YETI Rambler 18oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle with Cap

YETI Rambler 18oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle with Cap

Rambler 18 oz. Bottle

The perfect addition to your rough commutes, day hikes, or kayak sessions, this insulated water bottle has the power to keep your water cold (or coffee hot) until the last sip. Like the rest of our Rambler series, this bottle features a No Sweat Design to keep your hands dry with double-wall vacuum insulation to lock in temperature. Its 18/8 stainless steel construction stands up to even the toughest of conditions, and you’ll find the leakproof, 3-finger grip, insulated TripleHaul Cap protects your truck cab or day pack from spills.

The Rambler family is now sporting DuraCoat Color, the durable new look available for your Tumbler, Colster, or Bottle. YETI DuraCoat Color is available in four different shades: Seafoam, Tahoe Blue, Black, and Olive Green. It's designed to go on strong, and we think it's pretty good looking to boot, making it perfect for our stainless steel drinking vessels. It won't fade, peel, or crack through extended field use, and our DuraCoat Color provides additional grip to the Rambler's exterior. So whether you have your sights set on a Seafoam 20 oz. Tumbler or a Tahoe Blue Colster, our DuraCoat Color will hold up through the life of your warranty.

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Comments / reviews:
First of all: I do not have any financial interest in this company nor have I received any incentives to write this review. My only agenda is to provide you with factual information so you can make an intelligent purchasing decision.
This product is "SUPERIOR" for the following reasons:
1. The bottle is made of durable material which affords you maximum temperature control.
2. The 18 oz. size is easy to handle for children over 6 years of age and mature adults.
3. The cold temperature holds solid ice for 48 HOURS! With liquids included: 36 HOURS!
4. The hot temperature remains piping hot for 24 HOURS! warm: 36 HOURS!
5. The price is affordable for the quality and will last a lifetime.

If you want your coffee hot, like straight out of the brewer hot, for hours after it is brewed, this is your bottle! I would like to see a standard coffee cup travel cover as an option, as it is somewhat tedious to unscrew and screw the top every time I want a sip of coffee. However, I'm sure this is the tradeoff for piping hot coffee, as none of my other "standard" travel mugs even come close to the heat storage capabilities of this mug.
Another tradeoff is the weight. This is heavier than your standard travel mug, and does add noticeable weight to my bag during my morning work commute, but again its due to the insulation needed to keep the liquid hot.
To Summarize: Besides the minor issues mentioned above, this is the best travel bottle I have ever owned, and definitely worth the additional $$$

This is my second Yeti rambler. I have the 32oz and now this one. I ordered a second one due to my coffee cup at work came up missing. I have loved my 32oz Yeti ever since I was hesitant and actually bought it. I have used the 32oz for both hot and cold. I have had ice last three days inside while sitting out in my hot car. Cold liquids stay colder longer than hot will stay hot. If you put hot coffee in it, it will still be rather hot hours later. I typically will leave the lid off at an angle somewhat so as to let the coffee cool down some if I want to start drinking right after filling up. They are durable. Surface wear will show pending on what environments you subject it to. I have had no issues with either Yeti. It took me sometime to actually buy my first one just due to the price alone. After finding 3 day old ice still standing strong in a hot car I was convinced I made a good purchase. The lids on the rambler are also universal. The 32 and 18oz can use the same lid with no issue. The mouth is big enough to fit your nose into so it will not get in the way. They are easy to wash and even dishwasher safe. Compared to tumblers I have had the Yeti is king of the mountain. It helps that the lid completely seals in the liquid with no air flow touching liquid until the lid is removed. This helps tremendously keep the hots hot and colds cold. You will not be disappointed

Love the Yeti rambler!! Keeps drinks cold in South Florida conditions. Left it in my car all day. When I pulled it out after work the metal was hot but there was still ice and cold water inside. Great seal, doesn't leak.

I was nervous after I purchased this because as soon as I did I heard of so many counterfeit Yetis. Upon receiving the item, I googled Yeti customer service and found a phone number (512) 394-9384. I called to confirm it was an authentic product. These are expensive for a reason. I wanted a Yeti Rambler Bottle because I like quality products that work hard & hold up. If in doubt, always called the manufacture.

This is the mother of all thermos. It's a bit big but it works exceptionally well. Kept my ice water ice cold while walking/camping in 90+ degree outside weather temperature. Even kept the ice cubes frozen while i kept this thermos in a hot summer car for a few hours, inside temp must have been well over 115 F degrees.
I think this thing needs a carry license as you can probably knock a bear out with it. Very solid and tank like. This thing will outgrow your generation so leave it in your will.

Bought this so that I would stop purchasing bottled water. I had read many of the reviews and everyone loves these and I would agree. They are well made and definitely keep liquid either hot or cold. I was skeptical that folks were saying that they would fill with ice and 8 hours later there was still ice - well it is true. I did this with mine - filled in the morning with ice and water and later that day (about 8 hours) I was adding water and there was still a good amount of ice there. It clearly melts, but does so at a glacier pace.

As far as those folks saying this is a fake - I contacted the seller and they responded that they are a certified reseller and gave me the number to Yeti to verify which I did and they are truly a certified reseller and sell only authentic Yeti products supplied by Yeti. So you can buy this with confidence

Yeti has not disappointed. I bought this because I'm an electrician working in the Florida heat and crawling in attics so I needed a thermos that retained the ice and kept my water cold throughout the day. I simply add water to my ice and it stays cold for me throughout most of the day even after sitting in my 100 degree truck.

It is OK. I'm not sure it lives up to the YETI name. The top feels rather cheap but they do sell a replacement and that sends a message in itself. It has a stainless steel interior and exterior. Also, it doesn't have the wrap on the outside which always seem to flake off. Does an average job of holding temperature. In the end, you may be paying a little more for name.

If it is a Yeti you know it is the best. I use my travel mug every day but got this for times when I want to seal it up completely like when taking along some hot soup. Yes, it is expensive and if you don't need the best insulated bottle on the market by all means get a cheap knock off. If you want to keep your liquids hot or cold longer than any other commercially available product on the market this is it.

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