4 Mid Size Cooler Shock Freeze Packs 10"x 9" - No More Ice! Reusable. You Add Water & Save!

4 Mid Size Cooler Shock Freeze Packs 10x 9 - No More Ice! Reusable. You Add Water & Save!
Better than Ice - 2lb mid-size gel pack makes items in cooler slushy cold (1/2 size of large pack) Reusable - Click the blue "CoolerShock" at top of this page to see all versions
Accelerates cooling with burst cooling at 18 degrees - 8 mil thick flexible 3-layer purpose built pack rapidly transfers energy – Fully reusable
Ships with CS dry mix, you hydrate and save. 2lbs gelled - simple instructions or see our website video Made in USA with Non-toxic ingredients, child safe. Lasts up to 48 hours depending on use
This 4 pack replaces 12 pounds of ice, no dirty water in your cooler. Also available as ready to use Over 400,000 Cooler Shock packs sold on Amazon!
Great reviews, tell me about the bad reviews. What if I’m not happy? What about warranty? Full details below in the description section

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Comments / reviews:
I love these and own literally tons of them for my Yetti coolers. They need two days (or longer) in the freezer but if you line a quality cooler like Yetti, Pelican, etc. with these they will keep frozen for 2-3 days which is impressive.

Filling them with water and sealing is simple. I have friends who returned them afraid that they would mess it up but its literally the simplest thing ever.


I purchased these exactly one year ago, the bags are now falling apart. I didn't use them very often, I would guesstimate on a cumulative basis maybe 5-6 months total. All the bags are now deteriorating, and the gel/water mix has leaked out of some. Most of the bags delaminated (see pictures) and once the clear protective film is gone, that's when they puncture easily. The alternative is traditional hard plastic cooler ice, which seems like it would last longer but they take up a lot of cooler space and don't freeze as fast as Cooler Shock.

Great product... Easy to use and setup.

I figured I'd buy a set of these to try out... I purchased the dry ones that need to be filled and sealed... Really easy to do and the sheet instructions that come with the packs are very detailed on what to do... And not to do... For me the important not to do was leaving water I'm the area you are gonna seal... When you heat it with the iron the water turns to steam and will not allow good sealing... But it was easy to work the moisture out and reseal... The others I went through with a paper towel and removed any water above the zip lock...
Once sealed I put them in my deep freezer for about two days... To allow good freezing... I used a soft cooler that I also purchased on Amazon... Filled with 6 cold bottles of water and used two of the frozen Cooler Shock packs. I put the cooler in the back seat of my commuter car that I use for work... The car sits in direct sunlight for my 9hour shift. During the week of testing the ambient temperature got between 106 and 108 which would allow the interior of my car to get to at minimum over 150 degrees. I checked the packs after the first test day and they were still solid... Second day of testing the were softening but still freezer cold. On the third day the water inside was still very cold and the packs were back to a gel form... I would say that after four days in a hot car and not adding or taking out any of the contents the packs were cold but not as cold as taking a bottle of water out of a cold fridge... The test was very successful for running the same packs for 4 days... Alot cheaper than buying ice and dealing with the water leaks... I would highly recommend and the ones I bought came four to the pack... So if I had used all four I believe they would last alot longer... I am currently running two every two days in the same cooler to give the wife and kids an ice cold bottle of water after a long day of school... I have just been rotating two per day because I know they will have the Cooler open and lose some of the cold surface area of the cooler.

So a product review:


1. Cost: Very affordable, especially when comparing to the Yeti and RTIC packs

2. They work: they freeze colder than ordinary ice packs and last longer as well. I have a 60L rotomolded South Jetty Cooler (southjettycoolers.com). Put a number of these in my cooler this past Monday. The packs, while no longer frozen (4 days later), are very very cold. More importantly the beverages in the cooler are still frosty cold.

3. Ease of Set-Up. These are mailed without any liquid in them. There is a chemical in the pouches, that when mixed with water turns into a gel. The directions were clear and it was very easy to fill the piouches up with the required amount of water, get the air out, zip shut, dry the fold by the zip top and iron to seal. If someone is not comfortable with filling and sealing these ice packs themselves, I believe you can ordered them filled for an additional cost.

