 2 days. It has a patented easy access zipperless lid and holds 16 cans. It is also ultra safe, leakproof and FDA compliant with a recyclable hard body.