Coleman RoadTrip LXX Grill, Black

Coleman RoadTrip LXX Grill, Black

Show off grilling skills at backyard cookouts, camping trips, or tailgate parties with the Coleman RoadTrip LXX Portable Propane Grill. Individually adjustable dual burners blast out a total of 22,000 BTUs of heat, giving you enough power to prepare an array of foods, from grilled veggies to thick cuts of steak. A built-in thermometer lets you monitor just how hot you’re cooking. Swaptop interchangeable cooktops offer the option to switch out porcelain-coated cast iron grill grates for griddle tops or stove gates (sold separately) for even more meal options. With 285 square inches of cooking surface, you’ll have enough space to prep meals for the whole family. Leave the matches at home, since InstaStart ignition allows you to light the burners with the push of a button. PerfectFlow technology helps ensure steady heat output so this gas grill works even in low temperatures or high altitudes. Stainless steel sliding tables provide easy access to ingredients and utensils. When it’s time to pack up, the stand collapses with little effort and its large handle and wheels make transportation a cinch. 3-year limited warranty.

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Comments / reviews:
Just purchased our 3rd Roadtrip Grill. Love this thing. We take it camping, to family BBQs, etc. It's really portable and does a nice job of grilling, plus it's at a convenient working height.
One issue, when it rains, water gets in even if the cover is closed. We live where it rains a lot and I figured if I could find a nice compact cover to help keep rain out, that would extend it's useful life.
FOUND IT! The Weber 7111 Grill Cover for Q 200/2000 Series Gas Grills sold on Amazon fits perfectly (see pics). Plus it seems well made, is lightweight and flexible, secures snugly around the grill, and doesn't need to be wrestled into position or take up it's own patio chair when off the grill :-)

Lots of innovative ideas that mostly work make this a very portable and fun grill to use.
PROS: well designed (with exception of how grill connects to gas tank); very portable; lots of BTU's - grill can get insanely hot, very quickly; grill thermometer actually pretty accurate; lots of cool accessories like different grilling surfaces that can be mixed and matched.
CONS: Hookup to gas tank looks very fragile and sticks way out on back of grill - poor choice on otherwise well designed grill; grill has pronounced hot and cold spots. Must place food items carefully to get good results; bottom edge gets very hot - ready to burn you just turning over your food; unit heavier than you'd think, mostly due to the cast iron grill surfaces; design makes cleaning up a little difficult - under grilling area doesn't lift out, must unscrew 8 tiny screws (that tended to strip on me) to take out; like all Coleman products premium quality /premium price

I absolutely love this grill. We have other big grills and they take a long time to heat and are not portable in the least. This grill is perfect! It's easy to put together, really easy; it moves around on the patio to exactly where I want it with little effort; and it's a breeze to cook on. If you marinate or season your food prior to cooking, the charcoal grills are only marginally better. Seriously, I wouldn't trade this grill for any other grill.
I spray the grates with Pam prior to cooking for easy clean up and I haven't had any problems cleaning the inside of the grill at all. I use one of those Mr. Clean magic sponges and it wipes clean easily. I bring the grates in and wash off in the sink - it's easy.
I've cooked burgers, chicken, stuffed peppers wrapped in bacon, salmon, and veggies from the garden. We haven't had anything that wasn't great!

I've been wanted one of these for years and finally ordered one. I'm not an expert at grilling but hope to get good at using one of these things. Here's a couple of things I noticed right off that when setting the grill up the built-in stand is a bit clunky in operation.

