YETI Rambler 26oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle with Cap

YETI Rambler 26oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle with Cap
DuraCoat Color that is built to last - no fading, peeling, or cracking here
Leakproof TripleHaul Cap protects your truck cab or day pack from spills; complete with 3-finger grip
This Double-Wall Vacuum Insulated water bottle has the power to keep your water cold (or coffee hot) until the last sip
18/8 stainless steel construction stands up to even the toughest of conditions
Dimensions: 10 1/2 in high, diameter of 3.5 in.

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Comments / reviews:
Best purchase I've made in months. I got a YETI Rambler 20oz for a Christmas gift and love it; took it to work every day and found the only thing wrong with it was it was only 20oz--not enough iced coffee to last through the day. The 26 oz YETI was the answer to a dream! Double-wall stainless steel, who could want more?

My boyfriend was addicted to Gatorade. I was really sick of buying it, plus he was ruining his teeth. He is overall very cheap and almost a bum except when it comes to Yeti and Costa. Then, he is a real tool. Anyway, I got him this hoping he would drink more water. Good God, he does! I laugh. Well worth it to me.

Very nice quality-we were able to purchase this through amazon for a better price than any store. I bought it for my husband to use hunting. However, when opening the top it makes a loud squealing noise (from the rubber cap liner sealing with the metal canister). Husband Cosby use he says it makes too much noise in the woods and will scare the deer...the quality is great and as with any Yeti product it keeps liquids hot and cold for long periods of time. I was unable to return this product so I use it at work. I do find the canister twist top to be a little hard to open and close. But it does not leak and keeps my water cold. Perhaps a different design on the top would work better, and quieter.

I'm personally a fan of Yeti products. They are well made and really do keep my ice/drinks cold even on the hottest days in the sunshine on the beach. I love the 26oz. It's great to take along in the car and I don't have to worry about liquid spilling all over the place. And I LOVE the black! I was lucky enough to purchase during a sale, so the price point was great too.

Definitely a quality product, but not great as a thermos. I use this for coffee, which I drink from a cup. It does a great job keeping the coffee hot but getting the coffee into this cup from the Yeti is the problem. It doesn't pour without spilling.

Bought this bottle so that I could more easily keep my drink cold on the go. I have a tumbler already and I love it but it's hard to take on the go because the lid easily ones off. This bottle is great and is very leak proof. the ice in it will last about 1 to 2 days before melting. I bought this size so that it would fit in my cars cup holder and it also fits in many large cup holders. The color coating is very very durable.

I love the vessel and color, but the black screw lid squeaks! I decided on a YETI because it is stainless steel. After my cancer I am removing almost all plastic from my life. I purchased the white because others at work have the stainless color and they are always mixed up! It is truly 'over the nose' which I love because I use this as my water bottle. Filtered water out of the fridge stays cool from 6:30 am to noon. However, I cannot give it 5 stars because the black screw on lid squeaks loudly, like it is rubbing, when I put the top on/off.

As always, Yeti has a nice quality product. I love how the rim contours to my lips, which prevents water from spilling out...basically I never have a drinking problem with this Rambler. I have kind of small hands and I find it comfortable to grip and hold onto this bottle. It for sure keeps liquids hot or cold for a long period of time. The cap works well and is easy to screw on and off.

I think this product does what it's intended for. It keep cold drinks cold. I haven't used it on any hot drinks yet cause it's summer time. I was surprised it kept my ice, ice the whole day when I got it. I go to work at 4am. By the end of 8 hours, the ice is still a lil full in there (the ice melts a lil cause I pour in room temp water). But the water is definitely cold. By the end of the DAY, the ice is about half way down the cup. I think you have to keep it sealed every time you're finished taking your sips. I even have left it in my car when the temp was hot outside for a couple hours and the ice still didn't melt! The only thing is I should of gotten it a different color or all steel cause you can kind of notice the scratches when it fell. Over all, I'm happy with my purchase. (P.S if you're pregnant like me, you have to get this cup!)

This is the greatest invention. I've had several Yetis and love their ability to keep things cool. They are not lying about the leak proof!! I've filled it to the brim and turned it upside down and nothing comes out. I've had it in my motorcycle bag and it's great because it doesn't sweat or leak and keeps cold liquids cold and hot liquids hot. Plan to use it hiking.

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