4. Space Saving: Since the exterior is not a hard molded plastic bottle, these are smaller and more flexible. Which makes them fit in the cooler better. The pouches as a very heavy duty Mylar too pouch. They feel as though they're pretty strong.

Bottom Line: I would HIGHLY recommend these for your cooler. I have yet to come up with a Con. If I do, I will revise my review accordingly.

Update 17Jun18: I’ve been using these for nearly 1.5 years now. At one time I had 7 of these in various sizes. Today, I still have 5. What does that mean to me, it means they’re durable. I use these a lot while hunting, fishing, boating, & traveling. They hold up well and will start to delaminate over time. But for the cost savings and convenience over ice, that’s OK; they’re made of a Mylar packaging, not Kevlar. I will definitely order more of these soon.

I haven't used these packs as I just filled them and they are undergoing their first freeze. However, I would like to give some feedback on the instructions (for the Screw cap packs only). Instruction #6 states "Now install screw cap and tighten all the way until there is no gap at the bottom of the cap where it meets the bag". The cap can only be screwed down so much, and there is a 1/16-1/8" gap between the bottom of the cap and the plastic spout section of the bag(what it screws on to). IF you were to follow the instructions, you would break the cap, if your fingers are strong enough. If the reader is to understand the existing instructions as no gap on the "inside" of the cap, then that should be clearly stated (which is common sense anyways). It is ambiguous otherwise.

Also, #5 states "Set cork down into spout below spout top by about 1/4 inch". The cork is a conical shape. It will only set into the spout one way. If you try to set it in 1/4", there will be an air gap between the spout and cork and I'm not sure how you are supposed to put the cap on with it floating above the spout. In reality, 75%-80% of the cork sits into spout as you put the cap on. Here's an example of how you could state this procedure. " As you squeeze the bag against your chest with one hand raising the water up into the spout opening, install the cork firmly as to just touch the water inside the bag. As you release the pressure on the bag, the firmly placed cork will act as an air tight seal and not allow air to enter the bag as you install the cap. Do not put pressure on the bag until the cap is firmly installed."

One more, #2. It would be wise to clarify that EACH bag takes 3.5 cups (28 ounces) of tap water. Now I'm just nit-picking.

Aside from those small issues, the pack material seems to be of high quality and they are the perfect size for my old Rubbermaid cooler. I will update this review after using them for awhile. I'm a technical writer/engineer, so yeah, sorry.

These things are GREAT!!! In the 90+ heat we've been having this year where I live, these ice packs REMAINED ROCK HARD FROZEN from early morning.... past midnight when I arrived back home. They were left in a cooler inside my hot car all day - which you know reaches 100+ degrees in the summertime.. When I went to remove them from the cooler and go back in the house, they were still like ice bricks! I was shocked, amazed and in disbelief. I ordered the 4 quart packs that came for you to DIY water/ ironing prepping, which was easy and took less that 5 minutes before I had them in the freezer. I'm attaching photos from tonight showing how hard and iced they still are after a full day's use. I can see them easily lasting 2+ days inside of a cooler.

These are amazing. Was a bit weary of having to seal them myself, but it was no issue. It's very important to make sure there's no water in the sealing area - I'd fill them up and not rush the ironing; let them sit out and make sure they dry before you do it.

I think different people will see this differently depending on what they are looking for -
We all have different preferences, but here's the pro's and cons

These are ideal for using in soft-side coolers/collapsible coolers as they don't take too much space
Ideally you'll want to freeze them laying sideways and they are slim enough to fit long the sides of the cooler, on top or between rows of drinks.
I use a pretty good size (about 40 liter volume) collapsible cooler tote and they work great.

Ideally you'd use these for trips and they will keep things pretty cold (again I'm using all 4 packs in a moderately insulated fabric/collapsible cooler) for 12 hours... in 24 to 36 they won't be "ICE" cold, but they will still be significantly cooler than if they were left out at room temp.

