Reviews Stanley Classic Vacuum Camp Mug

Stanley Classic Vacuum Camp Mug

You try to tell your cold hands not to spill hot coffee in the morning, but your brain is still asleep in your bed or tent. The splash-proof lid and big, friendly handle on the Stanley Classic Vacuum Camp Mug help keep the coffee-to-lap ratio slim. Stanley made the Classic Mug with durable, high-quality polycarbonate for the top, and a double-wall insulated steel body.

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Very happy and loyal Stanley customer who has more than several other liquid holding products. Purchased this mug to use at work and/or on those chilly mornings on the sideline of my sons' outdoor soccer games. I didn't use detergent to wash it before the first use -- Only hot water. However, initially, I believed the taste of my coffee was compromised by the steel material and plastic top. So, I brewed some hot coffee, filled the mug to the brim, screwed on the top, closed the drink hole securely, turned the mug upside down, and left it at work to sit over night. When I arrived in the morning, no coffee had leaked out (awesome!). I took off the top, poured out the coffee without rinsing, and brewed a new hot cup. Presto, the coffee tasted delicious and hot like it was supposed to. The steely tasted was gone and my coffee was kept hot for a significantly longer time than a regular mug or cup. Way to go Stanley!!!! Another winner product! Tip: when screwing the top on and off, don't grab the handle as it will loosen it I believe. Grab the body of the mug instead. It will give your handle longer life...

My wife saw one of these at a sporting goods store and wanted one. She wanted something with a wide bottom that was hard to tip over if bumped and something that would keep her coffee hot for a long time. I liked hers and eventually ordered one for myself. Both of our mugs are made in China if that matters. Hers has a polished stainless steel bottom and mine is a brushed stainless steel finish, not as shiny as hers. I don't know if they keep coffee hot as long as they claim because I'm not one to let a mug of coffee sit around for hours before I drink it. If I want something to keep coffee hot for hours and a leak proof lid I'll use a small thermos instead of a mug but that's just me. The sides of the mug never get warm when filled with hot coffee which is a sign that it is well insulated. The top is plastic and prevents spills but like most mugs it is the weak link in the mugs insulation. I like the flip open/close top and it's easy to clean. This mug is too big for most car cup holders.

Because of the vehicle I drive at work (very bumpy and makes sharp turns) I needed a mug that would resist tipping over. My search ended when I found this Stanley camp mug with the wide bottom. I like that the interior is stainless steel and that the plastic top is of a simple design which is easier to clean than many others cups you will find out there.

As happy as I am with this mug, I deducted 1 star b/c the lid -- especially when new -- gives off a plastic taste in my hot coffee. And even though the top is BPA-free, I am still uncomfortable about something in the plastic going into the coffee I am drinking, to say nothing of affecting the taste.

(When it was new I attempted to get rid of the lid's plastic taste by numerous long soakings in coffee, and when that didn't help, long soaks in wet coffee grounds, which helped somewhat, but did not get rid of it the plastic taste entirely).

I had used a previous Stanley cup for years. That thing has survived everything from car accidents to being used as a blunt object with nary a spill (unless I didn't close it) and it still keeps my coffee hot forever. But as time goes on, eventually the handle fell off and the paint chipped away (it's all chrome now) and I realized I should probably get a new one, so I found this one. It's my first day using it, and so far I love it. It still keeps everything hot; I haven't tried any cold drinks in it yet. It's not as tall as my previous one, but it holds as much liquid. Physics continues to amaze me with it's wonders. Anyway, I look forward to threatening my coworkers with this new cup

Love this mug. Not quite as heat proof as others, but I think this is a result of the large lid. I can't feel any heat on the stainless steel parts, but definitely notice the lid gets hot. But if you don't expect it to keep something hot all day, it's a great mug. Only problem is that sometimes there seems to be a bit of a vacuum or something that forms and the liquid doesn't want to flow out and it takes tipping it up really far, but then if your beverage is super hot it can be rough to all of a sudden have it release. Venting the mug by unscrewing and then re-screwing though seems to do the trick.

Costs 3 times what a cheep Chinese cup costs, but worth it. Heavier, with a VERY stout (and sealable) lid, excellent insulation, you can close this one on your coffee and turn it over with no worries. And you can use it for everything, as nothing seems to absorb the coffee taste like the plastic ones do. I get the feeling my grandkids will get to use it.

I like these mugs. They are easy to clean and keep liquids warm for a long time. The lid fits so well that when I tip it over, it doesn’t Leak. It does have a tiny washer at the top that you have to keep straight. You might not even be aware of it. The lid doesn’t go on right if it isn’t straight.

The flap on top broke off. no big deal still stays hot. Wouldn't commute with it since the flap is kind of janky. But its also not the type of mug that would fit in a cup holder anyways

Great for camping. My husband loves it. The edge is smooth enough it can comfortably be used with or without the lid. This mug is just a bit too chunky for my small hands though.

Great build quality as expected. Love the handle. Two cons are it doesn’t keep the coffee hot long, and the base is so big you can forget using a cup holder, has held up well though.

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