Reviews Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Slim Reusable Ice Packs for Lunch Boxes, Lunch Bags and Coolers, Set of 4, Blue

Fit & Fresh Cool Coolers Slim Reusable Ice Packs for Lunch Boxes, Lunch Bags and Coolers, Set of 4, Blue

Cool Coolers Ice Packs are perfectly sized to fit in all types of lunch boxes and bags, grocery totes and coolers. So head off to school or work with cheese, milk, fruit, yogurt and veggies knowing that what you pack will stay cool and fresh until you are ready to eat. Fit & Fresh offers innovative and convenient solutions to make it easier to eat healthier at work, at school and wherever you go with a complete line of reusable containers, insulated lunch bags, coolers, insulated totes and more.

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I purchased this four pack over two years ago and I just ordered a second pack. I put them in the kiddo's school lunches. Before these I used plasic bag-like gel packs; they'd sweat and get everything wet. These don't have that problem. Plus, these are much easier to clean. This slim design is ideal for lunch bags and the freezer. They freeze flat no matter how you toss them in the freezer. These ice packs are indestructible; I haven't had one break or leak yet.

My only negative is they don't stay cold as long as I'd like (on account of the slim design). They work perfectly for school/work lunches, but I wouldn't use them for traveling, camping, or hiking.

Additionally, it's super helpful to have extra ice packs. Sometimes, I don't get around to emptying the lunch bags until morning. It's comforting to know I'll have extras waiting for me frozen and ready to go.

I got these coolers for my lunch bag. They work pretty good because the keep my shake and sandwiches cold all morning and when I get home and put them in the freezer they are still cold so the stay cool almost all day.

Been using these a while now and they work for my intended purpose.

So many reviews here talks keeping your lunch and drinks cool, I however use these to chill my pumped breast milk and transport it home from work.

So I had my baby 4 months ago and subsequently have returned to my job. I also use them when I carry her expressed milk (still exclusively breastfed and going strong) to day care in an insulated bag.

After I pump I put two of these into a quart Ziplock bag and place the milk in between the frozen blocks (pretty much like baloney in a sandwich).

I chose to keep my expressed milk with me at my workstation rather in the shared refrigerator at work. These have worked beautifully and kept the milk chilled, I transfer milk bags to the freezer or put in bottle for an immediate feed when I reach home.

At the moment I have 150+ bags of expressed milk in my freezer for my baby. I want to breastfeed for about a year but I have to work. These help me in this journey.

I agreed with others that when stacked they become unstable and fall out either your hands (if not held firmly) or fridge freezer section. I use the ziploc to keep them together.

A good product which can be used for other everyday uses! I'm buying another set to add to the ones I already have.

My wife and I both have our own "Coleman 9-Can Soft Cooler With Hard Liner". These ice packs are a perfect size for them as they can sit flat on the bottom, vertical on the sides, or tuck away on the inside lid.

This is not a "toss one in and go" product!

I use mine for a 9 hour work day and I very methodically use at least 3 in my Coleman. By the end of the day I can still throw anything I didn't eat back in the fridge at home. The ice pack I use on the lid is ALWAYS spent, but the other ones in the cooler will still be marginally cold with the contents.

Slim/Flat design means less cooling material and more surface area which means they thaw very quickly.
- You'll need to use more than one at a time - I usually use 3 or all 4 in my 16-can cooler). We own 8!

The slim/flat design makes sticking them between things or under things very easy.
- You can stand 4 cans in your cooler and put one right in between the pair and it will be touching all 4 cans.
- You can sit one on the bottom and put a sandwich right on top of it or put it between 2 sandwiches and not wreck the bread.
- Although having to use more than one is a "con" it is also a "pro" because you can distribute them in different places since they are small and thin.
The hard design means you can stuff or toss them in the freezer and not have to worry about freezing in an odd shape.
- If you saw my freezer you'd know why this is a major "pro"!

Once these wear out I'll probably try a different product just because it's the only way see what might be better, but they are all that I use right now and they do their job so they get the 5 stars.

