Coleman Xtreme Series Wheeled Cooler, 50 Quart

Coleman Xtreme Series Wheeled Cooler, 50 Quart

Easily transport cold food and beverages with the Coleman 50-Quart Xtreme Series Wheeled Cooler. Perfect for sporting events and outdoor activities, this wheeled cooler box comes equipped with two recessed, heavy-duty wheels that make transport easy--even when the cooler is filled to the brim. Simply extend and lock the telescoping handle, close the hinged lid, and wheel the cooler wherever you need to go. Premium insulation along the lid and walls helps ensure your items are kept cool, delivering ice retention for up to five days at temperatures up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Boasting enough capacity for up to 84 cans, the cooler provides ample space for barbeque ingredients, perishable food, soda cans, and more. When it is time to go, the leak-resistant drain allows you to easily empty excess water without tilting the cooler. And thanks to its integrated cup holders, this rolling cooler helps you keep a beverage always close at hand.

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I purchased this before a 4 day camping trip in Florida. It was in early October so it is still in the 80s at day and high 60s at night. I leave the cooler in my SUV while camping so I don't have to worry about raccoons but it does get warm in there. I put about 15 lbs of ice in with my already cold drinks and food on a Thursday morning. The ice lasted until Sunday morning, and the water was still cold, just no ice. So it didn't last 5 days like they said but 3 days is way better than my older coolers (which last one day under the same conditions). A much better value than Yeti. The cooler is solidly built too, good handle, sturdy seat and a positive seal. I'd recommend one to anyone!

Wow - this thing works great! While you can't just throw one bag of ice in this and expect it to keep for 5 days, it performs remarkably if you fill every cubic inch so there's a minimum of air space. I went to Canada for 10 days recently and took this. I took a moderate amount of food, some of it frozen, and packed the rest of the space with water frozen in milk jugs. My food stayed cool and edible for 9 days. I was amazed!

I never write reviews. The performance of this cooler changed that.

I was looking for a cooler for weekend camping trips. We tent camp, and also have a pop up camper, as well as a pontoon boat for lake days. I could not bring myself to spend hundreds of dollars on the popular “sports coolers,” even the cheaper Wal Mart version.

Took a chance with this, and it paid off. Weekend after weekend, this cooler keeps everything cold the entire time. Our most recent trip was 3 days; humid, 90’s daytime and humid, upper 70’s night time. Everything was still cold with ice left by the time we got home.

The key is to have everything pre cooled, and I highly recommend the Cooler Shock ice packs available on Amazon. Those, along with ice and everything tightly packed, and you will be set for 3-5 days, depending on outside temps.

If you need a cooler to keep things 7-10 days or more, then sure, spend hundreds. But, if you’re like me, and the majority of everyone, 3-5 days is plenty. Save your money, buy this cooler.

Side note concerning the telescoping handle: I’ve seen a few complaints from other reviews, but as long as you don’t try to use the handle to lift the cooler when it’s filled, or for any other purpose than tilting it back and pulling it behind you, then it will be completely fine.

Everything about this cooler is great — except the handle Not sure what went wrong on the quality control here, but it feels cheap and rarely goes up or down with ease. Also, not sure the product designer thought through the color carefully... the black holds in heat from sunlight, instead of reflecting it.
BUT, we appreciate the smaller footprint, the tight seal, and the cup holders on top. It held in the cool well on a weekend camping trip.
For the price, this will work, but I'm not certain I'd buy it again.

Love the cooler but the retractable handle did come in dented. I guess it is to be expected considering it was delivered within 24 hours after ordering.

Great cooler, keeps ice forever but there's no good way to strap it down in the back of my truck. It needs a way to tie it down. My old cooler had handles on it that you could run a strap through. The drain is also not low enough to drain all the water out. I like to keep the plug open to keep the water off my ice and food but it doesn't drain all the water out because the drain plug is up too high.

Loaded up with ice on Friday for a camping trip, sat in the hot sun for part of the drive + a hot bear-proof box for 2 days and there was still ice at the end (started with 20 lbs Friday morning still had a few pounds left Sunday afternoon when I got home). Seems reasonable to me, especially since I opened it numerous times. There was also room for another 10 lbs of ice or so, I just didn't need that much. The extendable handle, wheels, and the plastic construction definitely feel a little cheap to me so I'm not 100% confident it will stand the test of time, but overall I am pleased with this purchase.

Very well made and kept the ice nice and cold driving 6.5 hours to the snow, 4 days on our vacation, and 5.5 hours back home.

This cooler is nice. I had a party on Saturday and put in sofas and beer. I forgot about the cooler still being full but remembered on Monday. Went to check it soars and beer was cold. It held ice for 2 days in Texas. Who needs a RTIC cooler!!!

Cooler is a lot nicer than expected. Have not used yet but seems to be much better quality and price standpoint than the colemans at Walmart etc. The black and grey look really cool together. The wheels are not wobbly or unstable to my observation as i read they would be in a previous review prior to purchase. The overall take on this cooler and most important part of this review is that it came inside of a carboard box WITH A BABY LIZARD. Sure scared the crap out of me when he hopped out as i pulled the cooler out and boy was he fast. He is now lost in my garage somewhere and i hope to find him soon and possibly name it Amazon. My kids are petrified to enter the garage at this time. I will update my review after i use the cooler for a while and/or find the little lizard.

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