My big "con" about these is that they take more than 2 to 6 hours to get the same performance - these are actually colder than ice, so they take longer to freeze - in this respect they are kind of like Dry ice. - when I'm spending the weekend out, it's a downside because I can stick them in the freezer overnight, but they won't chill nearly as well unless I leave them in the freezer all weekend - I went to a convention and put them in the freezer each night (approximately 6 to 7 hours, given we were up late and out early) and Saturday and Sunday they didn't hold up nearly as well.

This is using 4 packs along the sides of the cooler.

These are fantastic for one way long roadtrips with longer breaks between driving, quicker trips (like shopping).
I think if I used a hard side or foam cooler I would probably get better results, but I prefer having something lighter (no hard coolers for me anymore) and I just feel like the foam ones are so disposable...

I could get the re-freeze I want from lesser ice packs and gels, but honestly they would only perform about as well as these do AT THEIR WORST (on that second or third day with minimal "refreeze")

I do prefer these as I can have a mix of soda and adult beverages and not deal with sloppy wet labels or bottles... debating maybe taking more packs for my weekend trips or experimenting with have them between the drinks rather than on the outside so the drinks can help retain the temp.

I do love the DIY aspect of it - I do prefer the soft pack VS the hard plastic gel packs
They are far superior to ICE, colder than ICE and the only time they haven't worked flawlessly to do what I want, it was because I didn't freeze them for the recommended 24 to 48 hours prior to use. Given they Tell you this, I can't hold it against them.

Yes, I am hoping to receive a free ice pack from the seller; but that doesn't take away from the fact that this is a good product. I recently bought my first cooler (Yeti Roadie) and searched a lot of options for ice packs on Amazon. Even though I was a little suspicious of all of the positive reviews for Cooler Shock packs, I carefully read through a lot of the reviews and decided there was enough merit there to make the purchase.

Again, I don't have a lot of experience with coolers or ice packs, but I have to say I have used the packs in the Yeti a few times for short trips and my items stayed cold more than long enough for my purposes. I liked not have to deal with a cooler full of melted water or gel packs that leak. My experience was probably due to both the quality of the Yeti and the ice packs, so overall I have to give a positive review. Getting a free ice pack or not doesn't change my experience, but it did give me an incentive to write a review. By the way I have written several other product reviews without any "free" offers.

I liked that these are a reasonable price shipped dry. Easy to fill with water (that will turn to gel) and seal. I used these to top my Coleman steel belted cooler and they stayed frozen or at least half frozen for the 48 hour period I camped, ambient temps eighties and nineties. I did have 17.5 pounds of rigid ice packs lining bottom and ends of cooler as well. 3 of these on top. Company also was good on their word if I registered with them they would send me an additional pack. Infrared thermometer showed content of cooler remained at fridge temps even after 48 hours.

This fit well in my Yeti Flip 12, just have to fold over the side that you sealed before you freeze it. Easy to fill and seal. I put one flat on bottom and one flat on top if it's really hot out and I want my drinks ice cold. I have used one just vertically before if I needed more room for food. I put the drinks on the cooler shock and food on the far side. I have no problem keeping food and drinks cold for a normal work day in Texas summer heat with it in my work truck all day. If you chill your drinks the night before, the packs will easily still be partly frozen at the end of the day. I can't say that it lasts much longer than the other ones out there, but its definitely tougher than most other soft case cool packs I have used. I haven't had any ruptured bags yet. It does what I need so I can keep things cold on a daily basis. I set my freezer on the coldest setting and it seems to work even better like that.

I will buy more of these in the future.

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500,000 + Sold on Amazon - Originally designed to keep blood shipments cold, Cooler Shock has as much energy as a freezer. Designed to phase change (go from solid to liquid). At 18 ℉ or - 8 ℃ - Not true for competitors. Our method releases the largest amount of energy at freezer temperatures to
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Reusable ice packs, 3 ply construction, flexible when frozen, can cut to size; made in USA Flexible when frozen - contours around food, coolers, body parts - not rigid like ice gel packs Use it for cold storage, cold transport, or for cold therapy and pain relief Cut to any size, used in medical
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