YETI Rambler MagSlider Lid

YETI Rambler MagSlider Lid

MagSlider Lid

The MagSlider Lid means enjoying a hot drink from our Rambler Tumblers without worrying about splashes on the go. Unlike other closeable drink lids, ours harness the power of magnets (yep, real magnets) for smooth opening and closing, and has a crystal clear lid so you can always see if you’re in need of a top off. Our magnet technology also makes for easy cleaning — you can pop the MagSlider off, rinse, dry, and return it to the YETI Slider Lid. And the MagSlider Lid is spill- and shatter-resistant, just like the rest of our Rambler accessories. Dishwasher-safe.

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Comments / reviews:
It's easy to clean and works well, but don't expect a complete seal. Doesn't spill coffee in a car but will spill if it's tipped upside down.

This is a legit lid that should just come standard with all YETIs. I have quite a few YETI products and with my experience, I was not afraid to order another, so I got this as a gift for my mother as she uses her 20oz tumbler for coffee every morning. She always complained about the open lid that comes standard with YETIs. So, I had her test this out and it performs as a YETI product should. The magnet mechanism works great, much better than I thought it would. And, because it is magnetic, it comes off which is awesome for cleaning under the slider which is never possible with normal coffee mugs. I now have these lids for my 20 and 30 oz tumblers and I call it a must. It is not spill proof, just spill resistant as a disclaimer, as a bit will drip out over time. Awesome product. Don't be afraid to take a chance on one.

This lid fits my YETI Rambler great. As far as being leak proof - no, it's not. It does leak around the magnet, but only a little. However, it will prevent liquid from sloshing over. I used it to carry my coffee from the house to the car and during the drive to work. I had drunk enough once I got to work it worked well on the walk into work. It does help to keep your coffee hot. I wouldn't try juggling it with other items, however. Tip it over too much and there's no guarantee. The slide works just fine. I hand-wash the lid. (Too many reviews said not to put in in the dishwasher.) If you want a truly spill proof coffee mug, the Starbucks double walled coffee tumblers are the best I've found. Just hand wash the lids.

I use my Yeti Rambler and LowBall every day. Both take the same lid. I didn't like the original lid which had no cover over the drinking hole. When I put it into my car's cupholder, it would often splash out a bit and make a mess. I tried third-party lids, such as Iconiq, but they would eventually discolor, or the tab would simply flop back and forth, or get stuck in one position. They are inexpensive, but not great quality.

This Yeti lid is expensive, but less expensive than replacing a third-party lid every few months. For me, this is the solution to my problem. They are also guaranteed for 5 years by Yeti, and the packaging says it is dishwasher-safe, unlike the Rambler or LowBall tumblers.

For someone who uses these tumblers all day, every day, this is the answer to the original, deficient, Yeti lid.

This lid has made me use my YETI ramblers again! I have a 30oz and a 20oz tumbler, but stopped using them because I have a toddler and 2 large dogs who constantly knock my drinks over! I bought this lid in both sizes and it's part of my every day routine. So easy to use and easy to clean because the black slider actually pops right off...but don't be mistaken, you actually have to try to take it's securely held by a magnet inside. It's been spillproof so far, and hasn't come apart unless I manually took it apart to clean it. Goes on my coffee every day and in the dishwasher regularly.

I lost my Yeti cup and had to order a new one. I saw this lid as an option and thought it would be nice to have the closing lid. I love it! I loved my cup without the lid, but this lid is so useful when carrying a drink around. I can place it in my purse and so far, it hasn't leaked if tipped on its side. The other nice thing is that the slide is magnetic - it doesn't "accidentally" slip open as so many other types do. It is pricey - as all Yeti products are, but so worth it. If I lose another cup, I would definitely buy this lid to go with it.

I did a lot of research before deciding on this lid for my YETI 20 oz. tumbler. I wanted a slide that would cover the hole in the lid, especially when taking it out in public. It didn’t matter so much to me if it was leakproof. I did test it with water and water did come out from the magnet slide when I tipped it upside down but that doesn’t matter to me. It’s a lot better than the hole in the original lid. And if I do happen to knock it over, it’s not going to be as much leakage. It’s nice that the magnetic slide comes off so it can be washed. That is probably why there is leakage. So you either go with a lid that you cannot clean well or opt for this one that isn’t leakproof. Maybe there is another lid that is perfect but I couldn’t find one. It does say spill-resistant, which is probably different than spill-proof.

Finally, my morning coffee doesn't spill out on the drive to work!! Not sure why it took Yeti so long to get these to market but it's here! Rejoice!

It's a great concept, and the cap is better than no cap. Before I had it, I'd have spills all the time in the car just from the car's motion.

Cons: it still leaks a bit if tipped over. Furthermore, I dropped my mug when I was getting on an airplane, the magnet popped right off, spilling the drink. I also lost the magnet when that happened, and had to buy an entirely new lid because you cannot get the magnets separately.

this lid is the best

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