YETI Rambler Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Colster

YETI Rambler Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Colster
DuraCoat Color that is built to last - no fading, peeling, or cracking here
The Load-and-Lock Gasket secures your drink in place while the Colster’s double-wall vacuum insulation keeps your beer or soda frosty longer
No Sweat Design, which means you say adios to damp or frostbitten hands
Only the Genuine YETI Colster includes a Collector Stash Can with lid to hide your valuables. Watch out for fakes
Holds tight to 12 oz. standard bottles and cans

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Comments / reviews:
Ok, I will admit, I thought I was an idiot for buying a coozy for over 30 bucks. But I said hey, self, it's way cheaper than buying a yeti cooler, save the money and spend it frivolously on an extra bag of ice, and LOTS more beer. Plus, since I'm a brand whore, now I can say I own a yeti product, and it comes with the sticker to prove it.

So I tried it out. Hell yeah, it keeps beer cold after 20 minutes, like ya just popped tops. After the 30 minute mark, it's come up a few degrees, but also at less volume and a significant decline in carbonization I didn't expect a perfect sip. Now, here's where I really fall in love with this bad boy. After 40+ minutes, after I realize I've totally lost my beer, forgot about it, or it just grew legs, once I locate it I have more than enough chill left inside this steel silo of suds sanctuary that I can quaff back the remaining dead soldier and not feel like I'm chuggin Moose piss.

Here's the thing. I'm a craft beer snob, I'll admit it. I don't drink ice cold... anything really. I prefer my brews to linger in the low 40s for hop monsters to really unleash a tongue scorching lupulin kick with a fragrant how-do-you-do and high 40s for malt forward midnight oil stouts and porters. I even have two beer fridges with digital temp sensors (well, three, but that's all homebrew in kegs) to dial in my sweet spots. Beer geeks: THIS IS YOUR ACE IN THE HOLE!
Bring this guy with you to your buddies parties, enjoy your own little taste of home. But beware, everyone will ask about it, and everyone will want it. So after 6 months of use and abuse, here's a few things I've accumulated to help me ease my impulse buying remorse.

Pro tip 1: Customize your colster. I prefer stickers, your opinions may vary. Let others know it's yours, they can't have it, hands off. And if you lose it, chances are people will piece the puzzle together to find its way back home.

Pro tip 2: if you own a boat, you need this dude. With its wide base and low center of gravity, your chances of sitting in a puddle of pilsner are greatly decreased. Also, stainless steel is great in direct sun as it reflects the rays.

Pro tip 3: if you drop it hard or drunk rage throw it at someone/thing, it will dent a bit. But go ahead and wear your dings and dents, bruises show character and signs of heavy trusted use. Unless they're on your wife, cuz you're going to jail.

Pro tip 4: the cold ring screw on top has a soft rubber top that's perfect for glass bottles. When wet and sweaty (from condensation, not your brow, but maybe hit the gym this week anyway) most bottles simply slide in and out without spinning the ring off. Easy swap for a new brew. Although, since we're on the subject you should try a Sierra Nevada bottle just to experience pure ecstasy as you delight in how perfectly the shorter fatter bottles fit like a Trojan inside this baby. Blew. My. Mind.

Pro tip 5: add ice to the inside before slipping one in for an even more frigid blast from the bowels of this beast. If you're into that sort of thing.

And finally tip 6, Keep this coozy clean. Inside and out. In a pinch, using it as a cup for a mixed drink is a treasure, and cuts down on wasting red plastic disposable cups at parties or on the go. Single use or disposable consumables have a huge impact on the planet, so try to minimize as much as you can afford. While on the subject, glass bottles can typically be recycled and reused once, whereas aluminum has a nearly infinite reusable ability. Using this guy helps remind me to buy cans and save the world. You're welcome by the way.

Pro tip 49: it keeps hot stuff hot too. Crazy, I know, but nobody thinks to fill it with coffee at a gas station when you're gonna be working outside. Or if you bring it camping (for keeping that six pack cold you left tied off in the stream to chill it down wink wink) it also makes a perfect insulated cup for hot soups, oatmeal, etc on chilly mornings while you're cleaning camp. Which makes in a multi use item so now you can justify not shaving every ounce from your pack, and you just talked yourself into bringing a few IPAs for day 3 of your next journey, when your feet will be screaming but you just don't care.

So to sum it all up, this is a stellar product. No, I don't work for yeti, and if I'm honest, I didn't even buy mine online. I just love what it does for my drinking styles. If you love beer, do yourself a favor and buy this thing right now. You won't regret it. Unless you end up loving it so much you write a 9 page amazon review cuz I kinda regret it. Good stuff deserves good praise.