There is a trick to getting this grill to stand. Its clumsy to setup because there isn't a easy way of grabbing on to the grill and stand at the same time while un-folding it. Once its setup if you grab the handle on the wheeless side of the stand and try to move it there's a good chance the base will slip out of it's holder and the grill will end up in your hand horizontal to the ground which is not good especially if it's full of food. The 2 small side shelves are handy but there's nothing to hold them in when your not using them so when your trying to set the grill up or put it in the carrying case the shelves tend to slide out and get in the way. I've used the grill a number of times now and never had any troubles with lighting it or cooking on it. The burners seem to provide pretty even heat across the grills. It works very well for us as full time RV travelers as far as the grill cooking area it provides and it's storage foot print when stowed away. Coleman RoadTrip LXX Grill

Grill is as described in the write-up. Quality is spot on and assembly took all of 5 minutes. Nice instruction book (I assume but since I'm a guy, I only read them if I have troubles).

Grill sets up in seconds and is easily moved around and positioned just where you need it. The tires work good enough to roll it from car to cook are. Even though their cheaper plastic, they do the job just fine--not sure how they'd do on a sandy beach, though. I'm 6'6" and the grill/handle is tall enough to pull comfortably without being hunched over. The grill height while cooking is just high enough to be comfortable given my height, but anyone taller than me might find it uncomfortable.

The temperature gauge works nice and all of the features work as described. The grill lid latches closed which is nice for transport.

We also purchased the Coleman transport bag. This grill fits in nicely and you only have to removed the handle so the grill fits in the bag. Removing the handle requires the push of one button--literally takes 3 seconds.

Very happy with this purchase.

What a great little grill. Perfect for my small family at the house and we take it on the road as well. Be carefull as this puts out a lot of btu's for such a small grill, easily hitting 600+ degrees very quickly, which is sort of nice as it almost self cleans. Almost. Recommend cooking at low to med heat. Also recommend the conversion kit for the large propane tank if this wont be your tailgater. The little green cannisters tend to last 3-5 grill outs, approximately 60-80 min of grill time total. Not really an issue if you get several at a time. Also this thing conveniently stacks vertically which is great for those packing it up or lacking storage space at home. Really happy with this purchase.

We use it every weekend when we camp...usually 2 or 3 times. I have had it for several months and am very pleased with the quality. The best tip I can give is to line the bottom with aluminum foil before you cook. It makes clean up so much easier. I read where others said not to close the lid. I cooked steaks on it on high with lid closed and had no issues. (The steaks cooked great!). I especially like the optional griddle. I make pancakes and sausage at the same time. Works wonderful! Be sure to buy the Carry Case. It helps to keep it all together.

Single person’s best friend for grilling a couple burgers. First tried this compact grill on Moms’ Day and we were very happy with the quick set up and ease of cooking. Would have preferred the rough, black wrought iron cooking surface/grill, but they are hard to find in a small unit. Would image this BarB would be great on a weekend way from home. Definitely’s been noted in other reviews that the LXX is more sturdy/heavy duty than the model with all the different colour choices. Plus this model (LXX) has an on top thermometer...worth the extra $

The RoadTrip LXX grill is very solidly made. With the lid closed, the grill heated to 500 degrees in less than ten minutes. The grill I bought was from Amazon Warehouse and had a couple of minor issues -- a slightly bent hinge and a broken hubcap/wheel cover. A bigger problem, however, was that it came without an Owner's Manual. I have been able to find a manual for the RoadTrip LXE online, which is very similar, but it would be nice to have the correct manual.

The portability is a great feature. We live on an island in Tampa Bay, so when things are left outside, things tend to rust up from the salt air. With the RoadTrip LXX, I can easily store the grill in a utility room as soon as it cools down and wheel it back out when needed. It is very easy to fold up and is very stable when raised.

This is the perfect grill for my patio. It is easy to assemble (though it wasn’t easy getting it out of the box by myself) and it is easy to move around. The auto ignition button works like a charm. The temperature gauge is a great feature. The side trays are very sturdy and the drip pan is easy to install and remove. Cleaning is simple as well.

The design really is excellent. I’d highly recommend for anyone living in tight quarters, like an apartment or condo building that allows small girls, as it really does the trick. I also like the vents in the cover because I can close the top while grillling without worrying that my food will bake or steam... grills like a grill should.

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