Jetboil Jetpower Fuel Gas Tank 230g

Jetboil Jetpower Fuel Gas Tank 230g

For maximum efficiency and minimum consumption, use our high-performance propane/isobutane four-season blend. Propane provides higher vapor pressure for better performance in cold weather. Isobutane provides more constant pressure as the fuel level gets low. The 100gram fuel canister will pack inside of any model Personal Cooking System. 230gram and 450gram canisters will pack inside of the Sumo Companion cups and the Sumo systems. Empty fuel cans are recyclable with our CrunchIt Tool. Check local facilities for recycling info.

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Comments / reviews:
This is a BEAST of a can to lug around in a backpack. However at the size I ordered I shouldn't need a new one for some time. Size of the canister depends on your application. Take a small one for backpacking. We do some car camping and I'm currently building an overland adventure rig so the size and portability factor was minimal for me. Interesting enough though, the canister is much lighter than I personally expected, almost half the weight of a green fuel can. Very close in same size also. All in a a great product.

Used this on the Appalachian Trail. Lasted about two weeks for me. Happy with the results and would buy again.

Jetpower Fuel is awesome. For backpacking purposes, I have recently switched from a large propane stove to a much smaller Etekcity isobutane stove, and had little experience in these canisters. I have found that I will never go back to the propane, as this takes up so little space, lasts so long, and heats so efficiently. I have the 450G cannister, and I think there is about half left, and I have cooked (ie.boiled water for noodles, rice, coffee, etc) for four people on two weekend trips, and for five people on a week long trip. I use the Stanley 32oz stainless steel pot, and it is amazing how fast the water boils, and how little fuel is used each time. I have now, however, found Jetpower Fuel locally for a much lower price, so I will source it elsewhere.

First time I've ever used this system. WOW! I feel guilty using it to make MY coffee...while others are trying to cook over the campfire. I am sipping while they are still stoking the fire. They look pitiful, I feel happy. XD

While not cheap being able to get this prime made my life easier and maybe broke even on going out of the way to get the cheaper Coleman version out of stock most places end of season. Not sure it worked any better/different but it worked perfectly. Used with Etekcity stove made cooking extremely easy and quick compared to using my Whisperlite with white gas. Was worried it might not perform but did like a champ. Weight not much diff than carrying a can of white gas--I believe it netted out lighter with the stove but not by much.

Although its a bit much for one person to carry. I took this on my AT thru-hike in the beginning and ended up leaving it in a hiker box over a month later and buying a medium-sized replacement can. Rule of thumb is the small cans last you about a week for one person. Medium cans about 2.5 weeks. Large can was still going after over a month of daily use. Estimates based on making a cup of coffee in the morning and boiling water for dinner at night.

Works as advertised. I would recommend getting the 100gram size as it will fit inside the cup and will store as a kit.

There isn't much to say about fuel, it burns as fuel should burn, and it will bring water to boil fast but that may be due to my camp stove more than the fuel. A word from the experienced, if you use this for camping DO NOT place fuel inside camp cookware, or onto clothes etc, because a little fuel could leak out which will ruin your cookware, your clothes, maybe your backpack or pannier, so keep it in a ziplock bag instead and don't use that bag for anything else.

It's difficult for me to find quality fuel canisters locally, so I'm always happy when I can find them reasonably priced online. This is as good as any fuel I've used and the shipping charges are reasonable. This is considered a hazardous material and can't be flown in like other merchandise, so I expect to pay a little more than I would locally.

Perfect for the bug out plan. I used it with these products. Kbrotech Camping Stove Convert 1LB Propane Small Tank Input and a Lindal Valve EN417 Output Outdoor Cylinder LPG Canister Adapter (Gray)Cather Store Folding Outdoor Camping Hiking Cooking Gas Tank Bracket Bottle Shelf Cartridge Canister Stand Tripod;Etekcity Ultralight Portable Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stoves with Piezo Ignition

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Product DescriptionThe JetPower Fuel 110 Canister is the replacement fuel canister for the Jetboil Personal Cooking System, and is compatible with other canister stoves as well. The JetPower Fuel 110 powers the Jetboil with high-performance propane/isobutene fuel, and boils 12 liters of water. It
Enjoy butane canister convenience without creating landfill waste, thanks to Jetboil's CrunchItв„ў Butane Canister Recycling Tool. Safe, fool-proof, and compliant with recycling standards, CrunchItв„ў punctures Jetboil Jetpower (and certain other) butane fuel canisters, rendering them recycling bin
FEATURES of the Jetboil Sumo Group Cooking System Jetboil Regulator Technology-consistent heat down to 20° F to -6° C 1.8 liter FluxRing cooking cup with insulating Cozy Convenient, reliable push-button igniter Drink-through lid with pour spout and strainer Bottom cover doubles as a
For maximum efficiency and minimum consumption, use our high-performance propane/isobutane four-season blend. Propane provides higher vapor pressure for better performance in cold weather. Isobutane provides more constant pressure as the fuel level gets low.
Katadyn's new Optimus Vega Stove is a high performing, lightweight remote canister stove that offers two ways of cooking in one stove. This allows for use in all four seasons -When cooking in cold temperatures or when extra fast boil times are needed, just open the gas canister support legs and
The Jetboil Grande Java Kit has room for the whole cooking system right in the cup! The kit ncludes the 1.8L Spare Cup, the Grande Coffee Press and a coffee sample pack. Fuel up the group and go.Able to store a 100g Jetpower fuel can, with Burner, Fuel Canister Stabilizer, SUMO Bowl Set, and
Olicamp Fuel is blended for all season performance. High values of fuel propellant provide cold weather output and bring you quick and fuel efficient boil times. Standard screw-on valve fits a variety of appliances. Outside use only. Fuel blend: 75% Isobutane 25% Propane.
Consolidate your fuel purchases with Liberty Mountain and save money on freight and Hazmat fees./Fuel Mixes: Primus Power Gas (25% isobutane, 50% butane, 25% propane), Primus Propane (100% propane), Coleman Outlander (70% butane, 30% propane), Coleman Propane (100% propane), Optimus Energy (25%
The Jetboil Backcountry Gourmet Cooking Set Has Everything You Need to Prepare a Gourmet Meal in the Mountains! It includes the 1 Liter Flash Flux Ring Cooking Cup w/ Lid, 1 Adjustable Flash Burner w/ Push Button Ignition, 1 Measuring Cup/Insulating bottom cover, 1 Flux Fry Pan, 1 Fry Pan
Ultralight, with ultra cooking control, the Jetboil MicroMo Personal Cooking System balances streamlined and travel-friendly weight with uncompromising cooking performance. Cold-weather reliability and a wind-blocking shroud are integrated into Jetboil’s lightest and lowest-profile design, with