Keep the mock beer can that comes with the koozie. The mock beer can has a lid that comes off and this is what you put your 12oz bottle in to keep the bottle from rattling around. You don't need to stuff a foam koozie or anything else in there. I think most folks throw this mock can away

Do not throw away can it comes with. Use this for bottles and slim cans.

Winner Thermos ! (because it’s 1/3 the price of the yeti)

So I did a test with a Yeti, Thermos, Coleman style, thick foam, and neoprene koozie…and nothing at all as a control.

I chilled 6 cans to 34°. Each had exactly 8 ounces of water. (didn’t want to waste beer…or drink that much) Why 8 ounces you might ask. No one opens a soda or beer and doesn’t have at least a sip or 2 before forgetting they have it. For all you complaining that it doesn’t fit a non-standard can….Quit your whining. Manufacturers can’t make something that fits everything. This was a standard can test.

In a 72 degree room (I know that’s not the 90 you would prefer, but it doesn’t matter as a test of which ones are the best. What matters is having exactly the same conditions for every can.

After 15 minutes – No insulation was 41°, Foam, Coleman and Neoprene were 37°, Thermos and Yeti were 35°
After 30 minutes - Nothing was 51В°, Foam, Coleman and Neoprene were 41В°, Thermos and Yeti were 36В°
After 50 minutes - Nothing was 55В°, Foam, Coleman and Neoprene were 44В°, Thermos and Yeti were 38В°
After 120 minutes - Nothing was 60В°, Foam, Coleman and Neoprene were 49В°, Thermos and Yeti were 40В°

As far as temp is concerned the Thermos and Yeti were tied and FAR superior the old stand by neoprene.

The best name in tumblers. However after testing I prefer the Ozark Trail at Walmart for 6$ due to price. Highly recommend, but the off brand will keep you drink cold just as long. I usually put a cold water bottle next to the bed and drink if I wake up at night. This keeps it cold through morning time. Just what I needed! I've also tried a thin foam coozy to keep bottle tight, but it's not really needed and has no impact on the temp. Fits cans perfect and I don't really use the screw on top.

I know one of the most important decisions about buying a Yeti product online is whether you're getting the real deal. The Colster I received today sold by Pronghorn Outfitters was indeed authentic - I checked the label, the etching, the inserts, and the quality, and everything checked out. As for the product itself, I already owned one Colster but wanted a second in the brick red color. I'm a sipper, not a guzzler so it's important to me to be able to keep my drink cold over a long period of time, and the Colster fits the bill. It works wonderfully for both cans and bottles (not skinny bottles, they slip out of the top) and is very comfortable to hold. Highly recommended for everyone who wants to keep their drink cold and their hand warm.

I received authentic Yeti colsters and cannot be more excited. My only concern is for the Coors cans. When I tried to put the can inside the fake can that comes with the Yeti, it didn't fit. I will try again with a little more effort this weekend but so far, that has been the only disappointing part. If I can't get the Coors can to fit, I will try adding a coozie to it instead. I believe that the coozie will help it stay in as well since you won't be able to add the ring around the top. As for soda cans, it's a gem! I tend to bring a soda to work for lunch every day and keep it in my lunch cooler. By the time I get to it, it's usually still a little cold but not like getting it out of the fridge, but with this colster, it's like getting it out of the fridge every time!

Love the Yeti Rambler. It keeps a can of Coke cold for HOURS. This is my second one - the first one I received as a gift and it stays at home. It showed me how great the Yeti worked, so I ordered this second one for work. I had been using another brand of can cooler, where you had to freeze the bottom disc, but it warmed up way too fast. That company didn't sell just that bottom disc (so you could leave one in the freezer, while using the other one) you had to order the whole thing again, which was about the same price as the Yeti Rambler. I highly recommend the Yeti Rambler.

Purchased these as a gift. They fit any normal soda/beer can or glass beer bottle. I love these because they really due keep the beer cold for much longer. Also, the protect glass bottles from breaking when outside especially at the pool or beach. Great gift, highly recommend!

Hope this review was helpful, let me know if you have any questions!

I received a yeti thermos for Christmas and I liked it so much that I bought this colster.
It was shipped on a timely manner and was packaged very nicely.
The teal color is pretty and true to the picture. It keeps cans cold for hours. Highly recommend рџ‘Ќ

Some other reviewers are saying they they received fakes. My colster came with a yeti sticker and a catalog and the color matches perfectly with my yeti thermos that came from Dick's Sporting Goods. I'm pretty sure mine is real.

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