These are great cooler packs. They are very small and thin so they can be packed into a lunch bag and take up very little real estate you need for your food and drinks. I put two of them at the bottom of my lunch cooler and fit four sodas, a full sized pack of lunch meat and a full sized package of cheese with no struggle. I put another in the top compartment with two more sodas and that fit easily too. These​ are super compact and hold the cold for hours. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

Pretty decent little freeze packs, holding up fine for well over 18 month's worth of steady uses. Will place them into a lunch container on occasion though my main purpose is hanging 4 of these up high inside of my large day pack (with each inside of a small ziploc bag to catch condensation) then walking to the pair of grocers in town, 3 miles roundtrip plus shopping time. Not needed in winter though they come in quite handy for this application with the coming of summer heat, taking the edge off of hot days inside of a black pack while allowing me keep frozen foods from thawing before I get back home. Until needed they reside fine in my freezer without taking up a lot of space. These packs do swell a bit in the middle as the refreezing occurs, though all of mine have never shown any signs of leakage thus far. If you'll need them the following day then refreeze them with air space around each one so they'll solidify nicely within 10 to 12 hours if you have a decent freezer, as stacking them before refreezing will lead to much longer times for the ones in between to become rock-solid again. Am continuing to be happy with this purchase, good for the long run.

I ordered these after I got some fit and fresh containers and discovered how much I love the thin ice packs. I can slip this into my lunch box around the edges between box and food, slide them in between my sandwich and my drink, and put the smaller sizes into even smaller spaces! They are light weight and do a great job of keeping my food icy cold for hours. I highly recommend them.
I have had these for over a year now and they are still going strong. One of them bulges a bit, but nothing scary. They also fit into Coleman FlipLid 6 Personal Cooler with no problems. The smaller fit and fresh slim ice packs also fit into the lids of the fit and fresh boxes, giving me even more cold in my lunch box without taking up any additional space! I don't know if you can buy those separately, but here is one of the sets I have. Fresh Starts 1 Cup Chilled Lunch Containers with Removable Ice Packs

I almost didn't get these because the reviews said they don't last very long, but I figure I could return if that was the case. I'm glad I got them because they last just fine in my kids lunches. Granted they only go to school until 1:00, but the ice packs are still cold then. Perhaps if they needed to got until 5:00 it would be a different story, but was great for my kids.

They are smaller than I expected, would be nice to have a rectangular one instead of a square one, but they seem to keep things cool. It's nice to have a bunch of them so if my kids lose or forget their lunch we aren't screwed. I give these the thumbs up, go ahead and get them.

This is my second order of this product, but only because we lost a couple and needed new ones for the school year. These are thin, however really keep lunches cold. I'll pack 2-4 depending on how cold i want lunch to stay and how big the lunch box is. I like that they are thin because I can pack on freezer pack on each side of the lunch box, or put 2 on the bottom flat and 2 laying flat on the top. These really keep our lunches cold, surprisingly. Im away for 12 hours at a time and need to pack 3 meals, while my son needs it just to stay cold for 4 hours until lunch. They really work great.

These little ice packs are effective, and very thin. They pair perfectly with the Coleman 9 Can Cooler. I let them freeze for a day, and then used them for my next lunch. I used two of the packs in the Coleman cooler. I left the hard liner inside since I think this would help keep contents colder for longer (at the expense of less room for meals). I placed one of the thin packs on the bottom, placed my tupperware dish of tuna on top, and the placed another thin ice pack on top of the tupperware. I placed a can of soda on the side. This was put together at 5:30 AM. I left it sitting at my desk until lunch at 11:30 AM. The tuna and the soda felt as cold as they did when I removed them from the fridge!

This is a great ice pack. Since I only used two, I have two more ready to go for the next day. Although I'm sure they would freeze after just a few hours, I'm a bit OCD about my food being cold. I loved this so much that I'll most likely buy another pack for when my wife takes our son on picnics. I was going to wait until the end of the day to write my review to see if the inside of the cooler was still cold, but I'm 100% sure it will be just fine even after 8 more hours. I would be just fine trusting food (using this cooler and ice pack combo) for 12 hours.

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